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  1. Stars 4 Lightning 1 What a sucky day. Dallas leads the series 1-0.
  2. Louisville up 3-0 9:02 left in the first quarter.
  3. Came out as it should.
  4. It took a frantic comeback by State in the 4th quarter to prevent another Big 12 upset.
  5. After beating FSU in Tallahassee last week, the Ramblin' Wreck gets rolled over by the 2017 National Champs. (Tongue in check!!!! I can't find a smilie for that.)
  6. Nice balanced attack. They are off and rolling.
  7. Well that was a beat down of major proportions. And here I was making a vailed reference to UofL's kicking game last week. On top of the inability to pass or run the ball or stop the run, me thinks Jeff Scott needs to find himself a long snapper who does not snap quite that long. 🙂 The only thing I found fault with ND was Kyren William's propensity to fumble the ball. He did it twice. Luckily for the Irish an offensive lineman fell on it both times. Ian Book still does not throw the ball downfield well, consistently.
  8. Sorry JD. I missed this. Congrats on the blessed news. Grandkids are fun.
  9. From the Weather Channel... How deep could we go into the Greek alphabet in 2020? After Sept. 18, an average hurricane season typically delivers 5 to 6 named storms, 3 to 4 of which become hurricanes, and 1 to 2 of which become major (Category 3 or stronger) hurricanes. Therefore, an average season would take us through Eta or Theta in the Greek alphabet list before the end of this season, either tying or breaking the record number of storms from the 2005 hurricane season (28 storms, one of which was unnamed and added after post-season analysis by the National Hurricane Center). https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/2020-09-18-2020-atlantic-hurricane-season-goes-greek #2020
  10. Busy, busy Friday. A tropical disturbance in the north Atlantic quickly turned into a tropical storm, becoming the 22nd named storm of the season. Then it made landfall in Portugal. #2020
  11. For historic reference, in 2005 the 23nd named storm, Tropical Storm Beta, became a tropical storm on October 23nd.
  12. The 22nd named storm, since TD23 became Alpha and TD23 became Wilfred really quickly.
  13. Tropical Disturbance 23 went straight to a tropical storm.
  14. The Dallas Stars vs the Tampa Bay Lightning. No slowing down, now. The series starts Saturday night at 7:30 in Edmonton.
  15. Lightning 2 Islanders 1 OT Anthony Cirelli puts the Bolts into the Stanley Cup Finals with 6:42 left in overtime. Tampa Bay wins the series 4-2.
  16. This could be named storm 21 tomorrow afternoon.
  17. Look at the screwy track on this thing.
  18. There is a special interest hook in this one, but not as prominent as the one in 2011 with Skip Holtz leading the Bulls into South Bend. Charlie Weis Jr. is the new offensive coordinator at USF. Weis did say in his media session that it will be weird hearing the fight song from the other sideline. I am always cautiously optimistic, but ND is looking for revenge for 2011. USF's QB situation is still in flux. Last week's starter, Jordan McCloud was 11 or 16 for 68 yards and a TD, but he shared time with graduate transfer Noah Johnson. Johnson is definitely a running quarterback going 3-4 for 24 yards passing and rushing 7 times for 49 yards, one of those for a TD. Late in the game true freshman Katravis March was 4-5 for 10 yards. Cade Fortin, a North Carolina transfer, was inactive for the opener, but could play this week. The Bulls only had 102 yards passing as opposed to 326 yards rushing. The USF defense gave up 284 yards to the triple option run by The Citadel. Kyren Williams will run all over them. Ian Book and the first team should be on the sideline after the first drive of the 3rd at the latest. Having said all that, I sure wish we were up there. We had an absolute blast in 2011.
  19. swamprat

    Hurricane Sally

    This thing just refuses to make landfall.
  20. Well the Bolts got extended last night, so it is not a done deal, yet. Think about it if TB hangs on. A team from Texas and a team from Florida playing for the Stanley Cup, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. #2020
  21. Islanders 2 Lightning 1 2OT Jordan Eberle with the game winner 12:30 into the second overtime. Tampa Bay leads the series 3-2.
  22. As of today, most of Talent, a city in Oregon about the size of Corbin, has been destroyed by the fires. Parts of Medford and Ashland have also been burnt to the ground. My niece was able to return to work last weekend. My understanding is that she has to be tested weekly for the exposure to COVID. When they did the test last Saturday, the swab they stuck up her nose came out black with soot. 13 photos that show how bad Oregon wildfires and air quality really are.
  23. I watched the condensed WKU/UofL game last night on youtube while eating dinner. From what shots they showed of the crowd it looked like more than what was allowed, though I knew better. How do you judge anything like that, anyway. It sounded like there were quite a few there, too. Topic for another thread, UofL's kicking game.
  24. Stars 3 Golden Knights 2 OT Down 2-0 in the third period, Jamie Benn scored with 10:03 to go and Joel Kiviranata tied it with 1:47 left in regulation. 3:36 into overtime Denis Gurianov slapped one past Robin Lehner for the game winner. Dallas wins the series 4-1 and are off to the Stanley Cup Finals.
  25. @nWo, are they going to use the Greek alphabet this year as auxiliary names, like they did in 2005? There is only one unused name left on the 2020 list, Wilfred.
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