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  1. But what about Manual's OL? Because if they can't create running lanes he's going to have a tough night.
  2. While Manual has a new head coach and their offense appears to have evolved, they're still not great on offense. They're an offense that seems to be big play or bust, and Manual hasn't faced a defense like St. X this year so we'll see how the perform. Manual's strength is their defense and specifically their DL. It will be tough for St. X to run the ball, but I think St. X will have some success through the air. Manual seems to play soft coverage making sure to keep everything in front of them. I see this as a low scoring game, with St. X the more battled tested team coming out with win. I'll take St. X 17-3.
  3. For Ballard to win they'll have to score points on defense or special teams. I'll take Trinity 28-3. Trinity's defense is too good and Ballard will play tough on defense too, but Trinity will likely have the advantage of good field position will allow them to have short TD drives.
  4. If X's offense can become ambit more efficient they will be at another level. A lot of their offense seems like a struggle, if they can improve their 3rd down percentage and can find a running game to hang their hat on it will open up their passing game.
  5. Just saw in the paper Trinity held the Bombers to 83 yards...dang! That's coming out with a purpose for the Rocks defense.
  6. Notice from the youtube stream that X was huddling instead of signaling in their plays; did they do this the whole game or just the second half? Was Ryle picking up on their sign or was this something St. X was doing because Manual picks up on their offensive sign?
  7. Tiger defense showed up for 4 quarters and dominated. Tiger offense took awhile to get going, but together a couple good drives in the second half. Got through this one now onto district play where the stakes are even higher.
  8. I know for playoffs there are "sister" districts, but for round 3 are matchups based off strictly RPI or are teams broken into east and west regions then RPI is applied? Then is round 4 just RPI to determine matchup?
  9. Great job, Baby Bengals! Tigers take 4 of 5 from the Rocks.
  10. How long has Carrico been coaching/OC at Trinity? I knew him growing up but didn't realize he was coaching at Trinity.
  11. Yeah, I noticed that too. Always interesting to see how various computer rating systems rank teams and make predictions.
  12. Massey Ratings has a projection of 35-7 St. X with St. X having a 92% win percentage.
  13. I would like to see St. X's run game get back on track this week. I'm not looking for huge runs, but just to be more efficient. They didn't do a great job sustaining drives last week for a number of reasons, but I do look for them to be a bit more physical and purposeful on the ground.
  14. The game the Purples have been working towards since probably January. I'll take BG 21-14.
  15. I picked the Bombers strictly because of Trinity's inability to show they can score TDs instead of FGs. If their offense can get TDs then they'll beat the St. X from Cincinnati.
  16. Last years game was a very lack luster performance for St. X. I think the offense will want to prove themselves and will have a much better outing.
  17. Crimsons have it rolling so far this season. Will be a highly anticipated game in two weeks against the Tigers.
  18. Game came down to big plays. St. X was able to convert their big plays into TDs, while Trinity was only able to get FGs. Thought T's DL did a great job against X's OL, which seemed to cause the X offense problems all night. Things weren't pretty, but they found a way to make the necessary plays to win the game. Give credit to Havill, he could have mentally checked out once Boone replaced him, but he stayed involved in the game and when his number was called again delivered with a big time throw. Says a lot about the young man, and a lot about how the coaches are handling the QB situation as well. Congrats again to the Tigers, enjoy the win but still much more to accomplish.
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