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  1. Kudos to Devin Perry for his 40-point night. I remember liking his game when I watched him play for Central as a sophomore two years ago, but I clearly did not fully appreciate his potential. Well done, Devin.
  2. The KHSAA scoreboard shows this as an 88-54 KCD win. That would have been a good win for the Bearcats.
  3. I think the delay in starting for teams like Male and Ballard is more likely to be an advantage rather than a disadvantage. They will get in plenty of games, including games in the LIT scheduled for the first week of March. Their legs will be fresher, which should be a plus in the state tournament.
  4. Bellarmine: Pedro Bradshaw Hunter Brogan Zac Jennings Eli Roberts Nick Thelen Most of Eastern's players are from Kentucky. Western and Morehead also have a bunch, Murray has a couple (Rod Thomas, Jackson Sivills), and Louisville has 4 (David Johnson, JJ Traynor, Sam Bearden, Ashton Myles-Devore).
  5. Some others now playing for out of state D I teams: Tyler Barnes, Alabama Marcellus Vail, Samford Howard Fleming, Illinois State
  6. I have been to the KOB most of those 39 years. Sorry to see this happen but totally understandable. I have no doubt it will come back in 2021 stronger than ever.
  7. Jason Frakes is reporting that most coaches are expecting the start of the season to be delayed, perhaps until the start of the new year.
  8. Did everyone notice that HoopJunkie has Ashland in his top 5 for this season? That's hardly dismissing them as a non-contender.
  9. Male will be right there. I expect Cameron Pope to have a big year for the Bulldogs, along with Kaleb Glenn. I was expecting Fern Creek to also be right there, but I have read that perhaps a couple of their starters from last season are going to play their senior season in California.
  10. A big loss for Eastern, who was looking to be in contention for the Seventh Region title this season.
  11. What about one of the assistants, such as John Cole? I think he has been an assistant there for a while.
  12. You could back this group up with 2012 Mr. Basketball Nathan Dieudonne (Trinity/Boston University), Dwayne Sutton (Manual/U of L) and Remy Abell (Eastern/IU/Xavier). Plus, Connor McKim (St. X/Rollins) and Tyren Moore (Male) had really, really good senior seasons. And what about Justin Powell, who played at Trinity his sophomore season?
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