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  1. The numbers from late June and the month of July eschew the ratios upward. Yesterday, Florida performed 108,000 + tests with 8,000 coming up positive. 7.4% rate. Unlike the numbers you and CWB reported, as of yesterday, the hospitalization numbers down here in the Tampa Bay area show a little over 9% of available beds (13,000+) in Tampa Bay are filled with Covid patients ( approx. 1,235) and only 12% ( approx. 148) of those patients are in ICUs and only 3% of those in ICU are on ventilators (approx. 5). The survival rate is currently over 99%. I do not know the infection number of staffs in the area. I do know that ICU and ER nurses have been hit hard by the virus, but it has been getting better. Florida has performed over 7 million tests and is averaging around 100,000 a day. Back in June and July they were testing less than half that many a day and the positive ratio per day was broaching 20%. The death toll ratio has not increased during that time. The survival rate has.
  2. In my area, the testing rate has increased dramatically in the past few weeks, leading to dramatically more positive cases, yet the positive case to test ratio remains around 13% and the death to positive case ration has dropped below 2% again.
  3. Stuffing if it is cooked inside the bird. Dressing if cooked on the stove top or baked separately from the bird. Mrs. S does both.
  4. My daughter's practice is shutdown this week after a medical assistant started showing symptoms Monday last. The MA had vacationed the previous 2 weeks, the first of those in Orlando. For what it is worth, my daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and the remainder of her staff tested negative.
  5. And then there are the Toronto/Tampa Raptors. 😄 I just hope they don't screw up the ice for the Lightning. The Maple Leafs have not sniffed a Cup Final in 52 years and have only made the conference finals twice since the Raptors came to town in 1995. Yikes!!!
  6. Local hospital numbers from yesterday morning, from Tampa General (1000 bed level one trauma hospital) and BayCare (15 hospitals with 3480 beds). At TGH 46 Covid patients, 18 in ICU. 4% of total bed count. Drug overdoses outnumber Covid patients 10 to 1. Trauma 2 to 1. BayCare reporting 309 Covid patients, 40 in ICU. 8% of total bed count. These numbers are down from a month ago. It may be coming, but I'm still not seeing hospitals being overwhelmed. In fact, the total admittance in local hospitals is lower than previous years. That may be due to reduced elective surgeries or the snowbirds are staying home this year.
  7. The Code Rats are 4-4. Looks like I lost Kyler Murray, last night, and McCaffrey is out for the season, now. I am projected to win handily this week, but my luck has not worked well for me of late. Replacements for Bye players have been killing me.
  8. Dressing Balls. Taters and gravy. Green Bean Casserole. Mrs. S's Pumkin Dump Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream.
  9. It's been awhile. Good for another read.
  10. Wichita State basketball coach Gregg Marshall has resigned following an internal investigation into allegations of physical and verbal abuse, the school announced Tuesday. The school and Marshall agreed to a contract settlement of $7.75 million to be paid over the next six years. "This was a difficult decision, but one I feel was necessary for my family, the university and, most importantly, the student-athletes," Marshall said. "I remain grateful for my years spent at Wichita State. I wish to thank the coaches, student-athletes, the university, the community, and all of Shocker Nation for their unending dedication, support and loyalty. I am incredibly proud of this men's basketball program and all it has achieved over the past 14 years and am confident of its continued success." Assistant coach Isaac Brown will serve as the team's interim head coach. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/30335808/wichita-state-men-basketball-coach-gregg-marshall-resigns-investigation He apparently was punching, choking, and verbally abusing players during the 15/16 season. I wonder what he was like when they got to the Final 4 in 2013? Once on everybody's list, now on nobody's list. I wonder if there is a little high school in Indiana looking for a coach? 🙂
  11. swamprat

    Hurricane Iota

    Making landfall with 155 mph winds. 2nd hit in two weeks for Nicaragua.
  12. swamprat

    Hurricane Iota

    Thank God that this one is heading west and not turning north. Sustained winds are a 145 mph, this morning.
  13. Exactly. Just like the Green Bay Packers, though the Green Bay bunch were named after the Indian Packing Company, packers of Counsil Canned Meats.
  14. swamprat

    Hurricane Iota

    The 30th named storm of the season. As nWo pointed out all indications are that this one will keep going west. Hope so.
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