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  1. Are we sure about Ludlow vs. Moore on September 3? Another thread has Moore playing Waggener that night.
  2. What about Hickman, Carlisle, and maybe Ballard on the far western edge of Kentucky near the Mississippi River?
  3. That’s why I said it’s a shame they aren’t in the Lexington event since both teams would already be there and could play.
  4. It’s a shame Walton isn’t playing in the Fayette County invitational like Owensboro Catholic is this weekend. Could probably do some rearranging to make it work.
  5. Only three state tournament appearances in history. Have seemingly always played second fiddle to Mason and Clark in the tenth, now also to Campbell. Has always seemed like a place you could win big but it’s never really happened.
  6. Is Hawkins the superintendent at Woodford County? Got his school moved out of the 11th Region and into the 8th, then was allowed to remain on the Board of Control even though his new region already had a rep?
  7. I seem to recall an article or news clip of the superintendent saying they wanted to put turf at all fields over a handful of years, following a method similar to what Fayette County did (although obviously far fewer schools in Lexington). Has that ship sailed?
  8. Feels like they should have put the turf down when they rebuilt the stadium last season, but nevertheless glad to see them getting it. What I'd really love to see JCPS do it put turf at every school, but start with the less successful schools (Shawnee, Western, Seneca, etc.) and work up to the big names.
  9. Always found it interesting that in 1970 Bullitt Central opened as a consolidation of Lebanon Junction, Mount Washington, and Shepherdsville. Five years later they opened North Bullitt and five years after that, Bullitt East. Bullitt County went from three schools to one school to three schools again in a decade.
  10. Aug. 20 vs. Danville (at Lincoln County) Aug. 28 vs. Casey County (at Danville) Sept. 3 vs. Middlesboro Sept. 10 vs. Western Hills Sept. 17 at Anderson County Sept. 24 - OPEN Oct. 1 - vs. McCreary Central (District) Oct. 8 - at Bell County (District) Oct. 15 - at Estill County (District) Oct. 22 - vs. Rockcastle County (District) Oct. 29 - at Clay County
  11. I like this schedule. They probably aren't ready to compete in the district (maybe they can beat Thomas Nelson), but they were a little more competitive last season and there a few potential wins this year to hopefully build interest in the program.
  12. Baseball in Kentucky can throw some curve balls and the seventh region is certainly no joke, but the Rocks look like the favorite to win it all right now.
  13. A banner year at Paintsville. State football champions, Sweet 16 in basketball, perhaps the region favorite in baseball.
  14. I think this is partly true, but Lone Oak was really good for about a decade before the merger. Heath had a lot of good teams over the years, especially at the small school level. Reidland was the only one who was never very good. So not every player was moving in to Tilghman.
  15. What about Pike Central would imply elite? They are located between a city school (Pikeville) with great academic and athletics and a county school (Belfry) with great football. They are in a region that continually loses population. I feel like Pike County Central might should be in contention for the 15th Region title a little more often but the word elite seems a bit much.
  16. Is this one of those “retire from teaching” situations where they have to post the coaching job but then can hire the same person as a coach only ninety days later?
  17. Will it be played in Owensboro, Walton, or maybe somewhere halfway between?
  18. Shepard wrote a paper as an elementary student that his favorite player was Rex Chapman and his dream was to play basketball at the University of Kentucky. He married a Kentucky girl and chose to live in Laurel County after playing. I’d say his affinity is extremely strong.
  19. I’ve watched some high school volleyball locally and played at picnics. Never seen anything like this. Kentucky and Texas are both great. Insane athletes all over the floor.
  20. Whether in Lexington or Owensboro you can always count on it raining during the state baseball All A Classic.
  21. There have been some good moments in the past but they’ve fallen on hard times in recent years. Hopefully it can get turned around. Playing in 1A would be a huge benefit for them but I’m not sure what the numbers will say come next realignment.
  22. I think he had maybe resigned as a teacher a year or so ago. He’s been at it for a long time. Might be ready to do something else.
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