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  1. I think they’re still wanting that opener with Murray to be a “no contest.” It isn’t a forfeit as of now. If they can get games on October 8 and 29 then opening week becomes a bye instead of a forfeit loss.
  2. Honestly hard to complain about this week’s rankings. They might be right, might not be. I think there could be shakeups throughout the season.
  3. I suspect so. Crittenden County put out a request for TWO games a few days ago.
  4. GRC having to replace their stud running back is tough. Plus there is a new coach. Chirico worked wonders at Paintsville and I think he’ll do well at Clark. Might take a bit of time though.
  5. Rockcastle County turns it over on downs with about 40 seconds left. Looks like this one belongs to Taylor County. Impressive win!
  6. Worst loss since Cabell-Midland beat them by 42 in 2015. Prior to that, the worst loss was a 55-7 defeat to Ironton in 2000. Bottom line, it doesn't happen much to Belfry.
  7. Taylor County has roared back in the 4th quarter and just took a 34-28 lead on an 80-yard touchdown catch by Kaden Smith. Just over a minute left.
  8. Pretty solid stats. After a couple of rough years, hopefully Bracken County is back on the uptick. Several winnable games in the next few weeks.
  9. Seems like you don't hear anything about him but every time I've seen him play I've left impressed. 247sports lists only Miami (Ohio) as recruiting him and the interest is cool. He looks like a top-notch D3/NAIA type player who will be an outstanding pickup for whichever school he chooses.
  10. Was Eastern at full strength? Admittedly, I wasn't paying too close attention, but I thought I saw something on Twitter about Eastern having only 20 players.
  11. Impressive start for Rockcastle. I had some questions coming into the season but the Rockets have looked good so far.
  12. Btw, these guys are blatantly violating the number one rule of announcing - give the time and score as often as possible.
  13. Oh wow. Purples still have two timeouts left but that pick hurt.
  14. Said 3:18 when the ball was kicked so I’m guessing about 2:00.
  15. 3 minutes is a lot of time. I like the safety decision with a minute left.
  16. Not if they don’t kick it deep, which they haven’t done all evening.
  17. 2012, a 51-7 Danville victory. Danville is 23-1 all time against Lincoln. The only Patriots victory was a 20-0 win in 1988. (Danville won the 2004 game but the result was later forfeited to Lincoln due to Danville using an ineligible player).
  18. Outside of football, it appears to be an all boys school that allows day students and boarding. Tuition for day students is $31,000 per year; $58,000 for boarders. The school is in a small town called Arden, but very close to Asheville. It is affiliated with the Episcopal Church. Per Wikipedia, the most famous names of former students were all of the Plumlee brothers that played basketball at Duke. It looks like an extremely pretty place on their website. https://www.christschool.org/admissions/tuition-and-financial-aid
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