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  1. This will be a sad rivalry game to see perish with the Hopkinsville/Christian County consolidation.
  2. Nothing like a PT/Hopkinsville football game to end the regular season. This rivalry has been going on for a long time and usually never disappoints with high quality games and players. Hopkinsville comes into this one winners of 3 in a row after a heartbreaking 13-12 last minute loss to Logan County. The Tigers are led by do it all superstar #1 JR DB/WR Daisjaun Mercer. PT comes into this one off of a 70-0 thrashing of Webster County and will bring a ton of speed and athleticism led by #5 Bryan Thomas. This years game is going to be another close one I believe as b
  3. Ballard Southwestern Bryan Station Cooper Central
  4. Tilghman by as many as they want. Looking forward to a really good Hopkinsville/PT matchup next Friday night.
  5. A home playoff game is on the line this Friday night in Morton’s Gap. Yes you read that right. The winner of this game will be the #2 seed in the district playoffs. Hopkinsville comes into this game off of a 59-3 victory over Calloway County. Hopkins Central comes into this game fresh off of a home loss to Madisonville 41-7. On paper it looks like a potentially lopsided matchup but we all know Hopkinsville is Jekyll and Hyde. Can Hopkins Central spring an upset?
  6. Russellville Trinity Caldwell Pulaski County Tilghman
  7. Saturday looks like a good idea to those in Western Kentucky. A good 12pm or 1pm Kickoff time would be ideal in my opinion.
  8. It should have been every school doing it or no school I believe. Those teams that had kids reclass will be better because of it for the foreseeable future. Just my opinion but if you were a school that didn’t allow or didn’t have any Reclass kids you are playing catch-up to those that did. Look at Russellville for example, I think they had 10-12 seniors reclass or something along those lines. Would Beechwood be as good without Hergott? Paducah had a number of kids reclass as well.
  9. SW with a 1st Quarter Clock runner. Christian County staring at another 1 win season. My how fast they fell. 2017-11-1 2018 4-7 2019-0-11 2020- 1-6 2021- could be 1-10 Do they bounce back? I would assume with the merger getting some Hopkinsville kids will help it seems.
  10. They are much improved from last season and put a scare in Logan County for 3 quarters.
  11. Hopkins Central with a TD & GW 2 Point conversion with .05 seconds left to pull a slight upset 30-29. Hopkins central moved to 5-2 (1-1) while Calloway falls to 3-4 (1-1). Calloway travels to Hopkinsville next Friday while the Storm will host Madisonville.
  12. Logan County locks up home field for the first two rounds of the playoffs with their victory tonight. Madisonville falls to 0-3 in the district and are on playoff life support.
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