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  1. Home of the Fighting Huggy Bears.
  2. Does anyone remember the buffet at the intersection of Industrial Road and US 25 in Florence where Skyline Chili is now? I believe it was in the 1960’s
  3. SK does not play many eighth region schools.
  4. Saw this play in AAU ball a few years ago and it worked several times for one particular team.
  5. By far the Exorcist. I bought the DVD a few years ago. Unfortunately no one in the family will watch it with me.
  6. Praying for you and each time I visit Winchester I think of you. Hope to meet you sometime.
  7. At Another Broken Egg Lakewood Ranch Fl. Missed Dicky V. by 2 days. Brunch was excellent.
  8. Was passing through Lakeland Fl today and noticed the Lakeland Jr Sr High School mascot was the Dreadnaughts. Thought that one was unusual. Had to look up the definition.
  9. The Nazi’s were very creative. My opinion is that they built many ghost tracks and rail cars across Germany and switched from active to inactive tracks/cars regularly. And I believe we were reluctant to bomb because of possibly hitting cars with prisoners aboard.
  10. I was 47. I don’t comment much. I do enjoy all of the conversation.
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