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  1. Not necessarily against the idea, although there should be two guarantees: The first place finisher from each district is assured a postseason berth, even if they have a poor RPI. The sixteen teams are split into two regions for the first round in order to minimize travel. After round one, you can do the RPI-based pairings that the KHSAA began last year.
  2. I'll add - I understand why they playoffs are set up the way that they are, even if I disagree. Here's a way to design the first two rounds that could potentially avoid 2 and 3 seeds that are both really good: District A 1st Place vs. District A 4th Place District B 2nd Place vs. District 3 3rd Place District B 1st Place vs. District B 1st Place District A 2nd Place vs. District B 3rd Place You avoid long travel in the 1/4 game which will most likely be a blowout District 2nd place avoids having to play their own District 1st place in the second round (this avoids games like LCA/Somerset so early this year) District 3rd place, who may well be better than their opposite district opponent who finished 2nd, gets a chance to advance . I'm not saying its perfect, but I don't like that Somerset is playing Danville in the first round when they are both top five teams, and the winner plays LCA. 40% of possible champions are eliminated in two weeks. That doesn't seem viable for long term quality playoffs.
  3. I think the regular season can effectively do that, and maybe even better. If all district teams play in the regular season, then you know who is better of the long haul. If you only do the first two rounds of the playoffs, you only know who is better for two weeks.
  4. They are on Calpreps for the full 223 team statewide rankings. They weren’t supposed to be eligible for the playoffs until 2021 but were allowed to take the fourth spot in District 7 after Jenkins dropped their varsity program.
  5. Provided it plays out as you predict, the District 2 vs. District 3 game is the only one that seems likely to be competitive. However, we should have a great set of state semifinal games.
  6. Ironton still alive and kicking. Good for them!
  7. It had to feel good for the DeSales kids to finally get to play.
  8. Hadn’t even thought about the LexCath bump for Boyle. That is huge. Boyle clearly a big winner after last night.
  9. RPI is extremely positive for Bryan Station. Provided no upsets, a third round home game with Dunbar, and a semifinal that is at worst a road trip to North Hardin. Anything else would be at home. The Defenders have put themselves in a good postseason position.
  10. I’m starting to think Class 1A just isn’t very good this season.
  11. Per the RPI, not a bad first round playoff game.
  12. Okay, I think we were talking about different things. Using your example, I’m guessing we’ll hear next week about a 4-seed bumping up to 3 if the 3-seed drops out.
  13. I don’t think there’s any recalibration. RPI has traditionally locked after the last regular season game with no modifications during the postseason. Obviously this is a unique year but I think you’re looking at the final product.
  14. Beat a 1-win Scott team, winless 1A Bellevue, and another 1A team in Newport Central Catholic. For a 4A school those are not good for the mathematical formula.
  15. I think that's why they are delaying bracket release. The statement from KHSAA this morning included a form to withdraw from the playoffs. With many schools likely to be prohibitive underdogs in the first round, you'll probably see several throw in the towel. I don't think the KHSAA stops football, but you might see a modified playoff bracket once all the participants are known.
  16. Why does the thread title say “Until Further Notice”? The document released by the KHSAA says the playoffs will begin November 20.
  17. They were really good for many, many years. Lost twice in state finals. Were always a threat for a deep playoff run. And then it just collapsed. And what’s crazy is they’ve remained successful in almost every other sport. @DragonFire can speak to issues more than anyone (and there are a few), but it’s just crazy to see how Warren Central football just effectively fell off a cliff.
  18. Trigg County is 3A, Warren Central is 4A.
  19. West Carter also appears to be a potential big winner in all of this. Provided they keep winning they’d never have a playoff road game.
  20. Huge for Boyle. Just last week they were third and looking at a potential third round road game. Now they’ll be home all postseason.
  21. As a result of the postseason delay, the following guidelines will be in place for member schools: The first round will begin with the weekend of November 19-20-21. A reminder that teams are permitted to schedule contests this season after elimination (or withdrawal) HOWEVER THERE IS A MORATORIUM ON HOLDING GAMES THE WEEKEND OF NOVEMBER 11/12-13-14. NO CONTESTS SHOULD BE SCHEDULED THIS WEEK. The bracket builder for 2020 is again listed online at https://bit.ly/37Tg5SObut should be considered a draft at this point due to withdrawals. Teams may voluntarily withdraw from the playoffs without penalty using the FB144 form. If a seeded team withdraws and other district teams remain in the alignment, those teams not qualifying from earlier from within that district will be given an opportunity to enter the bracket. If there are withdrawals during the process, the bracket pod (district) will be re-seeded up to a point, after which the withdrawal will simply create a bye. We need to give schools at least a couple of days to sort out current situations. The status of the statistics around the virus will drive that “point” which will be announced early this coming week. Setting artificial deadlines and boundaries has not worked with this virus and the data around it to this point. The review will be ongoing as it has been all along, and it is possible substantial changes could be made as needed in future days and weeks.
  22. I don’t know. Sometimes these games happen. Ashamed is a pretty strong word for high school teams! 😂
  23. They finished fifth in their district and didn’t qualify for the postseason, correct?
  24. Curious if there’s a UK connection here. State finals are supposed to be weekend of December 12. UK season supposed to end December 5. Could the SEC be holding an extra week open at the end to make up missed games, which could then potentially tie up Kroger Field on December 12? Just thinking out loud - no idea if that’s true.
  25. You should go. I’ve been to Fulton County a couple of times and it’s nothing like your part of the state. You just feel so far away from everything!
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