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  1. Great ending to the trilogy. I love the snarky writing. I am glad Taylor did not end the series with this trilogy.
  2. swamprat

    Tropical Storm Zeta

    Just got my new cordless hammer drill in week before last. Getting ready for Irma took out my old one. Went with Dewalt this time. I still need a dolly and a way to hold the plywood in place by myself, but I should be good to go.
  3. Last I heard, 9 had died, but that was when the fires were still ablaze. They were able to get most people to safety. Even those in Trent.
  4. Last Saturday in Arlington, TX USA Today #1 IMG Academy 41 #2 Duncanville, TX 14. I watched the highlights last night. Built up as the game of the year, the contest was men vs boys. It was the closest game IMG has had this year, though. Their other wins.. Venice, FL 49-13. Orlando Edgewater 48-7 Brentwood (TN) Ravenwood 45-14 Chester (VA) Life Christian 52-8 Covid has actually improved IMG with them getting JJ McCarthy from Nazareth Academy in La Grange, IL. Evidently, Nazareth was blocking him from graduating early and Illinois was looking to not play football this fall, so the 5 star Michigan commit transferred to IMG. Long time college assistant, Bobby Acosta took over for Kevin Wright last winter when Wright took the TE assistant job at Indiana. I am not necessarily a fan, but I find the football factory concept interesting. I do not believe the "Blue" or "National" team is eligible for the FHSAA championship, but the "White" or JV team may be.
  5. Both Texas and Oklahoma are 2-2, now.
  6. Eddie's first instrument was the piano. He won a awards for his performances of classical music when he was a kid (Mozart, Bach, Chopin). Oddly enough, he could not read music. Played it all by ear. He did not switch to guitar until in his teens.
  7. It's been over 40 years since I read this the first time. With the new movie coming out, I gave it another read.
  8. swamprat

    Hurricane Delta

    This bad boy could be a problem. Louisiana is getting shelled this year.
  9. The 24th named storm of the season.
  10. K.J. Costello line: 43-59 with a TD and 3 picks, one a pick 6 that ended up being the difference in the game. Feleipe Franks gets his first win as a Razerback.
  11. Thought this would be closer. The Bulldog defense, good.
  12. The Big 12 gets even smaller. Oklahoma is now 0-2 in conference.
  13. The second longest home winning streak in the FBS is over. Did not see this one coming. Tulsa was down 23-5 with 1:39 left in the first half.
  14. I watched the replay this afternoon. What a rough game to watch. I expected USF to stink up the joint, but as Walter pointed out in the update thread, UC's offense is having problems, too. USF quarterbacks (all 3 of them) tossed 5 interceptions. Desmond Ridder threw 3 and Gerrid Doaks coughed the ball up for UC's 4th turnover. If Jordan McCloud is the answer at QB for the Bulls, then they may end the season with the one win.
  15. It doesn't look like a US landfall, but hey #2020.
  16. For what it is worth, I used the same philosophy in larger leagues I have played in and have done relatively well.
  17. Yes, it is an 8 teamer. My philosophy is to load up on running backs, though. My first 4 picks were running backs. Everybody else was picking QBs and WRs. How Tyreek Hill was sitting there in round 5 is beyond me, even in a 8 team league. Along with the 2 required RBs, I start a running back in the FLEX, too. It has served me well to this point.
  18. I started out 2-0. However, I took McCaffery as my #1 pick. He had 2 great weeks, now out until at least week 6. I dumped Kenny Golladay and picked up James Conner. Last week I was down 10 going into Monday night. That's not bad with Darren Waller going bust, the Bills defense not showing up, and 2 players yet to play, Tyreek Hill and Clyde Edward-Helaire no less. However, my opponent had Patrick Mahomes. Hill and Edware-Helaire accounted for 39.6 points. Mahomes alone had 40. My opponent also had Justin Tucker, so that was that. I am 2-1, now.
  19. I am thinking revenge for 2015. UC puts up 60+.
  20. In his press conference, yesterday, Jeff Scott said he would be using 3 quarterbacks this Saturday. Cade Fortin will be available for the first time this year. No definitive starter has been named for the season.
  21. Celebrating in the time of COVID. The Raymond James Stadium event, which is limited to 14,000 people, sold out in less than 15 minutes. I will have to watch on line. Same with the boat parade by Riverwalk and out into Tampa Bay.
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