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  1. I’ve felt the same way, especially with soccer. If soccer is played then football will/ should be played too.
  2. For fall sports, Tackett will have to be a great leader. Be sure to come up with policies, procedures, and protocols that he and his staff are committed to. Uncertainty allows for anxiety to creep in and start second guessing everything. Just like every school event, every year it’s about the safety of those involved, and implementing the safest way to to put on that school event.
  3. One thing that football has on its side is it’s an outside sport.
  4. Kind of like teachers, minus the mask during normal years.
  5. Congratulations to him! Body type fits well with Navy.
  6. Not sure if there’s an in-state coach with the qualifications for the job. Maybe someone like Ty Scroggins could get an interview, but he would probably have to hire a good OC. A young coach like Brandon Smith might be able to get an interview, but likely an OOS coach.
  7. The senior class is the loaded one. Their junior class isn’t bad, but probably not what Trinity has been used to and their sophomore class is definitely not up to Trinity’s standard.
  8. Good deal! I had heard they had a really good kicker last year.
  9. I like what the Commish said about playing fall sports; find a way! Also, what’s the point in moving things/events a couple of weeks? Even if a miracle happens in those two weeks of delay it will still take awhile for that miracle to trickle down to everyone. This is probably a situation we’ll be dealing with in some way for the next couple of years so those in charge need to make decisions and stick to them. From what it sounds like Tackett is trying to ensure there’s a fall sport season in some way, which I respect. Not just kicking to can down the road and delaying everything longer.
  10. A lot of news the last few days, but my view is as long as school is in session in some form there will be a form of football. Football I believe is in better shape than basketball. Outside sports and activities seem to be ok.
  11. I heard that last September; I guess we’ll wait and see.
  12. I hope we (in KY and FL) can continue to progress towards the start of a season. In Hillsborough (Tampa) County we're currently in our last week of phase two, which means we're allowed to use the weight room in addition to outside conditioning. I'm sure we'll find out this week if we'll go to our phase 3 plan, which is adding "skill acquisition" to our programs.
  13. In Florida, the FHSAA’s task force voted today to push back the first day of practice to August 10 from July 27. Nothing has officially changed as the Board or Directors will have to vote on the issue. Also, there is talk the state championship games in Florida may not be played
  14. I would say there's a very good chance the live up to that and ranking and then some.
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