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  1. I’ve known Tim Estes and others close to the Lincoln County programs for years. I hope that can find a way to move past this as smoothly as possible.
  2. I’m hearing that apparently 10 kids(5 starters) and 2 coaches walked out. I was sent a link to a Facebook post about it on WPBK’s Facebook page. I’ll post the Facebook post below. The below text is a press-release from Lincoln County schools pertaining to the investigation surrounding the Lincoln County girls basketball program. We will have radio and video coverage of tonight’s game at East Jessamine. NOTE: Tim Estes is the Athletic Director at LCHS. He is also the Sports Director for WPBK-FM, and has been for over 13 years. Tim is not involved in our Facebook posts or in our decisions about the content of posts. Tim’s name has been dragged through the social-media-mud in recent days. The Athletic Director does not hire or fire coaches. Tim brought this situation to the attention of Superintendent Rowe, and the central office undertook an investigation. See below for available details. *** For Immediate Release: STANFORD, KY – January 4th, 2021 Lincoln County Schools completed its investigation of the high school girls basketball program today. The investigation started on December 15th when allegations were brought forth against the Lincoln County High School Girls Head Coach Brandon Fisher. Upon reviewing the allegations, Superintendent Michael Rowe launched an investigation into the girls basketball program. The investigation consisted of individually speaking with 19 different players, all three assistant coaches, and support staff. The district again reached out to former employers of the head coach, whom it had also consulted upon Fisher’s initial hiring. Head Coach Brandon Fisher was suspended pending the findings of the investigation. “Principal Michael Godbey and Athletic Director Tim Estes brought the allegations to me back on December 15th and we immediately started looking into them,” said Superintendent Rowe. “I suspended Coach Fisher with pay while our staff conducted the interviews and discussions with players and staff. That is normal procedure for a superintendent when it is determined an investigation is needed to look into alleged employee actions.” “Upon the conclusion of the investigative report, it was concluded no criminal activity had taken place. I determined it was appropriate for Coach Fisher to return to his position as head coach and gave him a formal letter listing the district’s expectations on December 22nd. I reinstated Coach Fisher to begin practice again with the team on December 28th,” said Superintendent Rowe. On December 28th Superintendent Rowe, Principal Godbey and Athletic Director Tim Estes held a team meeting open to all parents and players to discuss the process of the investigation. “We had hoped to wrap up the entire investigation by the 28th, but while conducting the first phase we uncovered other things that warranted more time to look into,” explained Superintendent Rowe. “One assistant coach resigned during the investigation and one assistant remains suspended (with pay). We hope to resolve all personnel matters, including replacing the assistant coach, as soon as possible,” added Superintendent Rowe. “I want to commend Mr. Estes and Mr. Godbey for promptly bringing this to my attention. It is a misconception to think that a high school principal or AD hires and fires employees. Only the superintendent has that ability. I fully support the job Tim Estes and Michael Godbey do for our school and athletic department,” said Superintendent Rowe. Lincoln County girls basketball opens the season tonight at East Jessamine at 7:30 PM. -LCSchools-
  3. If he wanted to stay at Male he wouldn’t be flirting with leaving. To me it is really that simple. I love my wife. Therefore I don’t flirt with women. I’m happy as hell. I hate my job and the day I can find a job paying me what this job pays then I’m gone. It’s. That. Simple.
  4. I say without question he wants out. Otherwise he wouldn’t be flirting with leaving.
  5. No clue. I’m only going by what is going around town and that is basically that he said thanks but no thanks.
  6. According to BGP it was the runner up choice who backed out of the job. So now they have to start a search all over again and the coaches who were knowingly passed over have to decide if they will swallow pride and accept an offer that may or may not come. Hell, who even applied for the job? Do we have that list? That’ll tell the tale of how coveted this job is. Half of Danville has let me know that Coach Clevenger declined to even interview for the job. That’s the reason I started the thread. Coach Clevenger would rather stay at Danville and fight for the football program in Danville(been a headache for him) instead of even interviewing for what people say is still one of the best jobs in the state. That intrigued me about just how coveted this job is.
  7. So far the consensus is that it is a good job, one of the best in the state, but yet here we are with it still being open and no clue who the next coach will be. IMO even the best coaches in the state would want the job if it was that enticing. It should be easy to fill if it was that good of a job.
  8. Then why the trouble filling the position?
  9. Didn’t they just have a Highlands guy who is a deep-down a Highlands guy?
  10. With Eddie James being the runner up choice who jilted Highlands at the altar one has to wonder if Highlands has the same allure that it used to have. How come no one wants to coach at Highlands anymore? Anyone?
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