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  1. He played summer ball today for North Laurel. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTd3h438e/?k=1
  2. 3-7. Wins over Casey, East Jess, and Wayne County.
  3. The better question is when will Danville play Boyle again.
  4. Do you think coaches can help kids get offers and make those connections?
  5. In a town like Somerset with three high schools all relatively close, all relatively successful, I could also see it being used as another tool to try to keep yours.
  6. I get what you’re saying, but how do you rule anyone else ineligible if this kid basically says “yeah we were courted met all the coaches seemed like a good fit for us”. This is high school, not college. That stuff is supposed to be illegal. If he gets eligible then they need to roll on with the one free transfer rule because I don’t see how else you rule any other kids inelgible.
  7. Marlon and AJ will both be special.
  8. Maybe reading too much into it.. maybe this was foreshadowing?
  9. Great question. It said in the article that Boley plans to play the next two years for LCA then go to a prep school. I’m sure he didn’t transfer to play one year at Q.
  10. The Eagles have reloaded and will be a tough out. Kid has 4-5 D1 offers.
  11. Lefty for West Jess is very impressive.
  12. My fault. I copied and pasted it from a tweet without looking at it.
  13. First round games are at the top listed team from the bracket. Last two rounds will be at Somerset. Monday First Round Rockcastle County (15-18) at Wayne County (19-11), 7 p.m. Danville (27-8) at Mercer County (27-9-1), 7 p.m. Southwestern (10-25) at Somerset (16-19), 7 p.m. West Jessamine (15-19) at Boyle County (24-7-1), 7 p.m.
  14. Final at Danville. Sage Dawson named tournament MVP. Had 2 HRs in this one with 6 RBIs. He went 6/8, 3HR, 10RBI in the district tournament and is named 45th district tournament MVP.
  15. Brock Driver ('25 ATH) just got offered by UK.
  16. Sage Dawson QB/DB/ATH ‘24 and Brock Driver RB/TE/LB/DE ‘25 have both been offered by EKU in consecutive days.
  17. 32 and 22 catches in a year isn't a great chance to showcase your ball skills. Two four stars out wide, one RB that is going to Indiana St on scholarship, another RB walking on at EKU.. and you choose to just run inside zone the majority of the time isn't a great opportunity to showcase the talent that your team holds.
  18. Union Raiders had a really nice middle school team. Verax kid, I think a RB/LB named Rush maybe? And a RB/SS type kid Keagan Maher who’s going to Cooper.
  19. 11th Region: 115 12th Region: 103 FINAL from Madison Southern 3 point Champ = Daniel Mullins (Rockcastle County) 11th Region Player of Game = Tye Schureman (Great Crossing) 14 points, 10 Rebs 12 Region Player of Game = Luke Imfeld (Boyle County) 30 points, 5 Rebs
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