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  1. For what it is worth, the vehicle was a Genesis SUV. It was a Genesis event he was hosting over the weekend, so that makes sense.
  2. Because I am basically a sick individual, Mrs. S and I listened to this as we waited in the "drive through" line for her to get her first vaccination shot last Sunday morning.
  3. Three time Pro Bowler, Vincent Jackson, a former Buc and Charger WR, was found dead in a hotel room in Brandon, FL where he had been living since January 11th. He and his family resided in South Tampa, where many former and current Buccaneers live. Brandon is about 18 miles east of South Tampa. His family had reported him missing on January 10th and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department found him in the hotel on the 12th. After assessing his well being, the missing person's report was cancelled. He was found today, with no signs of trauma. The investigation is still underway. https://www.wfla.com/news/local-news/former-bucs-player-vincent-jackson-found-dead-in-brandon-hotel-room/?fbclid=IwAR0291-OmAzXKV2mbl97qTZJ4_JIFc16hHM_Jyuc27nDCm1zNw-LCZA_8FI
  4. Sickles High School Gryphons, their mascot and football helmet logos.
  5. My 2007 Silverado turns 13 in May. Still going strong. 151,000 + on the odo.
  6. I have to be honest. I have never been more ambivalent toward any sporting event as I am this one and you know how I feel about the College Football Playoffs. It appears I am going through some kind of priorities shift due to age an situation. Should be interesting to see how this one plays out. 🙂
  7. Nope. I point you back to this post I made in April... https://bluegrasspreps.com/forums/topic/220610-gronk-to-the-bucs/?do=findComment&comment=4783208 I still stand by that post. My feelings toward Ndamukong Suh have not changed just because the Bucs are in the Super Bowl. Again, I wish the Bucs well, but I have other things to do Super Bowl weekend. For what it is worth, if the Lightning were to obtain Brad Marshand I would cease to be a fan of the Bolts as well.
  8. My kid just texted me wanting my son-in-law to get SB tickets. I have been working all day, so I would have had no idea what had happened, otherwise. The Bolts, Buc, and Rays all make the championship game/series of their respective sports. Now can the Buccaneers match the Lightning?
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