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  1. Of course as a Holmes guy, I put Holmes up near the top, a shooters gym, always bright unlike some of the gyms, I really like Montgomery County’s, Henry County and Mason, call me crazy but that small gym in Latonia (the Finn) is also one of my favorites, the atmosphere is what high school ball is all about. Also I would have to add Scott County to my list that I have attended a game in.
  2. University of Tennessee, I like the song rocky top, the color orange and the Smokey Mountains. Good reasons as any I guess.
  3. Covington Catholic and Saint Henry will be played at Holmes Monday evening.
  4. Boone County was probably the most improved team in the ninth region from first tip off til now, also I believe Boone lost more games to covid than most teams, great bunch of seniors, congrats to Coach Browning and his staff for making things exciting down the stretch and playing toe to toe with a good Conner team.
  5. Draw will be Saturday morning , both girls and boys, drawing usually starts at 9 am.
  6. Awesome job, I can confirm the 35 th is correct, gym will be cleared after first game. Good luck to all the teams.
  7. Nice win for Holmes on the road, Tez Calloway led Holmes in scoring, with 22 unofficially.
  8. Boone is playing their best at the right time, also the JV team and freshman in the final four. Congrats and good luck.
  9. Great report as usual, I was thinking like you, what a atmosphere, it was so awesome to see both sides open, the band playing and I actually had to turn the microphone up for the first time this year. Jacob Meyer is a pleasure to watch, my first look at Holy Cross this year, also glad to see some of my Holy Cross friends , it’s been to long. Can’t wait for the districts at Holmes.
  10. If I had one vote and only one vote, probably a player I did not see play, Tom Thacker who holds an NCAA, Aba, and NBA championship rings. I have had the pleasure of talking to him a few times, as he used to attend a lot of Holmes games, a true gentleman. Of the players I have personally saw, there is just to many to name, but Dicky Beal, Doug Schloemer and Jack Jennining of Holmes was very good. My first games I remember watching was some classic Holmes/Covington Catholic battles, Von Lehman, Voskel, Derkison, some great players. We have been blessed in the 9th region to watch so many great players, and we continue that today.
  11. Nice win for Boone, Cole Shumate with 31, Boone was up big until mid fourth when Cooper cuts the lead to five, big free throws down the stretch by Parker Fields, Cole Shumate. Boone played with a lot of fire, they head to Ryle Saturday morning for another big district game.
  12. I had the pleasure of working with Denny and Danny at Duke energy, one outstanding individual and family, God bless.
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