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  1. Doesn’t need to be ready now. Still has 2 years to improve. My take: This is Cal’s exit strategy. He is going to get a few more kids that are going to stick around so when he leaves (after the 23 season is my prediction) the cupboard is not bare. Therio, Sheppard, and Perry should all still be in the fold. Recruit another local like J Johnson out of Woodford Co and the new coach will have some players to work with.
  2. He was just showing how important he was!!! He knew NKU coaches weren’t going to throw him out as he has a loaded team with kids NKU will recruit. Big shot!!!!
  3. Not to turn this into UK vs UofL but the problem is at the top for UK. Coaches are not even welcome at many of the top practice facilities in southern Ohio. Until the HC is changed, their is NO CHANCE that the results change. I’m a Cat fan through and through but you can’t argue with the results that Dan McDonnell has gotten at Louisville
  4. DeSales will be much improved. Very and unsettling what happened last year with coaching staff. Keep an eye on this team. They should be back among the best in their class in a couple years.
  5. Would love to know the how’s and why’s of this. I knew Coach Arnold in a previous life and something really bad must have been said/done for him to get tossed in a post season situation. Safe to say this could impact the Region finals….
  6. Take the third ref off the floor and let him/her run shot clock. No additional funds needed.
  7. I think most on this board know who you are referring to BUT is that such a bad thing? Helping kids obtain scholarships should be the goal of many in the education process especially from this state (Commonwealth) that ranks near the bottom of many education and social rankings
  8. So George Hornstein goes from Collegiate to KCD. I believe these two are All A rivals? That should be an interesting meeting assuming they play. Any word on who Collegiate is hiring?
  9. Ashley (Butler) Franklin named new Manual coach. Was a great player for Manual in the early 2000’s. Coached at Central as well.
  10. Great get for OC. Did good things with Eastern girls and won District last year at Seneca. Has big shoes to fill at OC.
  11. Great post. ”If your not coaching your kids then likely someone else is” Super point and I’d also add that someone else may be talking to your kid as well. There is no substitute for hard work. Whether it be athletes or school work or a job, the “luckiest” people seem to always be the hardest workers! The KSHAA mandates a two week dead period. Evidently they think that is enough downtime.
  12. The new person in charge of JCPS athletics does not want the public schools to play the privates PERIOD.
  13. While my post was said in jest (notice the smiley face), if you think the KHSAA governs publics and privates the same you are mistaken. There are MANY instances of transfers that are looked at differently depending on which way a student is transferring (public to private VS private to public) I could name names from the Louisville area just this last year but will not as this not the proper discussion for that.
  14. Well the answer to me is obvious. Those other schools are PRIVATE (sans Brown). Different rules for different avenues of education!!!😊
  15. Shouldn’t all schools do this. And by “this” I mean make kids college and career ready? Not to step on toes but there are way too many schools that do neither and just pass kids along.
  16. Odd then for the coach to leave given all you have stated. I’d think a coach would be very happy to have all that returning. What gives?
  17. This is in every sport not just football. X and T are great at football because it’s a numbers game. The more you have the better your chances of success. In Basketball, T has won 2 state titles in the last decade plus. X NONE and hasn’t been to State since the 90s. In baseball, both are great every year because again it’s a numbers game. They both do bring big gates for most every sport. If I was an AD, I’d take the gate.
  18. Not the good kind. The word I heard was this: No non district matchups on Varsity level. No playing on JV/Frosh level. In response to this, at least one public school is trying to get long contract terms with the privates before this takes effect. we’ve all heard this before around the big city and only a few people know if this has actually been talked about by the new AD.
  19. Great work on that. There is a new sheriff in town and I’ve heard rumblings that things are about to change wrt publics playing privates.
  20. Many of the JCPS schools are mandated to not play the privates. Only hurting themselves as typically big gate games and let’s you know what areas you need to work on.
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