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  1. Rock roll over Highlands 13-2. Trinity is now 12-0 and have two games tomorrow at St. Henry.
  2. Doubt either will pitch a top arm. Would think each gets #2 or #3 and wait to see #1 until regional. I think T has more power/offense and X has better defense/pitching A very good game - literally 1 and 1A IMO
  3. A sweep for the Shamrocks. Won freshman game on Monday 46-37 and JV game on Tuesday 64-51 Not a bad week.
  4. They were 6-5 this season with a young offense. The QB is not very big but he's elusive. Buddy Taylor - he accounted for a good portion of their offense as a junior. A couple of other good offensive weapons back. But defense they lost nine of their 10 top tacklers. Still this is a bunch that always is solid and will have a very good team. Should be fun!
  5. Hearing an announcement will come in the next 24 hours. Person I spoke with said they were told it was a "pretty easy decision."
  6. Have no kids there now but all my friends who do have said nothing but good things. And I know they love him in the classroom also.
  7. I am a huge Sam Adams fans. Yes, both the brand of beer and the football coach. He's a young guy with an offensive mind and he's been a head coach. Team went 9-2 this season and put up some points. With that said, I would think from what I have heard the only guys on this list with a shot are: Eviston, Cobb and (perhaps just a little) Adams.
  8. This will be interesting. There will be plenty of applications and they will for sure have their 'pick' of some good coaches. Will be very hard to replace Beatty. Not sure these guys would be the guy but a couple of names - Trinity guys - that struck me: Jay Cobb - Current Trinity DC and I know from my buddy (kid is a junior) that the kids love coach Cobb and the others on the current staff Will Stein - Former Trinity and U of L QB and current QB coach at UTSA. Andrew Coverdale - he's at Cincy St. X now and was at Trinity a long time Sam Adams - former Trinity OC now a head coach in Alabama And I know it's a long shot but too bad there's not a Brohm to take over. I doubt Brian would want to do it at this point of his career.
  9. Wow! Sad day in St. Matthews but what a greaT career and legacy he leaves. I know that many didn't always like or agree with him - even parents and Trinity fans - but no one can say he didn't get the best out of his kids/teams. Just heard a piece on WLKY (It's on Twitter but I couldn't get it to post) that said an opposing coach once said he was so good that he could "win with his kids and win with my kids." And from being around, watching them each year I tend to agree. He did it with commitment, hard work and quiet honestly an attitude where he didn't matter what anyone else said. He put his head down and worked. Amazing career.
  10. Yeah, not a great option. But have heard there is support for that option. I still think what they will do is start practice on Jan. 19 and games on Feb 1. Tough for all of those kids.
  11. Great news for high school football. I was just hoping the Purples would be back on either Trinity or St. X's schedule. And it sounds like they are going to play X from what I have heard.
  12. Crazy to think that Mayer (who I believe will get drafted at some point) or Wan'Dale Robinson could end a 15/16-year drought where Kentucky Mr. Football did not get drafted after college. Crazy to think Brian Brohm was the last Mr. Football drafted.
  13. See that's so weird. Had a friend say his was buffering all the time and I can say I watched four games live and that only happened twice - once during the 3-A game and once at a very bad time in overtime of the 4-A game. Was good quality on the picture IMO
  14. By the way, congrats to the Rocks! The staff had them prepared and the kids executed. It wasn't perfect but was a shutout in the Class 6-A title game and title #27. So impressed with the defense. Imagine had they had Charlie Ely the final five weeks - I thought early in the season he was the best player on defense. But the defensive line is what stood out the most to me. DeAnthony Perry and Alton Jefferson are two of the most disruptive defensive players I can remember in a long time. Jefferson played with a shoulder injury much of the season and was still a major difference-maker. And Perry finished with nine sacks.
  15. The 2011 team was a better overall team because they were so good on offense. Those guys had James Quick and Daylen Dawkins (who played in the NFL a little spell) and Travis Wright was close to a national record for completion percentage. Plus, if I recall they had 12 guys with 200 or more all-purpose yards on the season. The defense this year is better - no question. But overall the '11 team is better.
  16. I have to fess up, I watched the whole game and he's really, really good. But I didn't watch him and think he was the best player I had seen this season in the state.
  17. Love going for it and love the play call. What a great play by the Boyle County kid. He'll never forget that moment.
  18. No question and in that order. And Ty Scroggins would be way up there on my list.
  19. Sounds like a broken record but Trinity's defense is as good as advertised - maybe better. And those big dudes up front really make things go. Offense didn't play very well but well enough to win. Special teams were very good - loved the fake punt - and defense was awesome. St. X defense played well. I was very disappointed in St. X on offense. I know the QB situation wasn't anything they could control but almost seemed like the game plan was let's not get a running clock put on us. Just took so long and none of those plays seemed to imaginative.
  20. Male ran for 253 yards but Jaylin Bross just three carries for 11 yards, per stats. Anybody know if he was injured?
  21. Moeller had 4 yards of total offense in the first half, according to game thread on here. The TD was very very late in the game!
  22. Nice win CAL! This should set up a very good Etown vs. CAL game next weekend. Will be a dandy!
  23. Congrats to PLD Tough loss for coach Hawkins and Station. He did a great job with them this year and the future is bright. Hate they lost the QB - Mikaleb Coffey - to knee injury in this game. That was the big difference. Kid had thrown for 17 TDs in eight games.
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