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  1. Hurricane Vince was the 20th named storm of 2005. It became a tropical storm on October 9.
  2. swamprat

    Hurricane Sally

    Me neither. #2020
  3. swamprat

    Hurricane Sally

    Reminds me of Elaina in 1985. That one sat off the coast of Tampa Bay for 2 days before moving off to hit the panhandle. Tore this place up worse than Irma did.
  4. I heard that they piped in the band music and had fake crowd noise. The color guy was more than horrible right off the bat, so as usual, I watched game with the sound down.
  5. Here is what it looked like.
  6. This looks like much to do about nothing, but could become the 20th named storm.
  7. swamprat

    Hurricane Teddy

    Teddy is the 19th named storm of the season. For reference, in 2005, Tammy became a tropical storm on October 5.
  8. Lightning 4 Islanders 1 Tampa Bay leads the series 3-1.
  9. Isn't it better to find out what the Big 12 is all about early? Better than having them over hyped, playing a strictly conference schedule, and be exposed in the CFP, taking a playoff spot from a more deserving team from the ACC or SEC? At least the SEC has proven themselves over the years and the ACC is playing OOC games.
  10. Stars 2 Golden Knights 1 Dallas leads the series 3-1.
  11. swamprat

    Hurricane Teddy

    @nWo will have to give you guys all the cool spaghetti charts, but this is supposed to be the 19th named storm tomorrow afternoon.
  12. swamprat

    Hurricane Sally

    Sally becomes the 18th named storm of the season. In 2005, Stan became a tropical storm on October 1.
  13. For today's game, he's 3rd on the depth chart. I know Kelly normally goes 2 deep at TE. If ND blows out Duke, you could see him a bit late in the game.
  14. swamprat

    Hurricane Sally

    This is not good.
  15. Islanders 5 Lightning 2 The Bolts came from 3-1 down to tie in the third, but Brock Nelson enabled NewYork to regain the lead with 3:25 to go and Jean-Gabriel Pageau added an empty netter with 36 second left to seal the deal for the Islanders. Tampa Bay leads the series 2-1.
  16. Stars 3 Golden Knights 2 OT Alexander Radulov with the game winner 31 seconds into overtime. Dallas leads the series 2-1.
  17. Lightning 2 Islanders 1 Nikita Kucherov scored with 9 seconds left in regulation to give the Bolts the win. Tampa Bay leads the series 2-0.
  18. Given the limitation on seats and the distance seating requirements, USF cancelled all season ticket for this season and the 3 options were given the season ticket holders (transfer the tickets to next season, donate the amount paid to the Bulls Club, or get a refund). They started selling single game tickets, which can be purchase for all games, to the season ticket holders, last Tuesday, access given by priority points. I checked yesterday and Tuesday and I did not see any tickets for sale in my USF ticket account. This shows you where I stand 🙂. I got the following text right at 9:00 this morning... I now can see tickets available for sale for each game in my online account.
  19. Pictures taken by my niece from her vehicle. From late last night or early this morning pacific coast time.
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