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  1. I think he spent one year at Boyle as an assistant while student teaching. He was an assistant for two years at Garrard County and then another four years as head coach.
  2. Jeremy Swope is an excellent coach. Took Mercer County to the state finals in 2011 and 2013. No surprise that Whitley County is on the upward tick.
  3. They've won it one time ever prior to this year and that was thirty years ago. I've said for years a regional title is the pinnacle for about 75% of the schools in Kentucky. If you are a 1A school who wins a regional title, bring out the fire department, police, ambulance, constable, dog catcher, and everyone else!
  4. That tweet isn't correct. Boyd County won the region in 2001. Raceland's last (and I believe only) baseball region title came in 1991. They lost to Knott County Central in the first round of the sectional that season.
  5. That’s a very appealing semistate game. Both teams capable of winning.
  6. Upper bracket appears much tougher. Have to think whichever of the four teams comes out of the 6th/7th region will be the favorite to make it to the finals.
  7. The four teams playing at UK are all very tough - Beechwood, Danville, and Lafayette have all won over 30 games. The Harrison/Campbell winner is likely the fourth best team and Harrison is 32-5! ***The winners of the two games will play the next week at the Legends Stadium. Just wanted to clarify.
  8. A look at the Boyle scorebook from Joe Mathis at Hometown Radio @HTRjoe on Twitter.
  9. Why is the Montgomery/Campbell game on Sunday?
  10. Their five non-district games are all against schools close to them geographically. Ohio and Muhlenberg are in a district with them in every other sport. For a school like McLean, recent success doesn’t guarantee future success and an overly ambitious schedule at a time when your talent might be dipping could result in a permanent setback from the recent success.
  11. His named was mentioned at Somerset when Dunbar was hired. Certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see him make a run at the job.
  12. Critchelow did a good job at Breckinridge. Teams were competitive and successful, although they were never able to break through and win the region. The third region has quite a few large schools with basketball history but no one seems to dominate the region. Breckinridge County is a good job with good history itself and should draw quite a bit of interest.
  13. Pikeville’s success mixed with geography makes scheduling difficult. Not a lot of eastern Kentucky small schools can compete with them and not a lot of eastern Kentucky big schools want to lose to a 1A school. They always have to chase games. Evangel appears to want to become big time based on their scheduling and for a 1A school looking to grow, there’s not much more “big time” than Pikeville.
  14. A little surprised that Letcher is the biggest in the region. I would probably have guessed Perry Central, although the numbers are pretty close.
  15. Danny Wright, former coach at Lee County? Did a great job there. Where is he now?
  16. This may seem off topic but I would recommend watching “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. I recommend it because it shows how tech companies have effectively cornered people into their own online bubble and anything other than the person’s own views on any (every?) topic is unacceptable. I honestly think that type of thinking drives a wedge further into people (leading to these types of behaviors) all for the purpose of advertising profits. It doesn’t completely explain why this happens (it never even mentions this in the film), but those are immediate conclusions I drew from it.
  17. I’ve never been for your second point. That’s often been a straw-man used by many to eliminate any meaningful discussion. And because that straw-man comes out immediately it almost always negates the possibility of meaningful conversation about your first point, which is extremely necessary and in my opinion would be beneficial beyond just mass shooting issues.
  18. That’s the joke. They post the same article every time it happens - multiple times a year. With almost every tragedy people in America demand answers but with mass shootings we just shrug our shoulders and move on.
  19. Extremely winnable district, placement in region is always near the top, albeit lacking the tradition of Hazard, Knott, and Perry. This is a good basketball job.
  20. If we’re asking what solutions a satirical website offer for this problem were probably off track already. It does appear this is a very American problem, one that may have solutions in other countries across the globe, but as with many things in America, our notions of “exceptionalism” and a complete poo-pooing of most things foreign means that any realistic solution is probably dead on arrival.
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