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  1. I honestly did not know that a JR could not be considered for Mr. Football. I would like to see Hergott in person. I have heard he is a special player.
  2. Is Clint McKee RB from Graves County not in the conversation here? His season statistics are; 169 Carries/1071 Rushing Yards/17 TDs/123 Receiving Yards He is the leading rusher and scorer in 5A and has put up good numbers when Graves has played good competition.
  3. Something to take into account is that Graves only returned 3 starters on defense for this game so there is still a lot of room to improve on that side of the ball. Graves also played this game without one of their best WR/Safeties and their best Offensive Lineman. With those 2 returning for this week it means Graves will have very few 2 way players and can rotate a lot of guys to stay fresh. If the defense continues to get better Graves could be a very good team by the end of the season.
  4. Is there a job open in Kentucky that Josh Jaggers isn't linked to?
  5. If Marshall County Administration doesn't get this right they will never have another opportunity to truly right the ship. Coach Ethridge is a heck of a coach and knows football and what he will want to run fits the personnel that is walking the hallways of the school building. If they allow him to bring in quality assistant coaches which will require giving him more money to pay guys to come there and a weight room that is appropriate for a 6A school he will have a shot to be successful. You can look online at what Marshall gives a head coach money wise for assistant coaching stipends and its not even in the ball part of what it should be. If they do none of those things then any coach with a brain will understand that football is about 5th on the list of sports as far as importance of success goes. I wish Coach E the best and would love to see Marshall be competitive again like the 05-08 years.
  6. That list looks more like a 4 star kids offer list. Don't know if he is a camp circuit kid but I believe a bump in ranking is coming.
  7. Graves County High School Cody Goatley- University of Kentucky Riley Thompson- Morehead State University
  8. It's odd to say that soccer is pulling from the football talent in a high school because usually it's trying to get the basketball kids out but in this case I agree with you. I have been to several soccer games of Marshall and I'm looking at kids that would be excellent secondary players and skill guys on offense. I believe that getting somebody in there who knows how to work with low numbers of skill players and can maximize the talent they have will be key. I know they are using a run heavy scheme offensively with the bone and triple option look but it makes them very one dimensional. I have always believed that the wing-t could be successful there because it gives you the running game with enough passing options to keep defenses honest. Also you only need a few true skill players to make it work.
  9. I will also say I don't think the talent pool at Marshall is that of a 1A school. I believe there are a lot of kids who are single sport athletes that do not play football because the program has been so bad in recent years. If a school is competitive in basically every single sport except football I don't believe you have an athlete issue you have a football culture issue. If they were bad at everything I could agree with you. Gonna have to hire somebody who can get kids out on the field and excited to play football.
  10. If true that is stupid on the KHSAA because Marshall should be in 5A playing in District 1 with Owensboro, Graves, Grayson, Breckinridge, Ohio, and Muhlenburgh. KHSAA should have moved one of the teams closer to the BG area into that district and let Marshall compete in District 1. There I believe Marshall could compete for the 3 spot and have more success in district play.
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