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  1. Should be a good one! I’ll take the Tigers with some late inning heroics.
  2. I’d agree X has two good WRs to work with. As mentioned there are some question marks at QB and the OL. I’d also put RB in there too. Not that there aren’t good players to fill those roles just unproven players which must be developed during the spring and summer.
  3. One and two seem right. Wouldn’t be surprised if Manual didn’t sneak their way into the top 3 as the season progresses.
  4. It seems as if this is the 3rd or 4th game in a row they’ve won in walk off fashion.
  5. That's a heck of a statement out of the gate.
  6. So much for Male having the “easier” path. Didn’t see this one coming though.
  7. I just think Ballard is too good. Trinity will play hard and keep it close, but just think Ballard will end up winning by about 7 points.
  8. Another close game, and it's hard to beat a team 3 times in one season. But I'll go with the Tigers to win tonight.
  9. Male definatley has the least difficult path to the championship game.
  10. Listened to the radio broadcast. Sounded like a very fun game; hope there’s a rematch.
  11. Male probably wins, but St. X can make it interesting if they’re efficient on offense and are careful with the ball. Make Male work on the defensive end and when X has an open shot they have knock it down. St. X doesn’t have to necessarily play slow, they just have to be timely when they want to run and when they want to play slow.
  12. That’s a really good hire for Warren Central. As long as expectations are realistic he could do a good job there.
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