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  1. In my honest opinion I think they've been slightly disrespected by the pre season polls. I think they are more of a complete them than anybody this season and should have been #1.
  2. I think its a judgement call on if they issue a tech or a warning. If there was intent to touch the player then yes a tech. That play is designed to make you not think about going out of bounds but guarding the girl so she doesn't get the ball. A 5 second call is ludicrous IMO! Worst case its a stoppage and a warning issued then they try to inbound it again.
  3. I could be wrong but it's like slapping the ball out of the in bounders hand. So I think a warning is issued then if it happens again I think it's a tech. Again, I could be wrong.
  4. I agree! She wasn’t playing at the end of last year so I wasn’t thinking about her.
  5. Just off the top of my head and in no particular order Feldman - NDA Bradshaw - NDA O'Hara - Highlands Listerman - Highlands Crittendon - Ryle Johnson - Ryle Holtman - Ryle Lillard - Ludlow Lockard -Dixie Reinhart - Dixie Turner - NCC Heck- NCC Lind - Cooper Freihofer - Cooper Allen - Scott Meredith - Scott Kiefer - Brossart Koeninger - Campbell Co
  6. I agree! I don’t know if they’re not going after these kids hard enough or not but when some of the bigger programs come calling it’s hard for them to compete. I’ve always believed that if you want to be very successful in college athletics you have to recruit your state! You can’t allow the best kid in the state to leave every single year.
  7. Honestly I don’t think they had a great shot at Scherr or Boley. That’s just my opinion.
  8. Wasnt he teaching at Campbell Co. while coaching at Aiken High School in Cincinnati? I also heard he didn’t leave on his own.
  9. "Good Grief!" - Charlie Brown 8th coach in the past 12 seasons is a joke! It's tough to get kids to compete when the head coach is revolving door. Best of luck to Coach Miller and I hope he can be there a few years to get some consistency at that program.
  10. This was posted in the newspaper? Any idea what “other measures” would be taken?
  11. WOW! That seems like shame but, I don't know all the details. Do we know if she's actively looking for a new spot?
  12. Does anyone have any news on this one? Why is she stepping away from Lincoln Co.? Is this a situation where she was forced out or left on her own?
  13. Sacred Heart has won like 18 in a row or something.
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