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  1. I’m past the days of talking about these things. I’m past the days expecting change. I’m past the days of being non-violent in these situations. If something like this ever happens in front of me you will see and hear my name on the national news.
  2. What sarcasm? I’m with you. If the cops went to the wrong address I’m sure that they would have a heartfelt apology to the innocent victims. The fact that they haven’t said anything tells me that they got their man. I guarantee they announced their presence immediately and I am certain that once the investigation is fully completed we’ll find out that the victims aren’t so innocent and that it is yet another attempt to smear the name of police officers. It truly does not make any sense at all for the police to not announce their presence and then open fire on wanted criminals. And why are people believing the criminals over the police anyways? Sad times when the words and actions of police officers aren’t believed and defended by the very people they protect.
  3. No doubt. We all know that everything the cops do is the sensible and most rational thing. That’s why they do it. I’m with you, JD. The cops did everything right in this situation. Any specilation otherwise is just people who hate the police. The police are here to protect and serve. I’m sure we’ll find out all about how Kenneth Walker’s is a longtime criminal and how this is just another smear campaign against Louisville’s finest. Folks always complaining about the police. What kind of society would we have without the police? Folks need to show more respect. They better not call the cops when something happens to them. Ingrates.
  4. This is a great point. The cops ALWAYS do everything perfectly and by the book. They never make mistakes. Ever. So no way they kicked down the doors to this house and busted in announced. No way at all. Completely and totally not possible. Damn media always telling half a story to get folks riled up. You’d think folks would know this by now.
  5. So this is or isn’t an instant where I should keep one in the chamber and the magazine in my gun or nah? Seems like if I am protecting my house I can still get arrested and charged with a felony or even killed so y’all let me know which is which. I’m completely confused now. Loaded or unloaded I can be minding my own business in my house and be shot at. I don’t care who you are. You bust up in my crib I’m going to see how well you are at catching slugs.
  6. My final four came down to.... Arya Stark-Game of Thrones O Dog-Menace II Society Django-Django Unchained Omar Little-The Wire It was tough. Django barely defeated Killmonger to make the final four. Before the bracket was made I’d have bet the house on Killmonger making the Final Four. He was the 1 seed too. Django was the 2 seed. Thor and Dom Toretto were the rest of this bracket. Ironman was a 1 seed and he faced off against 4th seeded Doughboy from Boyz N Hood. Crazily enough on the other side of this bracket was Craig from Friday (Spider-Man meme moment) and Craig has to face Omar Little from The Wire. Yeah, ain’t none of them beating Omar. O Dog was a 1 seed and he faced off against the 4 seed Bodie Broadus from The Wire. In what would have easily been the best gunfight in the group O Dog escaped with less bullet holes to take on Jon Snow. Jon Snow took down Smokey without much fight but when he pulled out his sword to take on ODog all O Dog did was pull out his gun, he shot Jon Snow once and advanced to the final four. Arya Stark’s bracket was befitting of the #1 overall seed. She took on Brian O’Conner, Captain America and Day Day. After she finished off Captain and Brian she and Day Day went and found Craig and they sparked up while Day Day conceded to send Arya to the final four. In the final four Arya took on O Dog and she showed up as his boy Kane and then slit his neck. She’s cold and she’s in the finals. Django took on Omar in an epic battle that was even better than Django vs Killmonger. In an insane ending they both fired off a shot that killed them both simultaneously. As a result, Arya Stark emerged victorious as PP92’s all time favorite character.
  7. Darlene and Ruth together is a pairing that we need to see.
  8. I want to apologize to everyone for starting this thread. I mistakenly believed that a black man was out for a jog on a beautiful day in Georgia. Clearly I was wrong. He was trespassing on private property and after seeing the videos that have been released I recognize that it looks incredibly suspicious for him to be on the construction site when no one was around. Clearly he was casing the joint so he could figure out just how he was going to commit his next crime. Thankfully some law abiding citizens saw him and eliminated the threat before he could complete his plan. I wish I had known all of the facts before I started this thread. I’ll take my blinders off and quit accusing white people of being racist every time an unarmed black criminal is gunned down. I need to be better. Again, my apologies.
  9. Yeah, my fault. You do see that racism was involved. My apologies. I read your posts wrong and completely jumped to conclusions. Please forgive me.
  10. Okay. Whatever you say. :thumb:
  11. You said in here that the dudes shouldn’t be out playing police and that they shouldn’t have murdered Ahmaud but yet you’re still in here trying to rationalize their behavior. Congrats on making your politically correct post before you start tearing down the victim. At this point I just hope you’re in a good mood if our paths cross one day.
  12. Yeah whatever. I know enough. You did the same crap with the lady cop in Dallas. You do you, Chief. Nothing you say will change my opinion of you.
  13. Preach!!!!!! Maybe it’s just me but this is the most important fact in the case and the only one that matters IMO. People are displaying some elite level mental gymnastics trying to take racism out of the picture and rationalize why these men would act this way. I know my fair share of racists and I still don’t know any who would have acted the way these men acted. If I am not mistaken I don’t think Georgia has hate crime laws and we all agree these guys should be charged with murder, right? Or are people just trying to rationalize these men’s actions because they are bored sitting at home with nothing do? I’m genuinely curious. Everyone knows that this post of yours is the God’s honest truth I don’t care if he was in the construction site for an hour and threw a party there. There isn’t anything that anyone can say that will justify their actions.
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