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  1. When I was 5, all I wanted to be was my father. He was a tough old bird, but I miss the Sgt. Major greatly.
  2. It broke through the wall. Visitors are being evacuated due to gas and magma movement.
  3. A few businesses still ask you to wear masks, but that is getting fewer and fewer. I still wear one when in Publix or BJ's, the only brick and mortar places I actually shop at. I am only required to wear a mask at work in conference room meetings, now.
  4. I am about 3/4 through this one and I highly recommend it.
  5. I always keep one of my monitors on this video feed. I find it immensely fascinating. It has been going off pretty often today. At the time of this post, it was dormant looking. However, 5 minutes prior it was spewing up a few hundred feet and pouring lava.
  6. ORLANDO, Fla. - The largest-free standing White Castle in the world will soon open in Orlando and FOX 35 got an inside look at the restaurant on Tuesday. White Castle will open its highly anticipated Orlando location on May 3, 2021. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 8 a.m., when doors officially open to guests. They will stay open until 1 a.m. but anticipate that they will be serving the line until about 4 a.m. "The Orlando Castle will be open for take-out, dine-in, and drive-through service from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. on grand opening day, then reopen on Tuesday with regular o
  7. Oddly enough, when you are checked into the hospital, they ask whether you have had the virus or not, but not whether you've had the vaccine. They do ask if you have had the flu shot.
  8. * The Florida Turnpike exit at Yeehaw Junction is the southern end of the longest stretch of limited-access highway without an exit in the United States (the next interchange to the north being 48.9 miles away at Kissimmee/St. Cloud) and the northern end of the second-longest such stretch (the next exit to the south being 40.5 miles away at Fort Pierce).
  9. The last school that I went to, only with a change in major to pre-med. Then I'd complete medial school at the same school. What has become one of the better medical schools in the country combined with all the extras @Kentucky Windage wants in a school.
  10. I dropped it when it hit $74 a month (with sports package) and they quit showing the Fox Sports channels. I already had Showtime, BritBox, Acorn, Hulu basic (not Hulu TV), and Friendly TV mostly for Mrs. S, who hardly watched YoutubeTV at all. I only watched YoutubeTV for sports, so I was chucking chucking out $100 a month for TV that, for the most part, wasn't being used. I added CBS All Access so she gets all the TV Shows she wants, and I'm only out $47 a month. (I have Amazon Prime for my business and I'd have it regardless of TV offerings, so the cost of that is not part of the equation.)
  11. Thursday at 2 PM. Pfizer. Second dose April 8 at 2 PM. About 3 miles from where I work. My understanding is that it's an insurance issue for them. If I get it, spend an inordinate amount of time in the hospital, and/or die. Their rates go up.
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