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  1. At the work Christmas Party trying to stay close the game!!!! I knew I could count on BGP.
  2. I have no idea. I think it could go either way but my pure speculation thinks that it is Clevenger’s job if he wants it. I could be way way wrong here too.
  3. I don’t know if Clevenger will want the job again but if I am not mistaken there is new leadership in the administration so if he does want it again then that might factor into it. I feel certain many many many Admiral fans would welcome him back.
  4. Looks like Ime Udoka is going to be named the next head coach at Brooklyn. That was faster than expected. Especially since they fired Steve Nash and basically hired Udoka an hour later.
  5. NBA FanDuel will begin next Tuesday. If you want in on my daily contests they will run M-F. Monday-$2 Top 3 paid Tuesday-$2 Top 2 paid Wednesday-$5 Winner Takes All Thursday-$2 Winner Takes All Friday-$10 Top 2 paid Let me know!
  6. Played like crap and still won. I can dig it.
  7. Great win. And I love that South Warren is called Lil Bro.
  8. I would think that he would be. That’s where I get confused with this. Why not just fire him? He’ll be back coaching again in a couple of years if not sooner. Just somewhere else.
  9. Apparently some kind of shenanigans have been going on in Boston. Udoka fumbled a 2-1 lead in the Finals and now he has fumbled Nia Long. Shameful. Still no official word on what exactly was done but at the very least it involves a woman with ties to the Celtics organization. Udoka was off to a hot start for his coaching career. Time will tell if he has ruined any opportunity to continue growing as a head coach.
  10. I’ve seen Jeff Bezos mentioned as someone possibly interested in buying the Suns.
  11. Anyone choosing Kobe to bench over Steph is no longer allowed to talk basketball with me. Thems the rules.
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