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  1. Man, didn’t see this one coming. Hope for a better result next week.
  2. I'll be excited for Meires return. He had a great sophomore year, and is a disruptive force at DL. Plus, can never hurt to get more depth at the line of scrimmage.
  3. Coach Wallace was quoted this morning in the Courier Journal saying four of the six injured defensive players will be in uniform with two of them potential seeing action this Friday. Penerillo and Meirs are the two who could play on Friday.
  4. I'll take UK 28-14. There will be over reaction because of how UK played last week, but in UK's first two games the turnovers have stopped the UK offense from looking impressive. The defense is a concern because they aren't getting pressure without blitzing and their secondary is playing not to give up the deep ball so they're making the opposing offenses nickel and dime them; which they're doing. UK will be ready to go in a hostile environment, plus South Carolina isn't very good. If UK doesn't hurt themselves they should win pretty convincingly.
  5. Who's going to be the "X" factor (pun not intended) this year? We kind of know who the main characters will be in the game, but who will be the player or players who could impact the outcome of this years game?
  6. I saw in Jason Frakes "Info" section about the game that the record for attendance was in 2008. As attendance plateaued at about 15,000 or will get back to the mid to late 2000s when both teams were very equal?
  7. St. X has some juniors on the their JV roster, but most of the time their splitting time with a sophomore. I'm not for sure the total number.
  8. Has the weekly injury "report" been released by either team?
  9. I think the philosophy of JV at St. X has evolved over the last 10 years. During the Coach Glaser era very few juniors played JV, but Coach Wallace has played more juniors especially juniors who may be buried on the varsity depth chart who he envisions being a contributor as a senior. JV games are what they are, a way to get game reps for those players who don't get many on Friday nights.
  10. Yeah, the Tiger JV offense hasn’t been able to get much going this year.
  11. Per the St. X website, "Tickets for the Friday, September 24 Varsity Football game vs. Trinity, at Cardinal Stadium, will go on-sale on Monday, September 20. Tickets are ONLY available at the Athletic Office on campus. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Parking lots will open at 3:00 pm, and gates will open at 6:30 pm."
  12. Massey Ratings has the most likely score 34-28 in favor of Trinity.
  13. Over the years what makes Trinity's passing game so dangerous is their QB typically is able to hit the route in the flats for easy yards. It seems like this year in the passing game Trinity's QB doesn't get the ball to flats as often. I'm not sure if it's a scheme thing or a comfort level of the QB. Just something that has stuck out to me the little bit I've seen from the Trinity offense this year.
  14. I’ll take Manual in this one, but I think it might be more of a slug fest game that Manual is used to. It will also be interesting g to see how Manual responds to their lose last week. Will La Salle beat them again or will they be able to move forward? I’ll take Manual 17-7.
  15. I see this as a close game and probably St. X pulling away mid 3rd quarter. In years past I'm unsure if St. X's schedule before playing Trinity gets them prepared for the Shamrocks, this year I think they've been challenged in a number of ways and are set up well to compete against Trinity. Big matchups are won in the trenches, and I think St. X as the edge over Trinity in that area this year.
  16. Will be a competitive game but Central will struggle to move the ball consistently. I’ll go South Warren 35-12.
  17. Just don’t think BG has enough offensively to keep their defense fresh. I’ll take Father Ryan 28-7.
  18. Penalties and 3rd down efficiency stand out. Tigers must improve pass defense. But impressive offense stats by the Tigers. Seem to be balanced and efficient based off the numbers.
  19. I do think Male is good, but they’re not as dominate as the Trinity teams the last couple of years. Should be an interesting playoff run in 6A.
  20. I think right now Manual might be, and they definitely feel better as team at this current moment than Trinity does right now.
  21. Didn’t see this one score wise earlier in the week. If Manual can produce 20 plus points they’re good enough defensively to beat just about any instate team.
  22. Great win for the Tigers! Looking forward to catching up on some of the highlights.
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