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  1. Ask Don about the parent community who meet with him and off school grounds and push the hiring of French and Jackson. Now Don made the hires yes but he listened to everyone involved with the process not just the administration.
  2. Now Lincoln will have to worry about some that have applied pulling their names out due to the Mercer county job opening up.
  3. Well the parents are the ones who got Larry French here and we see how that worked out compared to the hires of the administration. Lol !
  4. Cody Carter and Landon day and Lee Amon quit basketball, the twins and lane both Davis brothers, Conner has played every year but last and 3 of the freshman are playing that would’ve been 4 this year last year 8 played both.
  5. Let me just throw these numbers out there. with Levi and Cooper running the weightlifting, there’s 80 kids working out not counting the 3 incoming freshman that’s still playing middle school basketball, 5-6 high schoolers playing basketball. Your looking at almost 90 kids when we’ve been averaging 40-60 kids in 4A. To me that speaks loudly of what coaches is leading them right now.
  6. 80 percent of the basketball team plays football. Only jaxson smith and alcorn don’t. The freshman threw juniors have a ton of football players playing both.
  7. I think that’s all the Lincoln County administration is wanting, they’re just sitting back waiting till we reach that Mark then make announcement lol.
  8. I’d say he’s making more at LaRue than Lincoln is offering.
  9. Why would Jaggers leave a D1 qb that already has offers from Ole Miss and Kentucky?
  10. What we like to call when you transfer to Boyle county! Buying a championship.
  11. 4 years OC with Travis and 4 years DC With Spencer
  12. Oh I don’t wanna leave. It would be a tough pill to swallow but at the end of the day I’m going to have to do what’s best for my youngest. Yeah I’ve busted some balls on transfers and I’m sure I’ll get it back. But if you wanna call me out use your real name not a screen name ! And really we don’t have to leave he can stay here and just play baseball or basketball . I won’t transfer to Boyle or Danville just to buy a championship……… there’s more options like Casey, or garrard!!!!
  13. Let’s start here! 1- Spencer did good but he only changed the winning attitudes of the players he had in highschool. Kids would run threw a wall for him. 2- nothing and I mean nothing has been done to fix our little league program here since Travis redone it 6 years ago. In that 1 year we had almost 200 kids playing little league. Since then nobody has kept the work up and we are licking to have 50-60 kids playing now. we have dropped the ball and our coaches haven’t fixed it period. That’s a problem. When I say we make the right hire I’m saying we have to hire someone that comes here ready to make a farm system from the little league to middle school and with fixing those problems will eventually fix your high school program. They gotta make a hire who wants to change the culture not just come here win some games and eventually leave for somewhere such as Boyle. Kids could stand behind Levi knowing he’s done it threw every level of Lincoln football and would do everything to get it back to that level.
  14. I can honestly say that this hire will result if I move my child or not. Spending the last 14-15 years helping with little league and raising money with Travis and helping with Spencer only to see we are at square 1 again. Honestly if we don’t hire Levi I’m afraid of who all may leave. A lot of people are standing behind him and Cooper in the area. If the hiring committee don’t see that than it’s a slap in the face to the whole community. Also point out with those two leading weightlifting theirs been 79-85 kids coming out to get ready that speaks volume to me who the kids want to play for!
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