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  1. Could be a good thing or a bad thing.
  2. Like @TheDeucesaid if the choice is between Reed and Wagner the choice is Reed. And it ain’t close. Gonna be fun to watch this play out as an outsider.
  3. Cats looking damn good tonight. Might should let that Reed kid run the offense.
  4. If he can get it right most nights he should be fine. I feel like it will be a struggle. First one eligible has the advantage.
  5. It ended the way we should expect it to end between these two fine coaches……..
  6. I knew he’d pull. I ain’t mad at him. Jay Bilas talks too much.
  7. Best chance for instant offense right now. Reed will pull though.
  8. Whoooo. That’s some bad basketball out of a timeout.
  9. Super impressed by UK. Kansas is in pure March form. Love to see it.
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