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  1. I have a feeling once he hits a couple of camps this summer his recruitment will start to pick up.
  2. He has the potential to be a really good one at the QB position for the Tigers.
  3. Tigers will conclude spring practice with a scrimmage this afternoon.
  4. Have heard there are some good players in their incoming 9th grade class too.
  5. Tough way to end the season for the Tigers. Looked disorganized, not mentally engaged, and thinking about Monday night from the tip. Return every player except 1 graduating senior next year so we’ll see what this does for that group moving forward.
  6. Possibly. I’m also pretty sure St. X and Trinity would be ok if that happened.
  7. Looks like there is one district with three teams... interesting.
  8. Bit of a shocker. Saw Jtown earlier this year against St. X and they had two guys that really stood out tome but wouldn’t think they would be able to have enough depth to knock of Trinity.
  9. Tigers made that an interesting last 8 - 10 seconds. Two tough wins for the Tigers in back to back days
  10. When X got up by 15 I thought they were good shape but then Male went on 14-0 run. Thought Male would find a way especially how Edelen started to get hot during that stretch. Good tough win for the Tigers!
  11. As stated earlier, while it's not your typical Ballard team it's not a team you want to see come tournament time. It's still says Ballard across their chest and they're going to play hard.
  12. Watched some of the game on the YouTube channel. Seemed a bit sloppy by the Tigers early but as shots started to fall defensive intensity started to pick up, which led to faster paced game and played into the Tigers favor. Big game this Friday for St. X as DeSales heads to Poplar Level Rd.
  13. One of the top contenders to be the starting QBs next year. The other is a very good lacrosse player.
  14. Fun, fast paced game. Ballard’s PG was money the first 3 quarters and then cooled down in the 4th. The Tigers kept it close it early but every time they had a chance to take the lead it felt like they would turn it over and Ballard would extend the lead. 4th quarter was fun and the Tigers were able to put consecutive stops together and then convert those stops into points. I didn’t know what to expect out of Ballard based of their record but they’re better than their record would indicate. They’re not high level Ballard but they’re definitely good enough to put a run together and win the region…pretty much like every 7th region team.
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