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  1. Released top 8 of: UK UL WVU Virginia Virginia Tech Miss St Michigan Ole Miss Was offered tonight by Oklahoma. Would assume they would crack that 8 somewhere.
  2. Looking for one more opponent in the Don Franklin bowl. Believe they have Belfry right now.
  3. Yes. Took a job with Georgetown college then saw that they were going to hire Jason Foley (current coach at Southwestern) and ran back. Hence, why there’s a lot of bad blood between the two right now.
  4. South may be 5th in the 13th. Knox and North Laurel top 2. Harlan County third. Then probably Corbin and South rounding out top 5.. not a good loss by Trinity and huge win by south.
  5. For sure! They call him Jaws. He’s the real deal!
  6. They really didn’t graduate a lot either. Couple that with Elkhorn (their feeder program) winning state at the middle school level they have nice talent coming through. They’ll have a freshman RB next year who is one of the top players in the state for his grade.
  7. Gold mine of a job. Tons of talent and more coming through the middle school programs.
  8. Reed Shepherd with 37. He’s the real deal.
  9. He was from Frankfort (went to Bondurant) 7th grade. Then went to Boyle 8th. Went to Western Hills 9th (his cousin is Wandale Robinson). Now he’s at Franklin to stay.
  10. I wasn’t a believer in Franklin until watching them play yesterday. Their team speed is unreal. Runs JC usually busts for 6 was getting caught backside. I think it’s going to be a grind it out game. I think Boyle wins but only by 3-7 points. It’s going to be a great game.
  11. Kids from Southwestern battled all night. Nothing to hang their heads about. No one really gave them a shot and they played hard. Could’ve easily laid down when down 21-6 and the fumbled and they fought back. Great season for the warriors.
  12. If Justin Haddix wins state at Boyle this year any chance they can lure him away?
  13. Beat down. SW 406 rushing yards 2 passing. Pulaski 291 passing 41 rushing.
  14. If Scott plays turnover free I think they have a chance. I know you can’t compare scores.. but stay with me here for a second... FD loses to North Hardin. North Hardin barely beats Belfry. Belfry < Scott County. But I know North Hardin and Scott have zero in common.. Upset alert! 28-21 Cardinals!
  15. Don't see Corbin making it out of region. Having to travel to Paint Creek is an unfavorable matchup.
  16. Per the Calloway County Football Facebook page: ”2020. Things change by the minutes. As of now we are back in it. Mr. Settle contacted me first thing this morning. He’s not making any promises, but is excited about the possibility. We will meet tomorrow to discuss when we will return to practice.”
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