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  1. Hoping forecast changes (which it can) but currently calling for 90% chance of rain. Regardless of who you think wins, most will predict this to be a “4th quarter” game. Wet field equals wet ball which gives greater chance of turnovers. Good chance that whoever holds on to the ball best, wins. Several angles to take in this game: * Can BG get ball out of pocket before SWARREN collapses pocket? * Can Purples keep Harrison under 100 yards rushing? * Can SWARREN slow down the Purples speed of getting into open field? * Who wins Special Teams? The list could go on and on. We know for sure that the coaching staff on both sidelines will try to call their best game plan so far this season. We know the fans of each team will be at capacity. We know the players will be amped. Games like this is what makes High School football the best, purest sport in the land. BG was completely throttled last week. Not only do the players know it but they also know that everyone else knows it. Hoping it puts a chip on their shoulder and spurs them to play their best game this season. Bucannon. BG QB, IMO, will have one of his best games of the season. I think that the loss to SWARREN last season hurt him more than the fiasco last week. I think Bucannon will be the difference along with a strong dose of Vito gives the Purples the edge. BG 28 SWARREN 20
  2. Wow! Great work, P88. I think after this Friday night all the guessing will come to an end. Gonna be a doozy
  3. X needs to show up and play. If there was ever a “Trap” game, this is it. If X comes out strong early, they are good. IMO, slow start equals a 4th quarter game.
  4. Yes. Elliott going to Southern Illinois. If he were 5 inches taller he would go anywhere he wants. Big time D1 teams missed on this kid. Again, no words to what I witnessed tonight. It was unbelievable. Congrats to WC. Wish they could somehow compete in a national playoff game. Purples need to prep for the game that counts this Friday night.
  5. I know playoffs hasn’t started yet, BUT.... What if you were told at beginning of season that in the regular season, under a first year coach, St X would beat Trinity, beat Male and win the district. How many X fans would have signed up for that? Keep working, X! Congrats!
  6. Easy to say as we are getting it handed to us but this is by far the best High School football team I've ever seen. This is not the same team that played Trinity. They have improved. Says a lot about their coaching staff. They could have put it on cruise and maybe still won state, but they didn’t. No running clock in Indiana but WC coaching staff and BG staff spoke before heading into halftime. Hoping a gentlemen’s agreement took place. You would have to see this team in person to believe it. Not sure how this makes the Purples better. No injuries and we come out a winner.
  7. 45 minutes till kickoff. Vito Tisdale for BGHS is playing!
  8. Thanks for being a great fan of the Purples! There has been a handful of times (more than 5 games) the Purples has laid an egg, but all teams do! This upcoming game is actually the last regular season game for Warren Central. Like BG, they will play starters only when necessary. They will certainly try to win the game but will want all their players healthy for post-season. I will say that this Indianapolis team is the real deal. Some local coaches from Indianapolis area think that only 10 to 15 teams in America can beat this squad. Pretty impressive statement. As I said before, regardless of score, Purples will go down swinging. Hoping one of those punches could be a knockout - Go Purples!
  9. Vito Tisdale, according to BGHS media notes, is not listed as starting as running back or at corner or safety. If he is on sidelines in street clothes, he’s a no go - if he is on sidelines in uniform, it will be hard for coaches not to play him. One thing remains - get in and out of game with zero injuries.
  10. No one will argue that X got off to a tough start but any X fan would have to agree that week 1 with a new offensive set, new coach and a injured starting QB was a tough hill to climb. Week 2, X faces a very inspired group of young men with arguably the best player in the entire bluegrass in Vito Tisdale Don’t get me wrong, X could easily get blown out Friday night but I think everyone would agree that they are improving. I’m not too keen on the ins and outs of the private schools recruiting rules but trust me, if Wallace can get 3 or 4 true speedsters, there will be no one questioning if X made a good hire. Happy for you guys. Go X!
  11. St X for the win. I predict this to be the biggest upset of the year. May be a long shot but this is my hope. Must play lights out Defense, no turnovers, win special teams - those three things must happen Good luck, X!
  12. Great job, 88 If Purples Win, you’re buying me a shirt that reads, “The Purples ate the 96er”. Indy is crazy good. Indianapolis Star newspaper reported that Ben Davis High School to be the Indiana football team of the decade last season but admitted this weekend of retracting that statement to make this season, Warren Central that team. Oof ...
  13. Purples are facing Goliath but I don’t think they have enough rocks to knock him out. I do think Vito Tisdale plays and will be interested to see how coaches use him. Of course, no coach will tell their team they are going to lose but by all indications, Purples are in trouble. With that said, i (coaching from the couch) would consider playing Vito at Corner on David Bell. Vito will be playing that position on Saturdays in a couple of years so go ahead and match him up with one of the premiere receivers in the country. If Warren Central kicks it to him (Vito) or punts it to him, he will take it to the house! I just don’t see how our lines can play with them nor our defensive backfield (with exception of Vito) I do think we can score some points on them if Buchanon can have time to sling it. It’s hard for me to imagine a team putting up 50 or 60 on a Spader defense but it could happen. Wow! I would love to be wrong but ... The only goal I have is for the kids to go out and have fun, show some competitiveness and most importantly get back on the bus with NO INJURIES! My Purples May lose but I guarantee they will go down swinging -
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