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  1. No clue at all. I’m still shocked that he found a team as quickly as he did. Nevermind the guaranteed money. That just makes it worse. Lol.
  2. Two more accusers added to the number of 22 making it 24 now. The NY Times article claiming that the Texans enabled his behavior. Some of the accusers stories are cringe inducing. 66 different massage therapists in a 17 month period. The longer this goes on I don’t see how he plays this season. Tremendous distraction. His contract is insane. The Browns……..lol.
  3. Work harder to get minorities into ownership. Plenty of options these days.
  4. As a Laker fan I cannot find it within my soul to accept a Boston championship so I hope the Warriors win in fo’.
  5. The Conference Finals games have sucked so far for the most part. The Wiggins poster was sick though.
  6. Let me rephrase. We won’t see any significant change in our lifetimes. Maybe in the future(I doubt it) there will be change but we won’t get to see a change in our lifetime. Or in the future the change that comes isn’t necessarily for the better.
  7. It’s too late. We are too far gone. There is no fixing this. Let me rephrase. These problems will never get fixed because it doesn’t benefit the ones who can fix it.
  8. In my Pat Beverly voice: Chris Paul is a fraud.
  9. Agreed. And every time that person tells someone else. Lol. They’d just have to hate me. I ain’t telling anyone a thing.
  10. These new players talk way too much. I don’t know why Drea felt the need to tell Omar she had the knowledge is power advantage. She read the room wrong and it cost her. Omar telling Mike about the advantage may cost him in the end.
  11. Game 7 next up for Phoenix. Luka will be ready.
  12. In fairness, Ja’s ability to stay healthy and on the court should be called into question as much as Zion’s.
  13. I’m glad my ancestors weren’t the “my generation did it so yours will too” type of folks.
  14. If college wasn’t such a scam then forgiving student loans wouldn’t even be a conversation.
  15. Absolutely! I hope they can bring us some of the magic from GOT.
  16. I got Richmond, VA. Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NC. I previously had Lexington, Louisville and Greensboro.
  17. It doesn’t matter if One and Done is the best way or not. The fans of these two schools dictate that they must use the One and Done recruiting model in order to satisfy their enthusiasm.
  18. Why would an assistant make a lateral move? I ask because it doesn’t feel like a lateral move.
  19. Good move for him. I hate that he is leaving Male but I get it.
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