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  1. Holmes has a turf baseball and there is plans for a softball field on campus behind the football field, and turf infield has been mentioned, also I believe Bellevue has a turf infield.
  2. Fun, up and down game, both teams played hard, St. Xavier has some long range shooters, unofficially Tez Calloway had 32 tonight , after having 30 Tuesday . Eian Elmer fouled out in overtime, which didn’t help Holmes cause, over all a nice effort by Holmes, the dogs have a few days off and host Cooper in a triple header next Friday, good luck to the Tigers and the Bulldogs.
  3. I will try to give some updates, sometimes I have off and on service in the field house, plus doing pa. This is a Varsity game only, freshman will play at 430 vrs Newport Catholic, Holmes will have to play with the intensity they played in the fourth quarter against Newport Catholic.
  4. Thank you, nice job, appreciate your time and input.
  5. Not much of a reaction, just felt really tired rest of day, one co-worker got really flushed cheeks and was really fatigued, but have not heard of any major reactions.
  6. I did want to add, Scott had senior night for players and cheerleaders, also honored Holmes seniors, very nice. I think this is a good ideal, lots of football teams did an early senior night, who knows with these crazy times.
  7. Not a thing of beauty, lots of turn overs by both teams, Scott was up 9 late, Holmes cut it to 3, I believe Holmes was led in scoring by John Meyer with 14, Scott picks up there first win, Holmes gos to 2 and 1, Holmes travels to Union Tuesday to play Ryle, hope Meyer is ok, he appeared to twist an ankle or something late in the game.
  8. Holmes was led in scoring by 6’6” sophomore Eian Elmer and senior John Meyer pulled down 12 rebounds, first time to be in Bracken County gym, very nice facility.
  9. I have one scheduled for this Thursday at 2 pm, will update if any reaction.
  10. Actually a fun game to watch, Allen impressive, defense, not so much.
  11. Yes, seems like different school districts are setting there own attendance policy, I understand Boone County schools are giving two tickets as well, but Covington Independent is talking four, at least that was the plan, as we all know, things constantly are changing.
  12. Been switching back and forth between Bengal and UC and Xavier game, at least one of the games is entertaining, is 68 Bobby Hart, who ever 68 is, can he at least slow someone down.
  13. Well I thought some were, I recently took them to a local place that deals in sports things of all kinds, even though most in plastic, the ends of the cards are worn, best offer was on the Hank Aaron card, it was around 150 , I think it’s a 1958 or 59, would have to check, that’s the reason I say condition, condition. He said old nba cards are hot right now, I have none.
  14. My Cousin Vinney Great Outdoors about anything John Candy was in.
  15. Man I give you props, you are one dedicated and faithful Bengal fan , don’t see how you do it. I am not a huge pro football fan, but will root for the home team, hang in there.
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