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  1. If I’m the kid I’m at EKU I’m August. State Champ? Check. Mr Football? Check. Any coach worth their salt would tell their kid the same thing. Cam has zero left to prove in KY HS FB.
  2. Barring some unforeseen change of plans, the consolidation will happen, possibly as early as next fall for athletic teams.
  3. You have to wonder if the soon to be whispers of the merger of Christian county and Hopkinsville will limit the quality of applicants for this job?
  4. Was a big time job. Don’t think it is a big time job in current state but always in the 2nd region mix.
  5. Experience as an assistant at some schools is better than being a HC at other schools though. HS is the only place where they tend to shy away from younger coaches. College and the NFL are all about it, I wonder why that is?
  6. Someone has to be the first to hire anyone. You talk about age a lot, do you personally not think younger coaches can do the job? Would you rather have hired someone with HC experience that was under .500 or try to catch lightning in a bottle?
  7. If a school wants you, there will be no pay cuts. Trigg should be able to compete with Union County year in and year out for the #2 seed.
  8. Heard wrong Flea Market. If he pulled out it wasn’t for salary reasons.
  9. Trigg County, Christian County from this end of the state.
  10. That’s the way I look at it. Regardless Christian County is at rock bottom. They are a distant second fiddle to Hopkinsville in football and need someone to try and bring some energy to keep players on their side of the district from leaving.
  11. The basketball coach had head coaching experience as well before they hired him.
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