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  1. Tigers had their chances to close out the game late in the 4th quarter just couldn't put it away. The personal foul was huge on St.X's last drive of the 4th quarter.
  2. Watching the game now, both team’s DL are standing out early.
  3. That’s really all you can ask for in JV games; tough, close game where the players gain playing experience.
  4. Will probably be another similar game to the first. Will come down to big plays and turnovers. Hope it's a fun, competitive game. I'll got with the Tigers 24-10.
  5. PRP will move the ball, but probably won’t be able to score many touchdowns. I would imagine another big game from Mekhi Smith. St. X 40-13.
  6. He's a difference maker on the DL that I don't think has been at St. X for awhile.
  7. If the St. X passing attack gets into a rhythm then it will be the third straight game of the Butler defense giving up at least 50 pts, if the passing game struggles then probably will be in 30s. I’ll go with St.X 40-6.
  8. Good deal. Wasn’t sure when it would happen, but not shocked to see some of the younger players get some varsity snaps.
  9. OL will probably be a concern all year. Will Sivori get more looks with the first team based off this game it is it still Pooler’s job full time?
  10. I have a feeling DeSales wins. With the way this year is going it just wouldn’t surprise me if St. X started 0-3.
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