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  1. I am praying that my comment is not taken seriously lol.
  2. Championship winning coach from Georgia who was just let go by Valdosta High School. Now if I could possibly think of a hire that would not be a splash but potentially a EXPLOSION it would be that one lol.
  3. Rush Propst about to make the move to the Bluegrass state?
  4. Kids are staying in Kentucky more now because UK and UL are much better at football than they have been in years past. I also believe that the state of Kentucky is producing more D1 talent in the last 10 years than ever before. There are still several kids who get overlooked by the 2 Power 5 schools in this state and a few still go somewhere outside of the state of Kentucky but they have been better signing in state talent. WKU under Brohm had a roster made up of a lot of Kentucky kids who had been over looked by UK and UL and they were pretty dang good. I think that may have opened some eyes to the in state talent.
  5. Financially its almost always makes sense to consolidate schools. That puts all of the tax dollars going into the same pot and you only have 1 high school to staff and pay utility bills on. This would really make for one heck of a football school in Western Kentucky. The county has produced Power 5 players every single year for as along as I can remember. If you already share a football stadium that cuts out a few million dollars already. For those of you who haven't seen that stadium you are missing out.
  6. Almost all the people listed have been run out of jobs except for a few cause they couldn't win games. I get that experience as a head coach is a good thing but what if its bad experience? Every head coach was a coordinator at some point before somebody gave them an opportunity. Nothing wrong with hiring a young coach who may bring some energy back into a program if he has been under a good head coach and in a program with some success.
  7. I feel like this thread got hijacked a little bit. I don't really think you can blame Owensboro for their schedule. You don't get to choose your district and not being able to play the Evansville schools hurts them. The fact that they went out and put St. X on the schedule says they aren't afraid to go play somebody and why should they be they are pretty dang good. You also have to play the local games for the gate money because lets face it most high schools sports teams don't exist without football and basketball gate money coming in. Also everybody does need to factor in the RPI formula. Owensboro had the top RPI last season and got FD to come to their place so I don't see anything wrong with what they are doing. Seems to be working and if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  8. The defense last season returned 3 starters and finished the season 9th in 5A in scoring allowed. They were a little more bend but don't break but gave up only 18 points a game. There was a funny game against Ohio where they gave up a lot of points and Owensboro had 3 TDs in the 2 meetings that were scored on special teams and a fumble return. Take some of those away any they really didn't give up a lot of points. Now the offense did help as they were able to keep the football away from people but I would say for a defense that was extremely young and inexperienced they performed pretty well.
  9. That could be huge for Graves if true. They return almost the entire defense except for a couple starters I think. If the right pieces return on offense they could be a pretty tough out for teams.
  10. Highlands is a good job because of the tradition, facilities, and funding you receive. Those are all major issues that a lot of high school coaches have to deal with daily that you don't have to worry about there. It can be considered a bad job because of unrealistic expectations and fans, but those are problems everywhere. It is my understanding that the school district closed down enrollment unless you live within district. If that is true I would like to know when that happened and look at Highlands success after that. Highland used to put 3-4 D1 Power 5 type athletes on the field and I haven't heard of many in the last few seasons. Those types of kids make a world of difference to a high school football team.
  11. I honestly did not know that a JR could not be considered for Mr. Football. I would like to see Hergott in person. I have heard he is a special player.
  12. Is Clint McKee RB from Graves County not in the conversation here? His season statistics are; 169 Carries/1071 Rushing Yards/17 TDs/123 Receiving Yards He is the leading rusher and scorer in 5A and has put up good numbers when Graves has played good competition.
  13. Something to take into account is that Graves only returned 3 starters on defense for this game so there is still a lot of room to improve on that side of the ball. Graves also played this game without one of their best WR/Safeties and their best Offensive Lineman. With those 2 returning for this week it means Graves will have very few 2 way players and can rotate a lot of guys to stay fresh. If the defense continues to get better Graves could be a very good team by the end of the season.
  14. Is there a job open in Kentucky that Josh Jaggers isn't linked to?
  15. If Marshall County Administration doesn't get this right they will never have another opportunity to truly right the ship. Coach Ethridge is a heck of a coach and knows football and what he will want to run fits the personnel that is walking the hallways of the school building. If they allow him to bring in quality assistant coaches which will require giving him more money to pay guys to come there and a weight room that is appropriate for a 6A school he will have a shot to be successful. You can look online at what Marshall gives a head coach money wise for assistant coaching stipends and its not even in the ball part of what it should be. If they do none of those things then any coach with a brain will understand that football is about 5th on the list of sports as far as importance of success goes. I wish Coach E the best and would love to see Marshall be competitive again like the 05-08 years.
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