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  1. Calloway with a 89 yard punt return for a touch down to take a 6 to 0 lead after one. The Cougars respond to start the 2nd quarter on a 3 yard td run to take a 7 to 6 lead, early 2nd qt.
  2. Very good job, thank you for the rankings. Let’s play some football.
  3. This has the potential to be the best team Coach Nevels has had, they return most of the line and the Calloways are tremendous athletes, I just hope they can get the season in, not an easy team to open with, Louisville Holy Cross seems to always be very competitive.
  4. I feel the same way, we got back from a 7 day cruise in mid February, changed planes from San Juan in Newerk, workers were wearing mask already, never thought much about it, but for the next two weeks, my wife and I coughed our heads off, drank cough syrup like water, finally just went away, plus I work at the airport , so I have had to been exposed.
  5. 100 per cent agree with this, as a High School coach that coaches a spring sport, we have already lost one season, sure would hate for the athletes to have to choose a sport, it just would not work at the smaller schools. Unfortunately this is starting to sound like what happened in the spring, we was canceled for two weeks, then a month, until it was finally just canceled. I hope that the schools at least get a chance to try and play this year.
  6. A lot of Ky basketball players are playing aau in Indiana and Ohio and have not heard of any issues. Also a lot of the Northern Ky umpires have been umping in Ohio for over a month, none have become ill that I am aware of, time to move on.
  7. Outstanding article, thank you, what a nice family, got to know Doug and Mark, not sure I missed many of Dougs games. Coach Flynn still has that no call picture in a frame that the Ky post gave him.
  8. 2 and 4, with 4 being number one to eliminate.
  9. 71.7 miles from Florence to Carlisle Ky.
  10. I also take 40 mg a day for about ten years and didn’t know coughing was a side affect, I guess I been fortunate that I have had no side effects from it, have blood work every six months as well.
  11. It’s just not going to happen, first I will say I have not always worn a mask, but when I walk In a business that has a sign to wear a mask I do, I was just in a speedway in Florence, 7 customers, 2 people had mask on, me and a elderly lady, heck one of the workers didn’t have it on, and one guy even looked at me like I was going to say something to him, they even have a sign saying mask is required, there is just no way to inforce it, and I’ll admit I have been anti mask, but when a business ask you to wear them a customer should respect that.
  12. I’m good with 1 2 and 3.
  13. Unsweetened iced tea, year around for me.
  14. I also enjoy them, some you only see at a funeral or a reunion, I'll take the reunion every time, also look forward to going to blue licks state park.
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