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  1. Or you look at it as a prime opportunity for someone to gain HC experience because no matter what in two years you’re done. There is no where to go but up for both programs. By all accounts Coach Clark is a great guy and quality coach who wasn’t necessary dealt the greatest hand when taking the Hopkinsville gig.
  2. Underwhelming hire for a really good football school imo. Gillespie should have gotten the job if he wanted it.
  3. Wowzers. Usually those things happen after school hours lol.
  4. Was the incident the result of the firing or the firing the result of the incident lol?
  5. If Coach Gregory doesn’t want the job full time, I’d reach out to two current HC’s in the area & 1 Assistant Coach. Marc Clark Has proven he is a solid HC who runs a QB friendly offense. Has experience in the area and one of the few coaches who has beaten Mayfield in the area. Gaige Courtney If they have a solid offensive staff in place then they can pivot to a younger defensive guy like Courtney. I don’t think he would leave Crittenden but I’d make a call to see. Will Barnes Former Caldwell HC is a proven commodity and would be a solid hire who also runs a QB friendly system. Graves is a solid job. Interested to see what direction they take.
  6. They tried that a few years ago with Cruce. He didn’t even last 3 months lol.
  7. I was wrong on CC last week against JC. This game is so intriguing and I think it has the potential to be the best game of the entire semi-finals. Can CC slow down the PT passing game? PT has played no one near CovCath’s talent since the Mayfield game, which could ultimately will play a factor in this one. PT-42 CovCath-38.
  8. The good thing about it is they can prove it tomorrow night. I don’t think they will. Boyle 28 Corbin 14.
  9. This is a tough game to pick. Going in to War Memorial and getting a W is tough to do anytime, but especially Playoff time. LCA has some really really good players but Mayfield has some really good players as well. Both teams are extremely well coached. I just can’t see myself going against the Cardinals at War Memorial even though LCA is the more talented team. Mayfield- 42 LCA-40.
  10. Atherton is a great story. I think that story comes to an end this Friday. Owensboro 35 Atherton-14.
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