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  1. I asked if they would move up to 6A. From what I am gathering from the internet so I'm not saying the #s are 100% but they are at 1,446 students with the population being 51% female and 49% male. I'm mentally drained so lets just say 50/50 for math purposes. That puts them at 723 males in the school building and the move up to 6A is 725 males. Now I know the math is not exact but that puts them very close to a jump to 6A if the school is growing that fast.
  2. How close are they to moving to 6A? I see the enrollment for the school is a little over 1400 students and I know football goes by how many boys are in the school but I cannot find what the number of boys are for each classification.
  3. Now with that being said I think Beechwood is the better team but if Mayfield is able to get them at War Memorial I think it evens the playing field. Traveling that many hours to go play a high school game is not easy for anybody to do. If Mayfield has to travel to Beechwood then I think Beechwood gets the win.
  4. This is what I said; "All I know is that if Mayfield holds that #2 spot in the RPI playing them in November at War Memorial is not an easy task. Most cases you are down 14 points before the opening kickoff." I would like for you to highlight the word unbeatable in that statement if you could for me.
  5. Or we can just ask Beechwood how it worked out in 2019 when they came down to War Memorial. Or I can just tell ya they lost 35-7.
  6. All I know is that if Mayfield holds that #2 spot in the RPI playing them in November at War Memorial is not an easy task. Most cases you are down 14 points before the opening kickoff.
  7. Graves lost to Owensboro 28-21 in the 2nd round last year and gave up a kickoff return for a TD to open the 3rd quarter. Then had the ball in the redzone at the end of the game and couldn't punch it in.
  8. I think this is a great opportunity for Graves to go on the road and play a very good football team. The district they play in requires a lot of travel in general so this helps them prepare for some of those long road games. In the 3 games so far Graves has started really fast putting up points quickly. That will be key for them to do in this game. It also allows for some people on the other side of the state to get a look at the athletes Graves has so they can get some consideration for some all state mentions. Clint McKee is currently at 394 yards rushing, 7 TDs, and has close to 200 ya
  9. I feel like we should be talking a little bit more about how good Graves County looked. McCracken is a team the just played Bowling Green to a 14-10 game and Graves County just put up 49 points on them and made it look easy. Graves defense showed up along with their offense and when both sides of the ball are clicking they are a very good football team.
  10. I am hearing that Hunter Bradley is no longer on the football team and has withdrawn from McCracken County High School. Can anybody confirm that this is true? He is a 5th year student so I don't know what exactly the rules are on if a student can just withdrawal at any time and still have their diploma from last year.
  11. This might be the greatest quote I have read in a while. Nick Saban is the best college football coach in the history of the game and he is 5'6. Being a great player does not make you a great coach.
  12. The bottom line is if you are the DC and the head coach has a problem with something you are doing on that side of the ball and he tells you to do it a different way you do it a different way. Same at your day job. If my principal tells me to change the way I am teaching in my classroom and I refuse to do it differently I should expect to be let go or face disciplinary actions. If you want to do things your way then get a head coaching job and you can run the show. The head coach sits in that seat so it is his call because he is the one that has to do the coaches show and explain why thing
  13. Man 5A is good top to bottom. This class is absolutely loaded with quality teams and great coaching staffs. Many of the other classes there are 2-3 really good teams and then everybody else that plays football. But when you look at 5A there is so much quality football being played across the state. Going to be a fun year to keep up with this class.
  14. Darren Bowling in the hire. Former coach at Union City High School. Resigned from there to go to Olive Branch in Mississippi for one season.
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