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  1. Reverend Jim taking his driver's license test is still best scene in TV history for me, but this is close second and a Thanksgiving tradition in my home.
  2. Florida State Finals Suburban Category S4 Lakeland 21 Venice 14 Metro Category M4 Miami Columbus 16 Apopka 13 OT
  3. Florida State Finals Metro Category M2 Miami Central 38 American Heritage 31 Central led 31-13 at the half. Heritage cut the lead to 7 and got the ball on their own 37 with 3:01 to go. They drove to the Central 34, but a fumble on a pass completion at the Central 24 ended any hopes for Heritage.
  4. Florida State Finals Suburban Category 3S Lake Wales 32 Mainland 30
  5. Not sure what Lake Wales is doing. They get a great kick-off return to their own 42, rush on 1st, then pass on 2nd and 3rd downs. They got a defensive holding call on the 3rd down pass and gained a 1st down on that. Still strange play calling.
  6. Mainland and Lake Wales in a war for the 3S crown right now. 2:16 to go in the 4th. Mainland just scored. Lake Wales leads 32-30.
  7. Florida State Finals Metro Category 3M St. Thomas Aquinas 38 Homestead 21
  8. Florida State Finals Small School Session at Gene Cox Stadium in Tallahassee. Metro Category 1M Chaminade-Madonna 48 Clearwater Central Catholic 14 Suburban Category 2S Cocoa 38 Florida State University High 31 OT 1S First Baptist Academy 21 Trinity Catholic (Ocala) 3 Rural Category Hawthorne 13 Northview 2 The Large School Session will be next week at DRV PNK Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale.
  9. Question for the new coach. How do you average 28 points and 390 total yards a game and lose all of them but one.
  10. Common opponents mean little, now a days. Tennessee kills Florida, Florida kills South Carolina, South Carolina kills Tennessee. While USF had an incredibly band season, the UofL game was absolutely the worst played of the bunch. I don't know if it was coming off the Florida game or what, but they could do nothing right on either side of the ball that day. (I think it was because my Hot Browns were so spectacular that we killed the tailgate and jinxed everything.) The Bulls defense was horrible all season, but in the games played against teams not called UofL they scored at least 21 points in each of those games and averaged 28 points a game for the season.
  11. Not the impression I'm getting, but my fan friends are old school. He said the right stuff in the presser and did not throw out a bunch of stupid catch phrases. I don't get excited anymore, so it is what it is. Go Bulls.
  12. Florida State Semifinals: (The teams I follow are highlighted.) Metro Category 4M Miami Columbus 41 Ocoee 36 Apopka 27 Palm Beach Central 24 3m St. Thomas Aquinas 45 Tampa Jesuit 3 Homestead 30 Olando Jones 24 2M Miami Central 39 Lakewood 21 American Hertiage 21 Jacksonville Bolles 14 1M Chaminade-Madonna 56 True North Classical Academy 0 Clearwater Central Catholic 34 University Christian 29 Suburban Category 4S Lakeland 14 Osceola 7 Venice 42 Buckholz 25 3S Lake Whales 27 Columbia 7 Mainland 30 Dunbar 23 2S Florida State University High 38 Bishop Verot 28 Cocoa 31 Bradford 21 1S First Baptist Academy 28 Monrow 7 Trinity Catholic (Ocala) 22 Jon Carroll Catholic 10 Rural Category Hawthorne 28 Blountstown 0 Northview 21 Union County 11
  13. Teams I follow in Florida... State Quarter Finals 2M Region 2: Lakewood 63 Calvary Christian (Clearwater) 42 Lakewood is at Miami Central in the Semifinals. 3M Region 2: Tampa Jesuit 31 Largo 0 Jesuit travels to Ft. Lauderdale to face St. Thomas Aquinas in the Semifinals. 4M Region 1: Apopka 30 Lake Mary 23 Apopka is in Wellington to face Palm Beach Central in the Semifinals. Another Bay Area team that made the Semifinals in their class... Clearwater Central Catholic 21 Carrollwood Day 11 CCC travels to Miami to take on University Christian in the Semifinals of Class 1M
  14. Teams I follow in Florida... Playoffs Week 2 4M Region 1: Apopka 28 Winter Park 7 The Blue Darters host Lake Mary next week in the region finals.
  15. Teams I follow in Florida... Playoffs Week 2 2M Region 2: Calvary Christian (Clearwater) 29 Berkeley Prep 28 OT Calvary Christian hosts Lakewood next week for the region championship. 3M Region 2: Tampa Jesuit 45 Gaither 10 Largo 28 East Bay 12 Largo is at Jesuit next week for the region championship. 4M Region 1: From last week ... Apopka 17 Boone 3 Apopka plays Winter Park Tonight at 6. 4S Region 4: Last week ... Sarasota Riverview 29 Gulf Coast 15 This week ... Sarasota Riverview 28 Sarasota 7 For what it is worth, St. Thomas Aquinas is mowing down everybody in their path in class 3M. They beat Atlantic 63-14 to qualify for the region 3 championship next week.
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