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  1. Bottom line: If we can play safely, then you let kids play. Our kids have been impacted severely by this and deserve every attempt we can provide for them safely. Sadly, if we are going to continue to lose our minds over positive cases of majority asymptomatic people, then we won’t ever get back to normal.
  2. That’s because basketball starts way too early in Kentucky.
  3. I think we play, I feel like KHSAA is going to set the dates & then put everything on the local school districts & health departments on when schools start and stop, Freshman & JV dates, etc..
  4. Tennessee athletic association HAS JUST NOW started dialogue with their State to get an exception that NFL & College teams have in the state that would allow them to begin on time as scheduled. Can’t believe they haven’t been in constant communication before now. Situation seems fluid in Tennessee. I don’t see how what they are doing affects Kentucky besides scheduling quirks, our COVID numbers are no where close to each other in terms of daily cases.
  5. Hopkinsville, Christian County, Trigg County all begin workouts Monday. Hopefully everything continues to go smoothly as if it does it looks like we are tentatively on pace to begin the season on time!!
  6. Confusion is the name of the game for the world right now.
  7. Low touch are cleared for practices now I believe.
  8. I should have said “considering.” My apologies.
  9. A lot of schools are going to go to an “A/B” schedule. Students will be split in half and alternate days in school. Ex: Week 1 A- In school M,W,F B- In school Tu/Th The next week they will switch. When they are not in school they will be doing NTI work from home. It makes sense and is by far the best option in my opinion. If you have 1000 kids in your school, you only have 500 there at a time in school days.
  10. As others stated, there really is no reason Kentucky HS FB can’t start with limited group work in June. Have your dead period Mr. Tackett, and then let’s get back with full team work July 11th.
  11. Stop letting fear run your lives. It will all be ok...
  12. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Face shield and you are well covered in the face part. I had thoughts of wondering if you could attach a cloth mask or silk mask On the lower part of the face mask to cover that part up as well. Something breathable but a layer of protection. To me Basketball and wrestling are going to be the toughest sports to social distance in. Indoors, no facial coverings or equipment...
  13. The scuttlebutt from this area is they had a 6’3 QB who went to middle school in Hopkinsville but moved to Florida the summer of his freshman year that moved back in December that they are awaiting eligibility on. Heard he was raw but had a cannon arm. Him plus the rising sophomore QB will battle it out for the starting job whenever things can start back is what I’ve heard. Who knows how accurate that is. Also heard some news about a potential QB relocating from the area to a 3A school in WKY... All rumors at this point. District 1 in class 4A is going to be a chore again for all teams it looks like. I also look for Christian County to be much improved this year with Trigg County taking a step back. I think Caldwell County will make a good run this year. They have their best incoming freshman class maybe ever from what people have says in Princeton.
  14. Saw these on the helmet tournament that is going on Twitter. Corbin and Logan County had some nice looking lids too.
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