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  1. I’m good with 1 2 and 3.
  2. Unsweetened iced tea, year around for me.
  3. I also enjoy them, some you only see at a funeral or a reunion, I'll take the reunion every time, also look forward to going to blue licks state park.
  4. Number 3. Was supposed to be on a cruise this week actually.
  5. Went to red lobster yesterday, not very busy by the way, but felt good to have a waitress serve us. Saw no one walk in with a mask, of course the staff all had mask and was told they change gloves ever time they serve a plate. We did walk in with mask in hand and if there would have been people waiting, I would have put it on. They had ever other table blocked off and no groups larger than 6 can sit together.
  6. Was at Menards in Florence yesterday, mask required with a guard standing by the entrance, seems everyone was wearing them and keeping their distance in line, it was a week day and not super crowded, I wonder if more stores will start posting guards and enforce the mask more, I personally have no problem either way, must admit if I run into a speedway or carry out I usually don’t, but have to wear at the airport if in the terminal.
  7. Awesome post Coach, I agree with your thoughts on so many levels. I coach a high school spring sport, 3 days from first pitch our season ended, I agree that coaching is so much more than the x and o and even wins and losses, every coach wants to win, but there is so much more, I missed the ball field and the travel, but most I missed the athletes and making sure they keep up with grades and life in general, as a coach you invest so much time in their lives and I missed that, I get it this spring and understand why things was canceled, but I agree it’s time to move on, let’s hope the players, coaches and everyone involved stays safe and well and have a full schedule. Thanks for your thoughts, I couldn’t agree more.
  8. Carlisle Ky which is in Nicholas County.
  9. Happy Birthday, enjoy the day and some cake.
  10. Yes no brainer for me, I watch Andy every night it seems, when Barney left the show it was never the same.
  11. I would think another issue would be busses, you would be putting lots of folks together in a very confined space with older coaches and bus drivers.
  12. A place called Mortenson in Ft Wright was open for emergencies I was told by a co worker, I know nothing about them, might be worth a call.
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