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  1. In comparing schedules, seems like Hopkinsville has played tougher opponents. John Hardin has a smash mouth run game style but Hopkinsville’s opponents have also been smash mouth as well. How does John Hardin defend the passing attack of Hoptown? Think this is going to be a really good game as well.
  2. Hopkinsville @ Calloway County Warren East @ Russell County Franklin Simpson @ ACS Going to be 3 of the better first round games.
  3. I caught a few second Region games and they were solidly called. Didn’t notice much difference between them & the 1st region.
  4. Said this for weeks. The system was designed for counties to go red because the numbers to get to red are so low. 25 cases per 100,000 is .025%. The system is flawed. Bottom line.
  5. Season is over in my opinion. Numbers aren’t going down, pushing back one week, two weeks, ten weeks won’t change that. KHSAA bungled this entire thing from the beginning by kicking can down the road and are doing it again.
  6. Most of those games were cancelled due to teams playing it safe before playoffs. Teams didn’t want to risk getting shut down with the contact tracing if something were to happen in a meaningless regular season week.
  7. Most of the teams not playing in the playoffs (opted out) were not going to be much of a factor. I don’t think it’s as dire of a situation as people are making it out to be. Playoffs will be fun.
  8. Christian County is 1-3 and had lost 16+ games in a row before their Madisonville win. Hopkins Central is 1-3 and had lost 25+ games in a row before their Madisonville win. Looking at RPI, the highest rated team to date Madisonville has played this season is Hopkinsville, who beat them 44-0, then Calloway County who beat them 20-10. May not go to well for the maroons Friday night.
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