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  1. Science Hill (Johnson City), Tennessee, has been added to the field.
  2. Sparkman (Harvest), Alabama is out due to travel restrictions in their district.
  3. Should Highlands should move back to 4A?
  4. Beechwood/Lexington Christian. Get ready to run it back. I thought this prior to this game.
  5. He did not play according to KHSAA stats.
  6. He suffered an injury last week didn't he?
  7. Get that purchase order ready to submit for the 2021 2A champs.
  8. A big game that went up a notch after what Cooper did to Dixie, starred and circled as the game of the night on Friday along with LexCath/CovCath.
  9. Not according to the Northern Kentucky Football Show Podcast.
  10. First Round Matchups: Upper Bracket: Conner vs Batavia, OH Simon Kenton vs Muhlenberg County Lower Bracket: Oldham County vs Sparkman, AL Greenwood vs Scott
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