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  1. Coach Irvine is a quality individual that has left his mark at various stops across the state. His span of coaching covers 5 decades. I doubt he’s in it for the long haul at Casey County but whatever time he’s there they’ll have themselves a fine coach. Good luck Coach!!
  2. Congrats to the Lions. O’Keefe is a man among boys. Exceptional athlete. Good luck in the final.
  3. Having only been open for use since February 11th I think it was really nice. I’m sure as time goes by they will use the video boards for more. I did have one issue though. The tables provided for the media on the upper level would be perfect if they were the same height as the barrier backstop for the lower level so you didn’t have to look through it all night. I’m sure any issues will be corrected in 8 years when they get to host again.
  4. It's not hard to look at the stats and see why one would think that GRC should run away with this one but the game has to be played to determine the winner. Augusta hasn't played in the region tournament since their run in 2016. This isn't that team by any stretch but this team will come to play and if GRC does win, they'll have to earn it. I know no one believes in his team more than head coach Jason Hinson. And with that belief passed on to the players, the sky is the limit. I know the Brossart/Robertson game looks like a good one but don't sleep on game two, it's the post season in Kentucky, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!!
  5. Leave it alone. Everyone gets their shot. Who doesn't love a good upset? Let the kids decide the games on the floor. You want to see a marquee match up in a specific region? Check the schedule, maybe they play. But other than that, if they can earn their way to a specific match up, so be it.
  6. The quarterfinal round for the boys will take place on Wednesday and Thursday at GRC.
  7. Panthers battle to the end and lose a tough one. But in the great state of Kentucky we live to fight another day, Monday or Tuesday that is, in the 10th region tournament. Looking forward to seeing the new GRC arena.
  8. I’ve got Augusta winning this one. It’s no secret that the Panthers played their worst ball of the season during their 7 game losing streak this month but something happened in the second half of the Lewis County game. After trailing 40-19 at the half, the Panthers erupted for 61 second half points to narrowly fall to the Lions 81-80. They then backed that up with a win over Ludlow and Monday night's victory over St. Patrick. Plus throw in the X factor, the return of head coach Jason Hinson. The coach that is very well known for making post season magic. Mason County has a solid squad but can be beaten and I feel like the time is right for the Panthers to do it again.
  9. Also have to give a shout out to now former Augusta head coach Todd Kelsch who went 2-1 in the absence of now returning head coach Jason Hinson.
  10. Panthers take care of business and ensure that Jason Hinson will coach again this season with an 80-57 win over St. Patrick. Kason Hinson leads Augusta with 28 points and 9 rebounds. The Panthers now wait for the winner of Bracken/Mason tomorrow night at 8:15 at the Igloo in Brooksville.
  11. Finally the Panthers put an end to their 7 game losing streak by toppling Ludlow, 73-62. Augusta trailed the visiting Panthers 24-14 after 1 quarter. They let the defense do the talking in the 2nd quarter only giving up 6 points while scoring 16 to tie the game at 30 all at the break. Augusta finally took their first lead in the 3rd quarter and would not relinquish it en route to the victory, 73-62. The win improved them to 13-17 on the season as they prepare for their matchup with the St. Patrick Saints on Monday in Brooksville in the 39th district tournament. Unofficial stats Augusta 73 - Hinson 11 (8 reb), Philpot 12, Appelman 8, White 25, Mains 1, Snapp 8, Archibald 8 Ludlow 62 - Vanlandingham 16, Hoffmeister 18, Singer 9, RGaiser 9, MZwick 4, Brown 6
  12. Wow this is absolute craziness. Coaches voting for these young men is the correct way to have this done. End of story. I’m an Augusta guy, we got one player on the 2nd, it is what it is. Schedules dictate how the voting happens. You vote for who you see. I’m sorry that we have 8 A teams in this region and more often than not a lot of the smaller schools don’t see the bigger schools to know much about their players. If it were me, I’d only vote for players that I got to see in action personally. Reputation can only get you so many votes. It’s not perfect, no process like this ever is but instead of arguing about it shake a kid’s hand or pat them on the back and tell them good job and good luck in the post season where we might see if these rankings hold up.
  13. Careful now, this could turn into one of those Augusta/Bracken threads. lol
  14. The Panthers recent struggles continued as they dropped their 6th straight to fall to 12-16.
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