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  1. 9,331 was the reported crowd size, as years go one this number will get bigger and bigger with all the Bullitt East fans telling stories of what it was like at Kroger Field winning their first state championship. Sports is awesome! Also, interesting story in the Courier from the Male side. Wolfe makes a comment that maybe getting a new coach would help the Bulldogs get over the hump…I don’t think he goes anywhere but still an interesting thing for him to speak into existence.
  2. Seems like the FD defense decided that if Bailey was going to beat them then he was going to have to under pressure instead of sitting back like they did the first half.
  3. FD has been lead by their defense all year. I think their defense is going to have to produce a scoring opportunity for them to hold off BG.
  4. Definitely tough for the Bulldogs. Great run for sure, this being the fifth straight trip, they had to think this was the year after last week and knocking off St. X. Tough for both players and coaches.
  5. Especially in high school football where the offense only has to go 10 yards to score. That’s tough for your defense especially if you’re the “underdog”.
  6. I liked it too when it was at WKU. Big college stadiums just are neat for the players to play in, but the actual environment just seems to be lacking. EKU could be a good alternative.
  7. I remember awhile back there was a website that had every Louisville high school (past and present) and their overall record against each school they've played. Does a site like that still exist? Is there one for the entire state?
  8. I went back and watched a little bit of the BG/X game, and I just think the BG OL is going to have a long day especially in drop back passing situations. If BG can be efficient with their quick game and RPOs it will help negate the advantage of the Douglass DL over the BG OL.
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