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  1. I know it's still technically "summer time", but what's the difference between JCPS conducting workouts now, and when school begins all be it online?
  2. I guess the virus won't be able to get into Churchill Downs for the Derby. As a state, they can get at the most 23, 000 people into Churchill Downs, but not let a few thousand individuals, at the most, to play football on a Friday night.
  3. I would have a season. The way I would conduct it would be for every school to play their district schedule and then as many non-district opponents needed to get schedule full to 8 opponents, if school chooses to give up a bye week. With a few exceptions, everyone makes the playoffs so they can begin November 6th and run the 5 weeks. Obviously there are holes here because it just doing this off the cuff, but I would ensure there would be a possible two extra weeks built in for insurance in case during the playoffs a team or teams need to quarantine their team. But during the regular season if a team can't play then it counts as a 1 win, 1 lose for each team and we keep going. Teams must submit to "my office" a protocols and procedure that they will implement during practice and games to ensure safest environment. Also, fans will be allowed. Each player and coach will be allotted 4 tickets. Each player will need to have at least one parent or guardian at the game.
  4. Don't get forced into a decision. I don't know if the SEC or ACC will play this fall but they're at least giving themselves time to make a decision that is best for their conferences. Also, lets say the Power 5 schools don't play this fall, will the NFL schedule games on Saturday to replace major college football? And if the NFL does that, would they give the time slots back to college football in the future?
  5. Just trying to save face. They aren't going to play in the spring, and if they do it will be without a lot of significant players. If they play in the spring are they going to turn around in a few months a play in the fall of 2021?
  6. Big Ten has handled this situation very poorly; from the get go they've seemed to puff out their chest and do whatever they want. I'm glad they received the type of public backlash they deserved. I don't know if there will still be college football, but the Big Ten needs to ensure they've done everything thing possible to allow these young men an opportunity to play if they so choose. There is too much at stake for them (Big Ten) to just cancel at this point.
  7. Did I see correctly that St. X and St. X will not be playing because of the new guidelines taking place in OH?
  8. I thought so. For me it comes down to there needs to be more consistency in activities we can do and what we can't do. We can have a soccer game with fans, but we may not be able to have high school sports? Or we have AAU basketball or little league events, but can't have more structured activities at schools? It's just starting to get very hypocritical from the decision makers.
  9. This is what I don't understand. I understand this is a very difficult time to be a decision maker, but there is way too much gray area in what we as citizens can and can't do. Schools can't open until September 28th, but youth sporting events will still be taking place all over the state with some leagues traveling out of state to compete. At some point our decision makers need to say we can or we can't do things; because there seems to be a lot of mixed messages going on right now.
  10. I understand it isn't exactly the same, but is the Louisville professional soccer team still playing with fans in the stands?
  11. It's obviously not 100% perfect, but over the summer when players do what their coaches and medical staff tell them to do there tends to be a significant drop in cases. Not the same, but the NBA, WNBA, and the NHL have shown if you follow directions then their "bubble" works. The MLB has shown when players do what ever they want it doesn't work. But at the end of the day each professional league has bargaining power; college athletes not so much.
  12. Then how can university administrators justify bring 20,000 to 30,000 students back on campus in a much less restrictive environment?
  13. Don’t know if we’ll ever know the truth, but is this a health decision or an amateurism decision?
  14. This could go any way, but it's not shocking the MAC made this decision. Most of the schools were going to take a significant hit with the SEC and Big 10 going to conference only games and ACC allowing for one non conference game, but has to be instate. Similarly to UConn, scheduling and money make it easy for them to cancel. Also, it will or would take a lot of money from the confernce to perform testing to each school, which they probably couldn't do because of the added cost financially. I'm not sure if there will be football, but until a Power 5 conference decides to pontpone then I'm not going to get too worked up about it. The SEC moving their practice date and first game date back was a very wise decision because this way they don't have to do what the Big 10 did and make a public announcment saying their "pausing" their next steps. In reality, they're just staying in helments and it's not that big of a deal. It becomes a big deal if they make a decision to postpone fall sports.
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