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  1. Hopkinsville has to be one of the more unpredictable and disappointing teams in the state so far this year.
  2. Looking at Hoptown’s remaining schedule it looks like it was cancelled so that they can make up a district game on 11/6 vs Madisonville.
  3. Hopkinsville (2-1) fresh off a two week quarantine and loss to Calloway County will travel to Logan County (1-2) for a huge district game Friday night. Does Hopkinsville come back out of the gates strong or does Logan County set up a regular season district title clash with Calloway County next week?
  4. I thought everyone was supposed to look at Thursday for the NEXT week games or Monday the week of the game to make decisions? Needs to be something put out concrete that people can go by. If a county is red then what are the causes? Instead of not playing why not just switch the game to the non-red county?
  5. Yes and even then I hate it counting in the RPI. Going to be quite a few tiebreakers added in come playoff time I believe. Teams better hope they scheduled and beat teams in the non-conference that win games to help them in tiebreaker scenarios.
  6. I don’t think the W/L goes on your record, just used for district tiebreakers and things of that nature. I could be wrong though.
  7. That’s a huge factor. Biggest thing is some of these teams will be underseeded in the playoffs due to Covid layoffs & other things Covid. It’s all about getting in the dance and then taking care of business.
  8. Wayne lost two heartbreakers to Southwestern & Danville. Hopkinsville had two good wins over Henderson County and Caldwell County then the worst lost of any top 10 ranked team in the class against Calloway. Their resume in 4A merits top 10 in my opinion. But this class beyond a shocking upset or Covid quarantine will be a rematch in Lexington BC vs JC.
  9. Talent wise both are top 10 teams. This class is Boyle, Johnson Central and then everyone else. I still think we have a final 4 of Johnson Central, Boyle, Hopkinsville, Louisville Central/Franklin County.
  10. Crittenden could send their JV and win this one. Running clock early.
  11. Going to be some interesting late season football games in this district. Still think Hopkinsville is the best team on paper but games aren’t played on paper either (See Calloway County game.)
  12. Christian County should be in district 1 in 5A. Makes no sense that some of these county schools in district 1 currently have to pass through Christian County to get to some of their district games. If classes were cut to 5 then we wouldn’t have this problem but that’s another topic.
  13. Any hope for the future of Warren Central?
  14. Makes sense. Some teams are manipulating the district schedules hoping to force the 1 win 1 loss result for district games that cannot be made up. It has been really quiet since the season began from KHSAA. I also propose to go with sister districts for this year as well. Imagine teams having to reschedule district games for November 6th then having to turn around and play that same team the following Friday night.
  15. Two week quarantine for the team that had a kid test positive was the plan, yes. Two week quarantine for the other team you played against was never discussed.
  16. It baffles me the mandatory two week quarantine because someone on ANOTHER team had a positive case. The ramifications of this come playoff time will be HUGE if not addressed in my opinion.
  17. 6 turnovers by Hopkinsville 0 for Calloway. Hopkinsville imploded and now this district is wide open.
  18. Caldwell and Hopkinsville is not postponed. They are playing this Saturday night. Christian County and Hopkinsville was originally scheduled for 09/18 but was moved to 10/30.
  19. Hopkinsville/Christian County has been postponed until October 30th due to a Covid outbreak at Christian County. Hopkinsville will now host Caldwell County Saturday night at 7pm.
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