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  1. Lightning 2 Stars 0 The Tampa Bay Lightning are the 2020 Stanley Cup Champions!!!!!!
  2. Stars 3 Lightning 2 2OT Corey Perry with the game winner 9:23 into the second overtime. Tampa Bay leads the series 3-2.
  3. Lightning 5 Stars 4 OT 37 seconds into overtime, Mikhail Sergachev was called for holding Tyler Seguin. Dallas went on their 3rd power play of the game and the Bolts killed it for the 3rd time. 5:10 in Jamie Benn tripped Tyler Johnson resulting a Tampa Bay power play. A minute thirty later Kevin Shattenkirk sank the game winner. Tampa Bay leads the series 3-1.
  4. Tulsa at Arkansas State North Texas at Houston
  5. Lightning 5 Stars 2 The Captain is back. Steven Stamkos played in his first game since March. He was on the ice for less than 3 minutes but managed to score the Bolts 2nd goal. Tampa Bay leads the series 2-1.
  6. I just confirmed that tests were conducted Monday and no USF players came back positive. This is solely based on the ND players coming up positive on Monday.
  7. USF at FAU has been postponed. I don't know how this crap works, but to my knowledge no USF players have tested positive. In his presser, today, Jeff Scott announced the postponement. He stated that this involves contact tracing issues partially related to the USF/Notre Dame game, last Saturday. 7 Notre Dame players tested positive on Monday.
  8. Well, seeing how Notre Dame is cancelling with just 7 players testing positive and the restraints being presented by the Big Ten's requirements for return to play. Willie and company would not be playing in either scenario where having 85 players means nothing.
  9. Willie Taggart says the USF/FAU game will be played as long as he has enough players to field a team. Thursday's round of tests will tell the tail.
  10. This is weird. The NCAA is not listing any Big Ten games on their web site.
  11. Lightning 3 Stars 2 The Bolts grab an early 3-0 lead then hold off a Dallas comeback. The series is tied 1-1.
  12. It looks like the disturbance in the north Atlantic west the Azores consisted of the remnants of Paulette and has reformed as a tropical storm.
  13. Note that the cancelled Houston at Baylor game was a last minute replacement for the Houston/Memphis game that was postponed due to a breakout at Memphis.
  14. It was announce yesterday that due to the COVID outbreak at FAU the USF at FAU game has been cancelled.
  15. Games postponed due to COVID in week 3. Viginia at Virginia Tech Houston at Baylor BYU at Army FAU at Georgia Southern Central Arkansas at Arkansas State Charlotte at North Carolina
  16. I watched Jeff Scott's post game presser this morning. It turns out that all three of their long snappers were unavailable for the game. They were using a backup center, that had never snapped long. I wondered why Trent Schneider, who usually booms punts, was coming up short a lot, though he did kick a 65 yarder the punt before the first extra long snap. After the first extra long snap, where Schneider took a pretty good shot, Scott decided he'd need his punter for conference play and pulled him in favor of a backup, before Schneider got killed.
  17. I was with my daughter's family at a USF sports bar (Capogna's Dugout in Clearwater) and they had this game on the screen next to one with the USF/ND game on it. It ended right after the USF game started. I got there in time to see the safety, TD with the 2 point conversion to tie it, and the final FG. One of the guys with us was John Angelo, Jerry (former Bear's GM) Angelo's kid brother, who played his college ball at Tulane (linebacker). The fellow was not a happy camper. By the way, keep a lookout for Angelo's son JJ (John Junior). He's 13, now, but could be starting for Clearwater Countryside next year as a freshman. The kid's got size, an arm, he is accurate, and he's smart.
  18. Neither defense was exceptional in this game. Passing: Miami 325 Louisville 307 Rushing: Louisville 209 Miami 160 Total yardage: Louisville 516 Miami 485 First downs: Louisville 29 Miami 19 Trading FGs for TDs early, untimely turnovers, and 2 exceptionally long scoring plays on Miami's first to possessions of the 3rd quarter killed the Cards last night.
  19. Down 24-0 at the half, Navy completes a miraculous comeback with a field goal as time expires. Jamale Carothers (Bowling Green) with 25 carries for 127 yards. Other than maybe The Battle of Midway, it's the biggest comeback in Navy history.
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