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  1. I have seen teams use footballs, so I'm assuming you are allowed to. I would be willing to bet there is some type of sanitation process for using them.
  2. How are workouts going at Tiger Tech? Obviously there’s only so much they can do, but are they having good turnouts from player?
  3. Tough schedule again for the Purples; lots of travel up to Louisville. What are the expectations for this group of Purples? I know they have a good TE, but who are some of their other players?
  4. I was actually worried there would be more not able to dress.
  5. If you're North Hardin, no sense in playing Trinity during the regular season especially if you don't have to.
  6. If the money is right they should be able to get a team to schedule them. If it isn’t a quality opponent it wouldn’t surprise me if they dressed some young players to get some Friday night playing time with the 60 player rule.
  7. A lot of talent on the Frederick Douglass team; will fun to see how St.X matches up with them.
  8. Would it be a shocker if Trinity was unable to schedule two of their open dates? I just don’t see many schools wanting to play them.
  9. I think I saw Ballard had an open date Oct. 2. October 2nd will probably be their best chance of getting a game scheduled; as others have said probably not too many teams want to play St. X right before the playoffs.
  10. Go for the KHSAA! Was there anything mentioned about what they want to see with the "numbers" when they have their next meeting?
  11. How do you think KHSAA handle JV and Freshman teams? In Florida there’s a good chance we won’t have a JV season, at least in the Tampa Bay area.
  12. In another emergency Board meeting, Florida has postponed the start of fall sports to August 24th. FHSAA will schedule a board meeting in person between August 10-17. Schools can continue to conduct summer conditioning work outs.
  13. While FL did vote to start on July 27th, it is left up to each school district to determine if they actually have the ability to do that. Hillsborough County (Tampa) along with a few other Tampa Bay districts have already announced they are pushing their fall practice date back to August 10th.
  14. Can officially start with helmets, and work towards full gear. In Hillsborough County, we’re currently in phase 2 of 3 of our summer conditioning. It is looking like many counties will not begin official fall practice on the 27th.
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