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  1. St Patrick - Gallenstein Augusta - Snapp Pendleton - Turner
  2. That’s 50 straight wins in the 10th region for GRC. Good luck to the defending state champion, bring another one home. Congrats on a fine season for Mason County as well. Both squads are hit hard by graduation, losing four starters each. So, could it be two new teams battling for this crown next year? Don’t count either team out too soon!!
  3. Wow, don’t let the door hit ya!! 😂😂
  4. Credit to Mason County tonight. They showed up and took it to the Panthers immediately. Augusta did not have any answers tonight. Hopefully the region draw is good to us and we get a chance to turn things around and not just be one and done.
  5. I’ll take a bag of popcorn at the Augusta broadcast table tonight. Worth a try.
  6. Many say a rivalry is only a rivalry if it’s nip and tuck over time. I disagree. The all time series between Augusta and Bracken County/Brooksville is lopsided by a lot. But, the attention the games get when the teams get together tell you it’s a rivalry. Generations of former players and fans get all fired up when the games are played. For example, when I was in hs, my parents only had one question when the schedule came out, “When do you play Bracken County?”
  7. As a 30+ year Eagles fan it’s a pretty disappointing way to end a dream season. The defense that played so well all season just didn’t get it done in the second half. I kept hoping for an interception or a fumble recovery that would change our fortunes in the second half but none ever came. The “let ‘em play” attitude took an abrupt turn with Bradberry’s holding penalty. You didn’t call it earlier in the game, why now? In the most critical time. People love games with little to no penalties and that’s pretty much what we got in this one and it’s what we saw for the most part in these playoffs. But once again, late in the game, the Chiefs are the beneficiaries of a flag thrown or not thrown. Now, that flag being thrown didn’t beat us. Giving up two WIDE OPEN tds on the same play is what gets you beat. What makes that worse is that Jacksonville scored on the same play months ago against us. I could go on and on about the lack of adjustments in the second half but that just makes me angrier. Instead I’ll just end on a happy note. We have a very good franchise qb in Jalen Hurts. He’s a calm, cool leader that will bounce back from this. He’s a top 5 quarterback that will keep Philly relevant for years to come. Go Birds!! One more thing, thanks if you’re still reading, I’ll never believe the NFL is rigged. Just too many people to keep quiet. Dirty maybe, just not rigged.
  8. Augusta trails for most of the first 3 quarters but starts the 4th with a 9-0 run to take the lead for good. The Colonels would cut the deficit to 3 on multiple occasions but the Panthers had an answer each time. Kylan Hinson leads the way with 28 points, Conner Snapp finished with 17 and LJ Conner added 14. Will Kelsch rounded out the scoring with 7. Augusta’s 4th win in a row improves them to 15-12. Their final regular season game will be on Monday at home against Ludlow. Augusta will face St. Patrick in the 39th district tournament on the 21st.
  9. Going to be a busy day on social media.
  10. Monday Feb. 20 Mason County Lady Royals and Royals vs. Bracken County Lady Bears and Polar Bears Tuesday Feb. 21 Augusta Lady Panthers and Panthers vs. St. Patrick Lady Saints and Saints Home teams listed first All games at the Mason County Fieldhouse $7 admission - cash only Game times 6(girls) & 7:30(boys) Championships on Thursday Feb. 23
  11. I’ve been up in that little box before and the view is great but I have to say I love my little perch at home in the Panther’s Den a lot more. And I get to walk up steps to get to mine instead of a ladder!! lol Before I could make it up there I was offered to sit behind the scorers table and I was not turning that down!!
  12. Augusta rolls to their 3rd straight win led by Kylan Hinson’s career high 36 points including 7 three pointers. The rest of the team shared 7 more 3s as LJ Conner had 15 and Conner Snapp and Keeton Bach finished with 10 points apiece. The Panthers return to action on Saturday night at home vs. Bourbon County. By that time they will know their district tournament opponent as the all important draw will be held on Thursday.
  13. Augusta picked up a nice win over a struggling Bishop Brossart team at the Panther’s Den. After trailing 31-22 at the half the Panthers outscored the Mustangs 21-10 in the 3rd quarter and held off a furious Brossart run to win it, 65-60. LJ Conner led the Panthers with 24 points, 20 in the second half, and was joined in double digits by Kylan Hinson and Chan Conner with 13 apiece. Augusta improved to 13-12 and will go to Falmouth tomorrow night to face the Wildcats.
  14. Yes it is that Commodore. He looked pretty rusty last night but with just about three weeks until the district tournament he’s got time to become a factor in the postseason. A tough out just got even tougher.
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