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  1. Potential for a Hoop Dreams/ Indiana Elite second round matchup in Spartanburg if both teams advance past their first game.
  2. Peyton Broughton and Sean McNeil have joined Hoop Dreams for July.
  3. James Taylor Jr is at St. X. He started varsity PG all summer.
  4. Did any of these kids attend Fab Freshman camp this weekend?
  5. Romeo Langford is a no doubt pro player. Like 1 and done and top 5 draft pick. If there is a kid in Ky with that potential, please point me in their direction
  6. I love that people casually throw out the term "pro potential". I don't think everyone realizes how hard it is to become a professional basketball player. And I'm not talking NBA, I'm talking playing pro anywhere.
  7. I was told that all the Matts Mustangs kids left early to play games at the KBA that night so none of those kids (Taveion included) made the all star games.
  8. The Derrick Smith shootout ended around 5 or so years ago
  9. There were a bunch of good teams playing at Collins and Shelby County this Friday and Saturday. Trinity, Lex Cath, Corbin, Desales, Male, Owensboro, Apollo and Madison Central were some of the more "name schools". Trinity is going to be very good. They return a lot. And will be long and athletic on the wings.
  10. To my knowledge, he doesn't play spring AAU, which would be why coaches haven't seen him. I did see that CJ Frederick of Cov Cath has a New Orleans offer now.
  11. Trevon Faulkner picked up his first offer. Middle Tennessee State.
  12. This class was hurt by Eli Wright and Braxton Beverly leaving the state for their senior year. Not saying they power the team to victory but they would certainly help the situation.
  13. Probably need to go ahead and end this series. Lopsided results and poor attendance.
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