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    Hurricane Teddy

    @nWo will have to give you guys all the cool spaghetti charts, but this is supposed to be the 19th named storm tomorrow afternoon.
  2. swamprat

    Hurricane Sally

    Sally becomes the 18th named storm of the season. In 2005, Stan became a tropical storm on October 1.
  3. For today's game, he's 3rd on the depth chart. I know Kelly normally goes 2 deep at TE. If ND blows out Duke, you could see him a bit late in the game.
  4. Islanders 5 Lightning 2 The Bolts came from 3-1 down to tie in the third, but Brock Nelson enabled NewYork to regain the lead with 3:25 to go and Jean-Gabriel Pageau added an empty netter with 36 second left to seal the deal for the Islanders. Tampa Bay leads the series 2-1.
  5. Stars 3 Golden Knights 2 OT Alexander Radulov with the game winner 31 seconds into overtime. Dallas leads the series 2-1.
  6. Lightning 2 Islanders 1 Nikita Kucherov scored with 9 seconds left in regulation to give the Bolts the win. Tampa Bay leads the series 2-0.
  7. Given the limitation on seats and the distance seating requirements, USF cancelled all season ticket for this season and the 3 options were given the season ticket holders (transfer the tickets to next season, donate the amount paid to the Bulls Club, or get a refund). They started selling single game tickets, which can be purchase for all games, to the season ticket holders, last Tuesday, access given by priority points. I checked yesterday and Tuesday and I did not see any tickets for sale in my USF ticket account. This shows you where I stand 🙂. I got the following text right at 9:00 this morning... I now can see tickets available for sale for each game in my online account.
  8. Pictures taken by my niece from her vehicle. From late last night or early this morning pacific coast time.
  9. Golden Knights 3 Stars 0 Vegas scored 3 goals in the 2nd and that's all they needed. The series is tied 1-1.
  10. Thousands of Oregonians were evacuated from their homes Tuesday, as conditions led to a spate of surging wildfires state officials said is unprecedented in modern memory. With strong westward gusts pushing established fires over the crest of the Cascades, and setting off still more fires, officials said they were so focused on protecting lives and property that suppressing the blazes consuming hundreds of thousands of acres would have to wait. “Our number one priority is evacuation and basic life safety,” said Mariana Ruiz-Temple, chief deputy state fire marshal. “This wind event does not give us the opportunity to really get in there and fight fire how we might fight fire in previous events.” The gusts that began Monday gave new life to fires that had burned in central and eastern Marion County for weeks, eventually creating what officials are calling the Santiam Fire. It swept quickly down the canyons west of the cascades on Monday and Tuesday prompting evacuations in a swath of communities east of Salem. Meanwhile intensifying fires east of Eugene, near Ashland and along the coast also demanded attention and prompted evacuation orders in towns and state prisons. The Mt. Hood National Forest has been shut down to the public until further notice. https://www.opb.org/article/2020/09/08/evacuations-along-highway-22-as-oregon-fires-spread-quickly-monday-night/ I have a niece who works at an ALF in Medford, about 15 miles northwest of Ashland. About 40 minutes ago they were issued a level 2 alert and informed that the ALF would be next on the evacuation list. Her husband and pets have already been evacuated from their home in Prospect. She cannot get back there because they have closed highway 62 between Medford and Prospect.
  11. Lightning 8 Islanders 2 Point and Kucherov with 5 points each for the Bolts. I guess the layoff did not make them rusty after all. Tampa Bay leads the series 1-0.
  12. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/29818580/university-utah-issue-furloughs-entire-athletic-department I thought this would happen at those G5 schools that had cancelled fall sports and it has happened at some FCS schools that have had their fall sports cancelled, but a P5 school? Is Colorado next?
  13. Paulette becomes the 16th named storm of the season. During the most active hurricane season in recorded history, 2005, Philippe formed on September 17. Tropical Depression 18 is right on Paulette's heels and is expected to become Rene within the next 12 to 24 hours. There is also a tropical disturbance southwest of Bermuda that could form and head into the east coast. The strangest year continues...
  14. Stars 1 Golden Knights 0 John Klingberg scored the lone goal of the game 2 and half minutes into the first period. Both teams only had 25 shots on goal. Anton Khudobin got his first shutout of the playoffs. The teams looked tired. I think this every other day thing is wearing them out. There would at least be travel days in a normal series. Marc-Andre Fleury was in goal for Vegas this evening recording his first loss since the season restarted. I don't know what is going on with the club, but MAF has ticked off somebody. He went from #1 goalie to backup in the space of the layoff, making only 4 starts since the restart. This to a backup goalie the Knights picked up just before the layoff, Vegas being Robin Lehner's 3rd team in the last year. Weird situation. Dallas leads the series 1-0.
  15. The Bull and Bucs will be limited to 14,000 seats. The seats will be sold in pods of 1 to 6 seats. The USF tickets go on sale the on the 8th. Season ticket holders will be assigned access to the USF ticket site and phone sales in time slots determined by priority points. I think the Bucs are doing the same. Their first home game is on the September 20th.
  16. When Bulls fans do come back to RayJay for the ECU game on October 10th, this is what they will see...
  17. The Vegas Golden Knights are appearing in the conference finals for the 2nd time in their 3 years of existence in the league. Dallas's last conference final appearance was in 2008.
  18. This will be Tampa Bay's 4th conference final in the last six years. The Islanders last conference final appearance was 27 years ago.
  19. The # 7 seed New York Islanders vs. #2 seed Tampa Bay.
  20. Islanders 4 Flyers 0 New York wins the series 4-3.
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