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  1. Rick Wilson was a senior at Atherton in 1974. It was a good year for high school basketball in Kentucky - along with Rick Wilson (U of L), Jack Givens was at Bryan Station (UK), James Lee at Henry Clay (UK), Kenny Higgs at Owensboro (LSU), Bob Lindsay at Ballard (Florida),Robert Miller at Central (Cincinnati).
  2. Agree that Coach Mucker did a great job. Shawnee is challenging and he did a great job focusing on the right things. He definitely will be hard to replace.
  3. Agree with the comments on the Valley and Fairdale gyms. Generally, high school gyms in Louisville fall into three categories. A small group are newer gyms of some size. Besides Valley, this group would include Ballard, Eastern, St. X and CAL. All are very nice and comfortable. The second group includes most of the other JCPS schools and are pretty similar in size and layout. While some have unique attributes (I always enjoy seeing the large picture of Wes Unseld at Seneca, and I enjoy going to Central because of its rich basketball history), they are pretty similar. The third group consists of the smaller schools (mostly private), some of which are relatively new (Collegiate, Walden) while some are not so new. Most of them have some interesting quirks. Trinity's gym does not fit neatly into one of the three categories. It is not very new (it still has posts that you must contend with when sitting in the upper level), but I always enjoy seeing a game there.
  4. Looks great, but I can't imagine going to a game in Eminence without having my view of the game affected by the multiple posts in the stands.
  5. The Villa Madonna gym is one of my favorites of those I have been to in the last few years. The setting on the lake is awesome. They did a really good job with it.
  6. Just like Mick Cronin, he will be sitting in Coach Wooden's seat.
  7. If the voting for Mr. Basketball took place now, I suspect he would win. However. I believe the voting took place before the postseason began, when fewer people around the state were very familiar with him. Still might happen. He is deserving.
  8. St. Francis was affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky when it was founded but it no longer has any affiliation with the Church. I have a long relationship with St. Francis, so I can tell you from my personal experience and knowledge that it has no religious affiliation.
  9. The te Right. Other examples of "independent" schools include Owensboro, Bowling Green, and Ashland. They mostly (perhaps exclusively) are long-existing city schools that remained independent when county school boards were created.
  10. In Jefferson County, Collegiate, Kentucky Country Day, St. Francis and Walden are private schools without a religious affiliation.
  11. First Round winners 1 Elizabethtown 1 Oldham County 1 Ballard 1 Bowling Green 1 Boyle County 1 Ashland 1 McCracken County 1 Highlands Second Round winners 2 Elizabethtown 2 Ballard 2 Ashland 2 Highlands Finalists 3 Ballard 3 Highlands 2021 Sweet 16® State Champion 5 Ballard Tiebreaker (points in final game) 143
  12. Any team good enough to beat Male is good enough to beat Ballard. But I would be surprised if it happens. I look for the Bruins to prevail 70-56.
  13. Kudos to Coach Miquel Coleman and the Crimson. Coach Coleman moved over to Manual this year from Seneca, where he had done a really good job. I believe the man can coach.
  14. Kudos to Devin Perry for his 40-point night. I remember liking his game when I watched him play for Central as a sophomore two years ago, but I clearly did not fully appreciate his potential. Well done, Devin.
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