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  1. Those things happen everywhere lol. Some teams are just that much better in a certain year.
  2. Good thing they took intra-district the first two rounds out right?
  3. Would like to see Ballard win but I think that Male will squeak this one out. When is the last time a team beat Male twice in a season not named X or Trinity?
  4. Let’s say it’s 50/50 and we are both right & both wrong haha.
  5. Might wanna double check that on the KHSAA page. Says in section 5 on the return of disqualified players that the ejected player must be escorted from the playing site upon initial ejection. I’ve seen referees stop games until ejected player is removed from sidelines.
  6. Going to be tough going into Boyle & leaving with a win at any time, but especially in the playoffs. I don’t see it happening here Boyle-35 Central-13.
  7. Any ejected player is supposed to be taken off the playing field & into the locker room immediately after the ejection. #57 shouldn’t have been out there.
  8. 4A looks like Franklin County at Corbin Louisville Central at Boyle.
  9. I am totally shocked by this score. Bardstown is the real deal.
  10. One of the biggest upsets in KHSAA playoff history here. Congrats Bryan Station. Going to be a lonnnggg off-season for Trinity with a whole lot of questions.
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