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  1. Awesome evening, so many well deserved honors, so many alumni that had not been back to Holmes in years. Thanks to so many for a special evening, to a special educator that has touched so many lives in Covington and the community.
  2. I agree, you came to the right guy here, I jokingly tell everyone that I go around the state rating popcorn, people will text me when Holmes is on the road and ask my rating, I send a pic and rating to them, I told the concessions lady at Henry Clay a few years ago that Scott County was number 1, she took my popcorn back, added salt and the butter looking salt and said, now try it. Sorry Mason County folks, I know your proud of your popcorn, and it’s very good and a nice serving, but I still have Scott County number 1, if it’s micro wave , I don’t even bother getting it. Ok as far as Holmes p
  3. No, not giving up gym for nothing, maybe I miss worded it, they are renting it, but it is not for 4,500, they will keep concessions, the only one working the game that normally does for Holmes games is the clock keeper.
  4. Nice district win for Boone, tuff district, especially on the road.
  5. The $4500 number is not correct, Holmes will get concessions.
  6. I can see both sides of the debate here, yes some very nice gyms in the tenth region, was just in Nicholas County’s, very impressive. Travel is an issue in the tenth and always will be. But it’s Scott’s turn, they could have said ok, we are holding it at Scott, people would complain it’s to small, so they moved it to Holmes, just a few miles north, Holmes has held many region games, even back in the day when students showed up. Holmes held the region last year when the bank of Ky arena ask out of the contract, some one mentioned parking, for those of you not familiar with Holmes, one block pas
  7. Nice report as usual, the Gary Huhn meet and greet has been moved to the cafeteria instead of the Hartman room.
  8. A very good game at Holmes tonight, back and forth game, Tez Calloway leads Holmes with 43, four wins in a row for the Bulldogs. Nice game from Robinson tonight from Ryle, two pretty evenly matched teams.
  9. Holmes will be honoring Mr. Huhn on Friday January 21st, Gary has taught and been the Holmes basketball and football score keeper since the mid 60s, has over 1500 basketball games, there will be a meet and greet in the Hartman room before the game, which is across from the concession stand, the podium will forever be know as the Gary Huhn podium. There will be a presentation between the JV and Varsity games and will be honored by the Covington board of education, everyone is welcome.
  10. And I agree, 35 th should be played at Holmes ever year, and Covington Catholic likes it at Holmes as well, when it’s their time to host, they usually move it to Holmes.
  11. Not sure I understand the comparison, With Beechwood and Holmes, I think Holy Cross will host districts this year. Holmes was approached a few weeks ago about hosting the 10 th, I hope it works out for everyone, most of the Holmes staff that works the games will be at Bank of Ky, since it has been there, Holmes staff have pretty much been doing a lot of the behind the seens work.
  12. 16thBBall fan, you are the man, happy for ya, you are number 1 Bengal fan on here. What a nerve racking game.
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