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  1. I'm hoping that Sam will create some "Grant" swag!
  2. 1) Welcome to BGP! 2) You need an Eddie Harris picture for your profile image.
  3. No clue about his coaching, but the young man could absolutely shoot the ball!
  4. Very excited for next season...with that excitement comes higher expectations.
  5. I'd say 3 of the 4 teams will be about dead even.
  6. I have heard Mason County is getting an out of state transfer that could be enough to push them to #1. Yes... I know what day it is. No...it's not a joke.
  7. Breds may not look too far for a replacement here. Andrew Case (Asst. Coach) could be the move. I think some other guys the 10th is familiar with could apply, though.
  8. The situation Noah is going into will give him a great opportunity to make an immediate impact.
  9. So happy for my friend, Brent Sowder and the gang. Pretty much everyone in the prediction thread counted them out!
  10. you know there's some out there that seriously had that reaction. Those individuals should seek help.
  11. Count Brent Sowder and the boys out...that's just how they like it. Gimme Campbell in a thriller by 3.
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