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  1. Quite possibly could see a Georgia/Cincinnati matchup in the Peach Bowl.
  2. I think there’s probably an association connection here. West Carter got beat handily by Paintsville, who got beat by Raceland, who lost a close game to Danville. Realistically the difference between Danville and West Carter is minimal and both have a fair argument for the spot in the rankings.
  3. Alright folks. I’ve been to one football game all season. Does anyone know of a school selling tickets online for games this Friday? I’d imagine it’s a long shot but asking anyway. Location is no issue.
  4. I can’t think of a McRib without thinking of Dave Chappelle saying he’s got that on lockdown!
  5. Wonder if it had anything to do with the slowdown of shipping, sales, etc. many companies have experienced during Covid?
  6. Yes, hold a grudge against a neighbor for deciding to follow recommendations during a once in a lifetime pandemic.
  7. Agreed! Factor in two coaching changes this offseason and some transfers and you had a recipe for a down year. But they’re already playing better.
  8. Just 3-2. The three ties are merely for RPI calculations and don’t count on a teams record.
  9. Raceland has made very positive strides of late. Starting to at least get in the conversation for second best team in Class 1A.
  10. Very possible, based on RPI, that Corbin could host Boyle County in the third round of the playoffs. I think Boyle is better but that’s an advantage for the Redhounds.
  11. Honest question (and I don’t mean this in a hateful way): what did you see from Gatewood today that makes you confident going forward? And I’m talking more technical, so don’t answer with “Georgia has a great defense.”
  12. Nothing I’ve seen from Gatewood this year has done anything for me.
  13. I’m not seeing the overwhelming athleticism people had attributed to Gatewood.
  14. I still think it’s Pikeville’s championship to lose.
  15. I think Louisville Holy Cross losing to Walton-Verona is a bad loss. Walton has typically been solid but not this year.
  16. Good question. I know it wouldn't be ideal but there are a number of good sized stadiums with turf fields outside of Fayette County. I could see George Rogers Clark, Scott County/Great Crossing, and Woodford County potentially used as championship sites. Two games per day, clear the stadium between games. Or play them at multiple sites. I hope that isn't the case but I'm sure these conversations are being held at the KHSAA.
  17. The problem MLB has is their almost fanaticism for shutting down anything fun. For YEARS, MLB wouldn't allow highlights to be posted on YouTube. If a player flips a bat after a home run, the morality police immediately start saying how that's "bad for the game." The world has passed MLB by and they are clinging to the scraps of the past instead of trying to move with it.
  18. Probably should have followed a similar policy as Ohio. Play five games to start season, begin playoffs mid-October with every team qualifying. If/when you lose in the playoffs, you're allowed to play one more game if you want. Over half of the teams in Kentucky would have likely finished playing last week. I actually wrote an entire post about it at the end of September.
  19. 1. Baseball has become extremely regional. It is very popular in every region, but only the specific team for the region. For instance, tons of BGP folks love the Reds but have no interest in the other 29 teams. Opposite that, tons of BGP folks love the Bengals but there are distinct rooting populations for the Browns, Steelers, and Titans here, not to mention the Cowboys, Giants, Buccaneers, etc. 2. MLB would say Mike Trout is the face but that isn't true. If Mike Trout walked into 100 random homes across the country, how many people would recognize him? However, that isn't Trout's fault. MLB has had almost no nationwide marketing push. I'm sure part of that is there are so many top players who speak Spanish (and that makes communication difficult), but that doesn't seem to be a problem for the NBA, which is full of international stars.
  20. I’d imagine Central has the best chance. Franklin and Corbin would be competitive but I can’t see either beating Boyle or Johnson Central. Of course I thought that about Corbin/Boyle a couple years ago and was dead wrong.
  21. Yes, what I mean is I’ve heard talk that the Harrodsburg school will eventually break from Campbellsville and be a university in and of itself.
  22. This is year two of this scheduling cycle so there shouldn’t be any contract issues going forward. Most teams will have a completely new schedule of games next season.
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