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  1. I saw this headline too. He'll be better served playing and gaining more exposure to help his brand before heading to Ohio St. Having a few national high lights from a Rivals camp isn't going to do much long term.
  2. Like most preseason polls, they allow for great offseason chatter. Always fun to compare polls from preseason and final just to see which teams held strong, which teams performed better than ranked, and which teams didn't quite live up to their "ranking".
  3. Heading into the middle of week three of practice, any insight into how things are going? Surprise players? Position battles?
  4. Didn’t realize that was the score. I do like how St. X uses the scrimmage to get game reps for their younger players.
  5. Just looking at pictures it looks like it was at their Intramural fields, must have been some miscommunication between football and the intramural department.
  6. If I remember correctly they were in a tough pool, but how does a team like Fredrick Douglass go winless in pool play?
  7. Football enthusiasts can always debate the importance of 7 on 7 activities, but if you’re going to participate you might as well in the thing. Good job Tigers on earning the first trophy of the ‘21 season!
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