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  1. Remember, Male has 3 of the top seven or eight playing football.
  2. I'll say 3 or more LCA, Boyle and St. X are three I'd be confident about. Wouldn't shock me in one of those other Class A games.
  3. True. But this was supposed to be one of the best officiating 'crews' and from Lexington. I assume they will get a state final, which maybe they had a bad night but they were bad both ways.
  4. Male is the best team in the state and has been all season. By all accounts, they are healthy now. The Shamrocks have improved but I just think this one is too much for the youngsters to handle right now. I'll take Male 35-21 in a battle of the "Big Two." I say Big Two kidding my X friends a bit. But seriously these two teams have won 10 of the past 11 6-A state titles (T 8, Male 2) and the other one wasn't even St. X. These are the two heavyweights of Kentucky football.
  5. Oh, and will be a fun Turkey Day - again!
  6. Glad to get the win! Ryle played hard and the LB was all over the field. Disappointed a little with the Rocks. Too many mistakes, too many mental errors. Yes, I know an easy 20-point win but the standard is high. Let's correct the mistakes and keep moving on.
  7. Congrats to coach Jackson! A good spot for him. He should be able to hire a really good staff.
  8. Here's another Ouch! @theguru In the last three playoff meetings, Trinity has outscored Ballard 132-12
  9. I knew it wasn't much offense for Ballard but had no idea it was minus-3 yards of total offense. At least, that's what was just reported in the TV news. Ballard had 305 yards in the first meeting.
  10. Tough loss for Manual. Props to coach Carmony and staff. I expected a blowout. X has a lot of good d-linemen and that helps in close, hard-fought games.
  11. Three straight wins for the Ravens (still sounds weird). Congrats and nice job by coach White!
  12. Will be an interesting few weeks. I like Trinity's chances to be competitive, especially with Armon Tucker back (finally). Had been out basically since Cincy St. X game - he had a few snaps against Ballard but not many. He looked fast tonight, had a couple of TDs for the Shamrocks.
  13. I think they missed an extra point. I seem to remember the third kicker of the night missed.
  14. Easy first game for the Bulldogs. Saw it was 11-0 early in the first quarter and Male rolls Will host Bullitt East next week.
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