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  1. Interesting to note this is Corbin's first road game of the year. Wonder if that will have any impact on the game.
  2. Saw one of the Olingers from Hazard on there. Seemed like for the longest time Hazard always had an Olinger who was a STUD.
  3. I was on the LCA train until what Somerset did to Danville. I like Somerset by a score.
  4. I think Belfry takes it again. Moving Dixon to FB was the move that seems was needed. The fullback and that mesh point hitting is what makes that offense thrive and sets everyone else up. Reminds me of Johnson moving Devin Johnson to FB last year towards the end of the year.
  5. Give it time. Only game where two best teams weren’t in the championship last year was 3a with desales.
  6. I think they should be #1 right now regardless. Resume is more impressive thus far.
  7. I remembered seeing pictures and highlights and wondering how good he really was. Then when I watched that 5A championship game I was like my god this is a grown man.
  8. And it's not a knock on CCH. Michael Mayer is the best high school football player I've seen in person and losing him is brutal. The pieces FD brought in with their QB and getting Dekel back to add to TY, Dane, and younger Neal.. they're hella loaded.
  9. If that's your train of thought should probably move FD behind South Warren, Owensboro, South Oldham, and Southwestern.
  10. I would have Collins over Pulaski County. I would also have FD over CC. I’m not a fan of keeping teams 1 because of past seasons.
  11. He had offers from Air Force and Kent State. They’re both still on the table. He’s trying to get a couple more with one more year of ball.
  12. London is actually still playing he reenrolled as a senior again at a prep school in another state.
  13. I’m not saying he’s trying to run the score up. I’m saying I think he’s extremely motivated and has his team extremely prepared and it’s showing in the scores. First game under 50 in 3 games so far.
  14. I think y’all are underestimating how good Boyle is and how motivated Haddix is. You have to remember he was essentially forced out of Corbin. I think he’s on a tear and trying to send a message to the state.
  15. Mason Lawson a sophomore for JC had 3 rushing 1 receiving TD’s. Remember the name, kids going to be the next stud back at Johnson.
  16. He can run but he has a cannon. Has 500 yards and 9 touchdowns through 2 games.
  17. Not having Sloan and Oakes really hurting them this year.
  18. Cancelled Bowling Green because it was a Covid hot spot, then they had four kids on the team who couldn't play last week because of Covid. Then picks up Leslie in the slot for Bowling Green. Doesn't make a lot of sense.
  19. Corbin said it was a hotspot for Covid and didn’t wanna take the risk.
  20. Pulaski is going to Belfry on 9/11. Oops just realized you took them off. Lol someone can delete this if you’d like.
  21. Joe Montana basically ruined the Rudy story this week. “was there a lot of things that happened? Yeah he got in, he got a sack. Was the crowd chanting? No. Did I throw my jersey? No. Did he get carried off the field? He got carried by three of the biggest pranksters on the team.”
  22. Shoutout to the KHSAA fighting for a season. Hats off to them. Unfortunately IMO football gets “postponed” again tomorrow.
  23. Kansas offered last night and Virginia Tech today. Heck of a week for the kid.
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