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  1. I think a win for Sayre is avoiding a running clock. I like what they are doing at Sayre, and they should probably be the 3rd seed (it would be interesting to see where they are vis-a-vis Hazard), but expecting a win at Pikeville is likely unrealistic.
  2. Eight-man was recognized by the KHSAA from 1999-2002. Teams did not play full eight-man schedules but the state playoffs were sanctioned and operated by the KHSAA, with the championship game played at Kentucky State University each season. Eminence won the first three, twice beating Bethlehem and once knocking off Kentucky Country Day. KCD would win the final title, a 37-21 victory over Bethlehem in 2002. The playoff numbers fluctuated annually with six teams participating in 1999, eight teams in 2000, six again in 2001, and only five in 2002. Bethlehem, Caverna, Eminence, and Kentucky Country Day participated in all four tournaments. Beth Haven and Jenkins played in three events, Kentucky School for the Deaf twice, and Allen Central made one appearance.
  3. Evangel Christian has played football on two separate stints over the years. They were 2-9 in 1976 and 0-9 in 1977. The program restarted in 2002 and lasted until 2008, compiling a 3-52 record (a forfeit win over Beth Haven in 2002 and two more victories over Beth Haven in 2004).
  4. Thanks for the clarification. Had heard a couple different stories on the move.
  5. Wow. Odd to leave before the playoffs. Evangel had a program for a few years with little success. They seem to be making a big push for athletics at the school.
  6. They were allowed to play one game after they were eliminated. I believe that stopped after the semifinals (meaning finalists would not be allowed to play again after the championship game).
  7. Only thing that could alter Kroger Field is if Fayette County is red. They moved volleyball from Louisville to Winchester and cross country from Lexington to Paris due to red county status. However, they kept soccer in Lexington. KHSAA gave nothing away on their posted brackets. We shall see...
  8. You might argue it could be physically unsafe to play that game.
  9. Has anyone ever watched an 8-man or 6-man game in person? I'd love to do a weekend trip to Texas one fall and watch a 6-man game and a game at one of the huge 6A schools to see the difference.
  10. On the KHSAA site this morning. Class 1A is already released. It appears the other classes will follow shortly. STATE FOOTBALL UPDATES The brackets will be drawn and posted on Friday, November 13. After that point, removal from the bracket will simply be a "hole" and no additional intra-district seeding will be reviewed or revised. Schools should continue submitting the FB106 as per the postseason instructions with game times. The first round of the State Football Playoffs will begin on November 19-20-21 at host sites with the finals scheduled for the third weekend in December. Updates will be provided through the playoff weeks. https://khsaa.org/
  11. Yes. I believe their last season was 1974. But Pennington has absolutely built from scratch.
  12. Translated version: “Lexington Catholic beat us 52-0 three weeks ago and we don’t want to wait two weeks for the same result.”
  13. Same. I only see two potentially capable teams: Beechwood and Covington Catholic. RPI based travel works against Beechwood and I’m not certain CovCath has the athletes to compete with the best in 5A.
  14. Playoff games are automatically set for Friday’s but can be moved if both schools agree. It would be an extremely jerk move to not move it back one day if a team has been quarantined.
  15. Thanks. I've only ever used Spence and I-275. Wasn't sure what might be there to help locals traveling between states.
  16. How many bridge options besides Brent Spence can get you from Ohio to Kentucky? Anything besides I-275?
  17. That bridge has been a potential disaster for years. Been lots of promises but nothing has ever happened. Maybe this will be the impetus to get it replaced.
  18. Not sure I follow here. Why is a team called the Packers using a javelina or boar as their mascot?
  19. All of this is true. College athletics are very regional, very tribal. We most like the teams that are close to home or where we attended school (in some cases both). We will always watch their games. The time zone thing is important, however, because folks in the Eastern Time Zone sit down to relax at about 7pm, which just so happens to be when eastern teams are on television. I'm not particularly interested in Virginia/Boston College, but I'm watching it. UCLA/Washington, which will probably be a good game, doesn't come on until 10:30 when I'm gone to bed.
  20. I'd say you might see some 3-seeds upset 2's, but I can't imagine many 4-seeds beating 1-seeds. The only exception might be Class 5A-District 7 where it should be Collins vs. Madison Southern.
  21. Exactly. And let’s all remember every “doom and gloom” prediction about the KHSAA this fall has been wrong. How much time have people here and online spent certain the KHSAA was going to do one thing and they did another?
  22. Easier said that done. Quite possibly the best team in Class 3A is currently ranked 14th in the RPI because they were only able to play five games and at least three RPI-boost games were canceled due to Covid issues. I'm reluctant to deny a team an opportunity for a state championship, especially when they did nothing to cost themselves that chance. I'm okay dropping from 32 for one season, but I wouldn't go below sixteen teams.
  23. Agreed 100%. This is why I believe they included the opt-out form. Once they know who intends to play and who doesn't, then they'll be able to produce a final bracket. And it is very possible that bracket could be modified from what we normally see.
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