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  1. Yeah, teams add games but don't always remove them. It's a shame that rivalry won't get played, but the Boyd/Rowan game will likely determine who gets a home playoff game so I can understand completely why they would want to get it played.
  2. I think Boyd and Rowan are making up their game on November 6.
  3. I'd have to go back and look at the records but it seems like Kentucky has had one of the inexplicable performances each year during the last few years when Kentucky has been good. Losing at Missouri isn't the end of the world, but losing how they loss is just ugly and bad.
  4. Why is Rodriguez on the bench there? Had a great previous drive and nowhere to be found when you’ve maybe picked up some momentum. Kentucky offense makes no sense.
  5. Awesome! I watched their coverage of Raceland/Paintsville last night and it was top notch.
  6. Having seen both teams this year, Ashland should win by a couple scores. But Bell is solid and winning there is always tough.
  7. Any connection to the Campbellsville University campus in Somerset? I ask because I’ve heard there are plans for the CU campus in Harrodsburg to be stand alone in the near future.
  8. I watched a good bit of this on Lincoln's YouTube page (excellent operation, by the way; about as good as you will see). Lincoln really had a hard time stopping Knox Central. And it seemed like every time Knox needed a big play, they got it.
  9. Definitely looks like they’ve packed it in for the night.
  10. Yep. I’m sticking with Lee and Wright are the two best athletes on the field.
  11. Outsiders perspective: two best athletes on the field play for a 2-4 Cooper team. That probably explains why Highlands is struggling.
  12. Interception Cooper. Quarterback got drilled right as he threw it. Tip drill pick for the Jags.
  13. Field level camera(s) are higher quality than the above the bleachers camera.
  14. This is a monster drive coming up for Highlands. Probably a must score, and may need it pretty quickly.
  15. Typically it’s 1A and 3A on Friday; 2A, 4A, and 5A on Saturday; 6A on Sunday. But this year could be completely different. I wouldn’t expect an announcement from the KHSAA for a few weeks.
  16. Same. The angle was pretty good but it happened so quickly I couldn’t tell if he was in bounds or not.
  17. Feel like I’m seeing an old VHS tape about to rewind while looking at the scoreboard.
  18. These two will play again in three weeks but you have to think Dayton is disappointed with this result.
  19. It feels like every Raceland/Paintsville game is a good one.
  20. Raceland about to attempt a 34 yard field goal for the win. Shades of Raceland/Pikeville a couple years ago.
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