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  1. I have said for 4 years that the better kids will not even play high school ball. They will use that time of year to rest and train.
  2. I am not saying kOB is not relevant. It is. Just not to these kids. Training is
  3. Why u think somebody Is giving this kid bad advice? High school basketball including the KOB is irrelevant. These studs use high school as a training session. Not a recruiting tool. Get real.
  4. Does anybody on here honestly think nobody else is coming?
  5. 8th grade has nothing to do with khsaa. Next month don't either
  6. I agree with most u post until u start talking about Adair co and Zion getting doubled.
  7. The Harmon's know that Zion will get tons of skill work at Adair. Coach Breeze is a skill training guy. Zion is familiar with what he does. It has nothing to do with where Adair is located on a map besides being fairly close to Druthers.
  8. He actually enrolled on his way to peach jam. The final decision come down to the close proximity to the only Druthers restaurant left in the world. Sealed it
  9. Word is Coach Breeze was seen on main street in Columbia doing cartwheels and chanting WACG!!!! I don't know how true the cartwheel part is.
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