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  1. Mosely did not play. Mekhi played sparingly. Anyone know the status of Mosely? I heard he wasn't on the bench for the game
  2. Who is the favorite to win the All A tournament this year?
  3. Per courier-journal. 7th region "All A" contender is the extent of my knowledge.
  4. When Indiana went to class basketball, the sectionals (equivalent to districts) lost all their luster. Rivalry match-ups in your sectional went away and teams sometimes had to travel over an hour to play in their sectional. Fan attendance at the sectional level was terrible. Not sure if this is still the case, but I'd assume to ensure teams are playing within their class, the travel necessary would be the same or worse than it was in Indiana. Ask a majority of people in Indiana and they'll tell you class basketball killed the state tournament.
  5. I'd argue that the other candidates, especially if they're young, gain valuable experience going through the interview process...
  6. Was Jesse the previous girls coach? I had heard that was who they were going to hire
  7. Open enrollment and the "merry-go-round" of transfers in jefferson county is KILLING the city's basketball talent. If I'm a 13 or 14 year old 8th grader being "recruited" by high school coaches and being told how great I am, what is my motivation for improvement. These kids are told what they want to hear in order to convince them to come to a school and then expected to be motivated to improve??? The effects of this are countless. Kids plateau, jefferson county produces very few D1 players compared to its population, Indiana All-star team dominates kentucky all-star team, kids that actually do play in college are not able to receive criticism and end up returning to the city... It's a big problem that I don't see going away any time soon. "Free choice" of school was intended to give students the ability to choose the education they receive but parents and coaches are taking advantage of this and creating a monster.
  8. Agree! JCPS did a terrible job with amenities within that gym. Seats 3000, but bathrooms and concessions can only handle maybe 500. Have plenty of room outside the structure to add on more bathrooms and concessions. Line at the concession stand is right at the entrance, causing a major bottle neck to get into the gym itself. Had an altercation between a coach and a security guard last year in the L.I.T. that stemmed from the poor layout.
  9. I saw Moore at St. X this summer... New coach and lots of size. Perhaps they're a sleeper? Although I believe they lost to a 6th region team there.
  10. I've seen peoples' picks for who will win each region... I'm curious if anyone has opinions (by region) for teams on the rise that may make waves. i.e. sleeper picks. For example, in 7th region, I see Male as a possible sleeper contender. I think the new coach is doing nice things there and they looked good over the summer.
  11. The sense of entitlement that comes from kids being "recruited" is the main problem... We've got kids in Louisville being told how great they are just to entice them to come to that school. Then, they never reach their potential because they are not motivated to improve because they've already been told how great they are... I came from another state that was NOTHING like it is in louisville, and the level of talent coming out of that state far exceeds kentucky
  12. Wasn't Ferris a transfer? I could be wrong. I do know BE has had transfers in the recent past... Willis transferred from Male, a guard from Muhlenberg a few years back.
  13. Don't think he's the team shively guy... he used to coach in Oldham Co. From what I hear he's a solid coach and has worked under coach Just who's obviously one of the best in the state.
  14. AAU is a money grab... kids who aren't being looked at by colleges already would be much better served to invest in good skills camps. Summer should be a time for individual improvement rather than individual exposure. I know kids who play AAU who don't even practice. Just play a bunch of games on the weekends. How is that making them better???
  15. Friend of mine who applied to CAL told me job is no longer listed as open. Haven't heard who was hired.
  16. Could have been something as simple as the subject they wanted him to teach or the number of periods he was expected to teach. I'm pretty sure most basketball coaches in JCPS are teaching in the classroom.
  17. Not on JCPS website... did Shawnee Coach officially leave?
  18. IF that were the case, I'd have to assume he'd be going to J'town
  19. It's not posted on JCPS website. I thought he did well in his first year... You know something I don't?
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