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  1. Caldwell and Hopkinsville is not postponed. They are playing this Saturday night. Christian County and Hopkinsville was originally scheduled for 09/18 but was moved to 10/30.
  2. Hopkinsville/Christian County has been postponed until October 30th due to a Covid outbreak at Christian County. Hopkinsville will now host Caldwell County Saturday night at 7pm.
  3. I really like this BG team’s potential. I think they are one of 3-4 5A teams that can win it all.
  4. Reece Jesse 2 catches for 112 yards & 2 TD’s . 1st Team AP All State DB Daisjaun Mercer has 2 INT’s on the night to start his sophomore year.
  5. Your “bubble” are people you interact with on a daily. Of course you cannot make a true bubble but you can limit your interaction with outside groups. Some people on here do not want sports. You could come up with numerous arguments for and against it. But the simple fact is you take things week by week and adjust on the fly. The teams whose entire family unit buy into these things will be successful.
  6. You are going to have cancelled games. Schedules will change & teams will have to quarantine. Going to be unavoidable imo. Like a poster stated earlier, closer to playoff time teams will have to create and trust their kids to create an even tighter bubble.
  7. That and the university of Tennessee having 28,000 enrollment as college kids may have something to do with that.
  8. Going to go with McCracken in this one. Mayfield has to replace a ton of talent from last years group.
  9. I think we all can agree that was an enormous waste of time.
  10. Doesn’t look like it. Looks like we are safe for now.
  11. I took it as they wanted the letter to address concerns related to their conversation today but didn’t take it as wanting to delay. Moreso additions to the document that was sent out by KHSAA yesterday.
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