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  1. I think many outside of the Trinity circle and even most inside the Trinity circle had probably assumed this job was a national job. I believe many had even suggested no instate coach was qualified to be the head of the states flagship program. I was surprised by Trinity’s decision, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be just as successful.
  2. I think for St. X it will come down the John Carrol and Ben Varga. Get a good game from those two they’ll be in good shape. I’ll go with the Tigers 61-56.
  3. Must be a youngster on Twitter duty for St. X basketball; got to put the big number first.
  4. He has a lot of experience and it’s at various places. It feels like he was probably the guy early on and this last week the search committee probably just needed to double check to make sure he was their guy.
  5. Congratulations to him if he does end of being the one selected. I'm sure his first HC move will be to find an offensive play caller.
  6. Coach Smart does a great job getting his teams prepared to play each week. Good hire for Edmonton Co.
  7. I've only seen a half of either team play and that was the second half of St.X's game against Lincoln Co. They seemed to play pretty well and didn't let a couple of big shots by Lincoln Co force them into bad shots on the offensive side for them. I'll go with St. X, but don't really have a reason other than that's my team.
  8. I would say it has taken a slight fall over the last 10 years, but it’s still a top job for the right person. It can be “easy” to say all the right things in an interview, but when the challenges are now right in front of you , it may not be for everyone.
  9. Does Jeff Shepard’s son play for South Laurel? Or am I thinking of another school?
  10. Saw the second half on the YouTube feed. It was an entertaining half, St. X was able to put a couple of big shots with a couple of big defensive stops together late in the game to get out to a comfortable lead.
  11. I would imagine Brian Brohm would be taking a massive pay cut, unless I’m really under estimating how much money Trinity actually has. Whoever is hired, it will be interesting to see the assistants that remain on staff and who is brought into staff by the new coach. It’s just tricky to get assistants to move especially if it’s out of state.
  12. That can be a difficult transition if not handled correctly. There are just a lot of decisions the HC has to make that will make some players and parents unhappy that a coordinator does not have to deal with. Kind of like a coordinator is the "big brother" and the head coach is the "Dad".
  13. Looking at in state coaches, would Coach Scroggins be someone that could get an interview?
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