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  1. I think Burgett would do great there, as would Steve Lovelace. Would Mark Peach be a guy PT reaches out to?
  2. Always about the draw not so much the team. You can say that but then they could draw Region 6 or 7 in round one and then it’s lights out.
  3. Figured Owensboro would challenge themselves a little more than they chose to.
  4. Steve Lovelace is the front-runner from the rumor mill in WKY.
  5. What does Ballard have coming back? Glad to see a WKY team get a good home and home series with a quality Louisville Program.
  6. Competition doesn’t look great but you can see why big time colleges are all over him. Has every tool in the toolbox. College coaches will clean up his technique.
  7. WC is going to need to go outside the box with this hire. No quality head coach or high level coordinator within 100 miles will want this one. But they need to take the same approach as Logan County did with Todd Adler. They took a chance and hit a home run. If they strike out then they are exactly where they have been recently.
  8. Really good record outside of the past two seasons, which coincide with being in the same district as BG & SW.
  9. Bob Sphire is a heck of a football coach. Highlands absolutely nailed this hire, and actually should send Eddie James a thank you card. No offense to coach James but Sphire is a proven winner in GA & KY.
  10. No clue where Danville goes but no established coach will touch this one. Clevinger just won a state title two years ago.
  11. Scuttlebutt in Western Kentucky is former PT HC Randy Wyatt & Christian County Head Coach Steve Lovelace are the two most talked about names for PT.. Lovelace would be a home run hire for PT in my opinion. Much better coach then the last few years have indicated.
  12. So not much experience. Great as a player but playing & coaching are totally different animals. Time will tell.
  13. No idea what coaching qualifications Robinson has, but rumor is he had the backing of a big PT booster. I would be shocked if he isn’t the next PT head coach. Have heard rumblings of this around WKY the past few weeks. Great job by Coach Smith. Class man who got a raw deal.
  14. Seems like to wait this long the administration has someone in mind for the position. I could be wrong but time will tell.
  15. What makes the Bathiany guy a quality candidate? To me he is an unknown. A lot different coaching high school football as the HC at Highlands then coaching on lower college levels as a position coach. If I’m Highlands I’m going after someone who is an established HC that has success building a program up. The Walton-Verona coach has done wonders and I think Lickert would also be a good hire as well.
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