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  1. "Undecided where I'm going to high school at" This is a middle school kid basically saying I'm open for recruitment.
  2. Mayfield will always be Mayfield and in the hunt for a title. They have built that program to the point of there is no rebuild just a reload. The incoming freshman class is supposed to be extremely talented. PT has more talent on the field than almost anybody they play but cannot seem to get the offensive play calling down and struggles with being disciplined. They continue to be an underachieving team to me each year. McCracken got better as the year went on and found some identity it seems. The QB transfer is a nice addition but most of that roster were seniors so they will have some growing up to do I believe on both sides of the ball. Graves loses a few key players but returns most of the roster. Graves is almost a 4A enrollment but is stuck playing in the 5A west which speaks for itself on the type of teams they have to play in Owensboro and district 2. They are a well coached team just have their years when a talented group comes thru to make some noise. Marshall and Calloway are trying to build the programs up to consistency and I believe the Head coaches there are doing a good job but struggle to get enough money from the school system to pay coaches a competitive stipend to truly build a program. Look at the 4 teams listed above and you will find they get much more financial support to go hire full coaching staffs. Ballard County with dropping to 1A could shock some people. If the school system would invest in the program and revamp the elementary/middle school programs then I honestly thing they can be 1st or 2nd in that district. Now the regular season record won't be great but they could win a playoff game or 2. Murray is a team that I don't really know what is going on. They haven't played a JV schedule since the new coach came in which is why the numbers are down. There is no development of players for the future which is sad. IF you are a 10th or 11th grade player and you are only seeing a hand full of plays on a Friday night with no JV action on Monday why would you stick with it?
  3. I can get on board with that. There needs to be somebody in the room with coaching experience who knows the right people to call to get an honest judgement on how good of a coach the person is. Trust me good recommendations are given to get bad coaches to leave places lol.
  4. I was told by a head coach that when a school does a big hiring committee it is a red flag. If you have a committee made up of parents and community members then whoever gets the job may not be who two of the members wanted so before you have coached a game two influential people of the program already don't like you. I say influential because if they weren't then they wouldn't serve on the committee. Personally I believe that the only people who should conduct the interviews are the school Superintend, Principal, and AD. You can form a committee to gather names of candidates but that should be the only involvement.
  5. Without the transfer of Biggers I would have put them at the top of the class. Now I don't know exactly what Beechwood brings back or who LCA will get enrolling next year but I do know that Mayfield returns a lot and with Biggers moving in it adds another weapon to replace what they lost.
  6. I don't know anybody who coaches just for the money. If they only coach for the money then they probably aren't a good coach. Everybody that I know coaches because they love the game and understand the impact that it can have on young student athletes later on in life. There aren't many lessons I remember from the high school classroom but I sure do remember what I learned on the football field, weight room, and locker room. To build a successful program you have to have support from top to bottom in a school system and the community has to buy into the program as well. There are so few schools that have that type of support that if you can get it I believe you can win 7-8 games a year because there might only be 1 team on your schedule that has it.
  7. Ok so that takes care of one side of the ball. There is still defense and special teams. So take the $12K and your DC gets $5K and you have $7K to spend on the rest of the staff. That isn't going to go very far.
  8. Well just looking at this job and the stipends the head coaching pay is $8K which is respectable to me for a 3A school but the assistant coaching stipend total is set at $12K. This quite simply is not enough to build a staff that is going to be successful. I would say that stipend fund needs to increase by at least $10K in order to go get an OC and DC if not double it. You would need to be able to pay OC/DC positions $5-6K a piece and then have 4 assistants making $4K a piece. If the head coach can call the offense or defense then it gives you more money to go get quality assistant coaches.
  9. Most jobs like Adair your are going to have up and downs years but you hope to build the program up to a level that the down years are still 6-7 win season and making the playoffs. The bigger issue is a head coach is only 1 coach. You are only as good as your assistants are and if you don't have stipends to attract coordinators/assistants to come help you then its tough to build a program to that level. That is where administrators come in on getting stipends raised and giving coaches jobs in the building that are favorable to a coaches schedule.
  10. This one seems to be really quiet. It has been posted for a while with no names being thrown around. Have they even started interviews?
  11. Well if they were forced out after Haddix had that program competing for titles, move their family, and she had to change jobs I wouldn't be mad at anything she said I would be mad at the Administration that made them feel forced out and for having to watch the guy that was forced out win 3 titles in a row.
  12. I believe there may be more than 1 school in 5A petition to play up so South Warren and Apollo could come down. If that happens then you could put Apollo in D2 with Owensboro and move one of those teams into D1. The kicker is Warren Central because I know they will jump at moving down which they should so if they get that opportunity what happens next. As jobs start to come open many coaches are going to know what district they are playing in before accepting a job and as teams are trying to schedule games.
  13. Yes the strength coach would just be a PE teacher for the school district so they can receive a good salary and honestly give them a stipend as well for the athletes who are not able to be in the in school weights class to get there lifts in either before or after school. I agree that not all school districts have the resources to make this happen but there are ways to move things around to support athletics if your administration is truly supporting athletics. More school districts need to understand that all extra curricular sports do is bring in additional enrollment for the district. The places that truly invest in ALL Extracurriculars are always at the top and generally have excellent school cultures.
  14. Those Admin are paid with a stipend and extended days so they are compensated for working extra hours with a stipend and for working days in the summer time. There are plenty of coaches who have earned Rank 2 and Rank 1 changes that are certified to become admin but they love to coach sports. This also rings true why you see a lot of coaches get out of coaching to move to admin because your working the same amount of time if not more and making less money. I believe a head coach should be paid no less than $10,000 stipend and the bottom assistant should make no less than $3,000 to $4,000. Head coaches and assistants should all be given extended days as well for their work in the summer. Now if a school district wants to do it correctly to keep all sports coaches from being burned out they should have in school weight programs with a full time strength and conditioning coach to work the players out. Make sure the head coach and a few assistants have planning period during that in school weight class.
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