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  1. I am presently working on a project with the Frazier Museum that will be opening later in the year. They have ask me to help them with a list of the biggest rivalries in high school sports in Kentucky....like Male vs Manual. The history of the "good old fashion, down to earth clean hate" is important. New rivalries are also important. As a long time follower of high school sports, I have given them a few names but we would like to expand our list. It is my understanding that they will interview people and possibly display uniforms from those schools. Please list those teams that just "make you sick" when you lose. Please give some history of this rivalry. (I presently have an exhibit at the Frazier Museum featuring my ABA Kentucky Colonels items)
  2. They have been invited and we have always considered WC to be one of the great programs in the state...and they have had outstanding coaches. Coach Unseld is an unbelievable coach and a better person.
  3. GRC (George Rogers Clark) becomes the 33rd team that played in the King of the Bluegrass in the 40 year history and went on to win the KHSAA State Championship. In all, 64 teams, counting Kentucky, have gone on to win their State Titles after attending the King of the Bluegrass. GRC...you certainly deserved to cut down the nets in Rupp Arena. Best swishes to all coaches, players and GRC fans. We'll see you next year in the KOB!
  4. If you come to the school and get a QR CODE it will not activate until you check in when the doors open at 3:30 PM...today and tomorrow,,,2:00 PM Tuesday. It's no different than buying a ticket. ...
  5. Sunday, December 19 Fairdale High School 1001 Fairdale Road Fairdale, KY 40118 One entrance...two gyms...8 games...16 teams $12 cash or QR CODE NFHS Network search Fairdale High School Winners Bracket 4:30 PM- GRC (George Rogers Clark) vs Dorman (SC) 6:00 PM - Fairdale vs Covington Catholic 7:30 PM - North Laurel vs North Oldham 9:00 PM Male vs Ashland Consolation Bracket 4:30 PM -Lake Highlands (FL) vs Ensworth (TN) 6:00 PM - Trinity vs Marion County 7:30 PM - Eastern vs Paul Lawrence Dunbar 9:00 PM - Lyon County vs Belfry
  6. Our prayers go out to all those areas effected by the tornado, their community, school, and students. I exchanged text with Lyon County basketball coach Perry this morning. Below is his message. It's bad down this way coach. Our home was spared but our medical clinic got destroyed. The subdivision across the street from it got wiped off map. We have so many families on our team we are still trying to make a contact with to see if ok but their homes are ravaged. It's bad. Thank you for thinking of us. May God be with you.
  7. This is NOT a bracket. Games are mixed in both upper and lower brackets. ALL TICKETS $12...ONLY KING OF THE BLUEGRASS PASSES NO OTHER PASSES... OF ANY KIND WILL BE HONORED First Round Friday and Saturday Friday, December 17, 2021 4:30 PM North Oldham vs Paul Lawrence Dunbar 6:00 PM Fairdale vs Marion County 7:30 PM Covington Catholic vs Trinity 9:00 PM North Laurel vs Eastern Saturday, December 18, 2021 4:30 PM Dorman (SC) vs Ensworth (TN) 6:00 PM GRC (George Rogers Clark) vs Lake Highland (FL) 7:30 PM Male vs Belfry 9:00 PM Ashland vs Lyon County All 16 teams play on Sunday, December 19th and Monday, December 20th 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Four Games on Tuesday, December 21st 3:00 PM Consolation Bracket Winner 4:30 PM Fifth Place 6:00 PM Third Place 7:30 PM Championship See all 28 games on the NFHS Network. Search KING OF THE BLUEGRASS and join.
  8. Sorry to say, but after 39 successful years we are forced to cancel the 2020 Gardner Law King of the Bluegrass. See you in December 2021.
  9. As of today we are planning a 2020 Gardner Law King of the Bluegrass. It may look a little different...but we are working on several options.
  10. The coach, Ted Hornback, became an assistant coach under Ed Diddle at WKU. He later became AD.
  11. Marshall Coiunty scored 5 points in the second half...and 0 in the fourth quarter in the City of Plams tournament.
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