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  1. Was very impressed with Danville defensively this evening. They hardly missed a single tackle. Terrific performance by the Admirals in bottling up at Lincoln County squad that romped over Somerset last week.
  2. I’ll add, after the score against Washington County last week I expected some offense. Nelson struggled mightily getting plays in, getting into formation, and getting any traction at the line of scrimmage. It was a tough performance all around for the Cardinals last night.
  3. Senior laden? They started two seniors on the offensive line, two sophomores and a junior in the backfield, and a junior at quarterback.
  4. Good start to the season for East Carter. Wins in consecutive weeks over larger class schools. Will next weeks game still be played since the schools are closing?
  5. What class is Hendersonville in Tennessee? Are they among the favorites to win a championship?
  6. Looks like things are back to normal for Central Hardin after a rough year. Good win, Bruins!
  7. True, and Oldham has a solid club. That’s a recipe for a blowout and indeed that’s what happened.
  8. Good start to the season for Adair County.
  9. Made the trip to Green County this evening. First ever visit - 124th stadium in which I’ve seen a Kentucky high school game. Green County has a nice collection of backs and a big line. However, they have very little depth. Anxious to see them compete in their district. Also, I’ve always heard Green County is the only stadium with a scoreboard advertising SKI. That doesn’t appear to be the case as they now have a really nice video board. Added bonus, all of the folks I met and chatted with were extremely nice. Everyone seems really excited for high school football to be back.
  10. Most schools have been in session 1-2 weeks and you’ve now had one game, which meant crowds gathering for the first time. Cancellations this week seemed almost inevitable. Hopefully it can balance out in the next couple of weeks.
  11. I think they dressed around 35 for their game against Garrard County last weekend.
  12. I do remember that. Wayne was really good. I remember thinking maybe playing on a short week would give Garrard and advantage against Wayne and then they beat us by like 30! 😂
  13. With most anything, science is always changing. Study on concussions is ongoing but concussions themselves affect different people in different ways. Also, brain and body development of a 3rd grader, 9th grader, college junior, and ten-year NFL veteran (not to mention everyday humans) adds a variable to concussion study that complicates research findings.
  14. That interesting. Any idea why dehydration plays such a role?
  15. Looks like two more games have been canceled this morning: Carroll County/Henry County and Pineville/Fairview.
  16. Thanks for that. I know one of UK's tight ends this season - Brenden Bates - was a Moeller grad, but I forgot they had another future Wildcat in the pipeline.
  17. I think Ironton has really high hopes this season. They've been knocking on the door recently and are ranked in the top 25 overall in Ohio by Calpreps - not bad for a Division V school. My guess is they wanted some playoff points and the experience of a top division squad in preparation for the postseason.
  18. I know the preview threads typically have team logos so I felt like this was fitting for Friday night!
  19. I think Tates Creek is better this year than last year. They had some bright moments against Boyle County on Saturday. That said, the gap between the Commodores and Frederick Douglass is wide. I'd pick the Broncos with a running clock.
  20. I saw Moeller play a home game several years ago at Lockland High School. I know Moeller doesn't have a home field. Do they normally play at Norwood or are there a number of sites used for home games?
  21. Newport, Covington Holy Cross, and Lloyd Memorial in the next few weeks are all good tests. Brossart has been on a steady incline for the last few years. A top ten ranking isn't too far away, in my opinion.
  22. Washington is known as the Hatchets. Awesome name! Not football but here’s a look at their gym.
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