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  1. Marshawn Lynch and Tom Brady were both excellent guests.
  2. Jon Gruden says the truth will come out about the emails. He is still in Vegas “waiting for the dust to settle.”
  3. I could be overthinking it. That is possible. It won’t change my opinion though. We know now that the NFL knew about these emails for months before they released them. Why did they get released now and why were more emails released after it appeared that being racist wasn’t enough for him to be removed from his job? The whole thing just stinks. This was a calculated hit job IMO. Being racist and homophobic is second nature to a large percentage of the NFL decision makers. The NFL would have us believe that Jon Gruden is the only person who was racist and homophobic through emails?
  4. Which gives more credence to my theory about these emails remaining hidden had he not mentioned Goodell. Initially when the racist emails were exposed nothing happened to him. It wasn’t until his emails surfaced about Goodell that the push to get him out happened. When Raiders owner Mark Davis was asked about it his reply was “ask the NFL, they have all of the emails.”
  5. Technically he was fired for all of it but I am of the belief that if he had never spoken ill of Goodell then we would have never heard anything about the emails.
  6. Sun-Mon Slate. $5. Top 3 paid. First come, first served. NFL https://www.fanduel.com/entry/65572-250143692?invitedby=thadopeja&cnl=maio&utm_campaign=User Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link
  7. I’m thinking something along those lines. Two or three new tribes instead of one big one. Or they merge into one tribe at a later point and remain in the three tribes. Or they pull from the biggest tribe to make them all equal.
  8. I keep wondering how long it will take for the merge and how the merge will take place.
  9. Boring and predictable episode and I was glad for that to be honest. If anyone other than Genie had been voted out I might have been upset. Naseer is an immunity challenge beast!!!!!!
  10. I’ll try to keep this updated throughout the year so we can follow the odds during the season.
  11. per Bovada Gonzaga (#1)+700 Michigan (#6)+1000 UCLA (#2)+1200 Duke (#9)+1500 Illinois (#11)+1600 Memphis (#12)+1600 Purdue (#7)+1600 Texas (#5)+1600 Villanova+1600 Kansas (#3)+1800 Kentucky (#10)+1800 Alabama (#14)+2000 Baylor (#8)+2500
  12. No clue. Haven’t really been paying attention to be honest. Lincoln and Boyle should both be good so that part is accurate. That’s all I know.
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