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  1. Several people from up there have attended high school games with me here in Tampa Bay and have been surprised by the band playing during game play. I see and hear cowbells, air horns, and vuvuzelas all of the time. In fact, this season, there was a home fan who blasted an air horn during JV game that disrupted the home offense on a critical 4th down play and cost them the game. It was obvious the blast startled a lineman and caused a false start. I checked before leaving and a couple of player parents were relieving the fellow of his air horn. 😷
  2. Had a person inform us that their daughter, who lives at home, tested positive, today. Luckily I did not have to go into the department they worked in to get them outfitted to work from home. The person got tested this evening. I do not know the results, but they are quarantined for the time being. If they do test positive, it will be their 3rd time. We also had a person test positive over the holiday. At this rate, I will be the only one here by the end of the week. 😷
  3. I like Dixie and order a case every now and again. However, it is still too watery for me. I always add a can or three to a pound of ground beef and cook it down a bit. Now, that is a treat.
  4. I talked to a nursing director for a hospital in Orlando. She said Omicron has milder symptoms verses previous strains, but it is more contagious. She compared it to measles, in that regard.
  5. My daughter-in-law, her sister, and 2 of their friends (all gators) went to the game and stayed here, last night. Not a happy bunch. To make them feel better, I served them coffee in UK mugs, this morning. 😇
  6. Army 24 Missouri 22. Texas A&M's loss to Covid would be to an ACC team. 😀
  7. Florida 6A Championship. Tampa Jesuit 35 Pine Forest 29
  8. Florida 8A Championship Venice 35 Apopka 7
  9. Florida 7A Championship St. Thomas Aquinas 42 Tampa Bay Tech 14
  10. Florida 5A Championship Miami Central 49 Merritt Island 14
  11. Florida 4A Championship Cardinal Gibbons 21 Cocoa 19
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