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  1. The Anderson kid is really talented. He's 6-3 but only about 165-170 pounds but can throw it and has some weapons around him. PRP could score some points but can't stop St. X. X wins 45-21 Let's just hope this and every game involving a JCPS school gets played since Jefferson County is now a red county.
  2. So question I have is do we know matchups after first two rounds yet (which are districts)? If I recall, last year wasn't 1 v 2, 3 v 4, 5 v 6, 7 v 8 or was it? I know RPI kicks somewhere. How do we get to the who plays in the third round?
  3. I thought you or some other X posted had said Sivori wasn't on the team? Always felt like he was the best option. Wonder why he hasn't been starting anyway. Happy for him; he's a good kid.
  4. QB and TE were in quarantine. That's what I thought it might be closer than expected. Beatty told the newspaper he told the kids next man up and they responded. I don't think West had played QB since he was a freshman.
  5. DaMarcus Smith has done a nice job so far. Coaching is only part of the job at many JCPS schools. Keeping the kids involved and on the team and big deals. He has a group of five or six nice freshmen and a couple of good sophomores to go with the older kids. As long as he sticks around, next year they will be even better.
  6. Yes, just talked to a St. X buddy and this week's game is off. X looking for a new opponent.
  7. No sandbagging. Ballard kids will be sky high to play Trinity. And they are not a bad team. Will be a good test for Trinity.
  8. Trinity will win but will be the closet game of the season. Trinity 38, Ballard 21
  9. I just think at this point Manual is the better team. In fact, they might be No. 2 - just ahead of Male. But still will be a good one. Manual 28, St. Xavier 24
  10. Male 56, Southern 0 Southern was good back in the day. I believe they made it to the state finals (or maybe it was City then) in 1973 and 74.
  11. Yes, might it be a class good enough to make a coach stick around for a little while longer than many expect? 😉
  12. Yes and they have 4-5 guys they rotate. IMO the best one Alton Jefferson missed about two and a half quarters tonight. He's also missed the Male game. Those guys up front are really good.
  13. The Trinity defense is as good as advertised. Those linebackers are really good but the defensive line makes them go.
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