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  1. This one surprises me a little, looks like the district is going to be a 5 way race.
  2. The kicker might cost them a game if the score is close, I can’t believe they couldn’t find someone in Cincinnati or even Northern Ky to kick, unfortunately, unlike the pros, you just can’t invite kickers in for try outs, there has to be someone better.
  3. Seems like the defense played decent until they really need that last stop, honestly looks like two very average teams, and that’s probably being generous.
  4. Man, I love your passion for the bengals, but the word luck and bengals, just dont exist.
  5. Not 100 percent sure about this game in particular, but I do know there is a shortage of officials and they was asking teams if they could move to a Thursday or Saturday, I understand they also used out of area officials this past week to cover some games.
  6. I understand the starting QB did not play.
  7. Final from Covington, Holmes 38 Newport 8.
  8. Halftime at Tom Ellis Stadium in Covington, Holmes 24 Newport 0. Newport with 4 turn overs.
  9. Boone went up early, on Holmes first possessions, Holmes fumbled and two plays later Boone scored. Holmes went up 8 to 7 on their next possession. 14 to 7 at halftime, Holmes. Very entertaining game, Boone has a nice quarter back, can run and pass. Tey Calloway had a nice night, not sure of the yards but had to be 150 plus, Number 15 , Hill for Holmes also had a very good game, good win for Holmes at Boone.
  10. Final from Boone County, Holmes 28 Boone County 14.
  11. Holmes 28 Boone 14 with 848 left in game.
  12. I will take Holmes, but it could be close, Holmes took advantage of three turn overs at Grant County last week, hope to post some updates.
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