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  1. I sure hope that he does as well, but going to and fro is defiantly not a good look. Hope the best for him.
  2. I have heard Bowling Green, again just what I have heard.
  3. Figured it was something of that sort, just wasn't sure. Thanks for the info. Hope he really puts the work in on the academic side and gets what he needs, because no doubt, he has all the skills you need on the basketball side. Best of luck to him.
  4. Madison Central is looking to have a good year this year with 5 of their Seniors already committed, 2 to EKU, 2 to Georgetown College, and 1 to Lincoln Trail. They play a tough schedule, as always seems to be the case in any sport really, when you are talking about the 11th region.
  5. I hope he gets a chance as well, he can really play. I am a little confused though, maybe somebody can clarify for me. Aspire is housed in DeSales which is a high school, he is a senior and I assume graduating from Trinity. Is he just going to be taking some classes and studying for the ACT while at DeSales? Maybe retaking some classes for better grades? Or is he just going to be playing for Aspire and not attending DeSales classes? Just curious how this works in this situation, since DeSales per say doesn't have a post grad program that I am aware of.
  6. Jacob Farris - Madison Central - EKU Logan Thomason - Madison Central - EKU Keegan Naugle - Madison Central - Georgetown College Trey Eden - Madison Central - Georgetown College Casey Bargo - Madison Central - Lincoln Trail
  7. Scott Co. by 10+. CJ better have a huge game, and he is capable of that, but Scott is the better over all team and I think it will be shown today.
  8. Good half for Central so far, have way too many empty trips done the court. Have to limit those going forward. LCA is starting to figure out Centrals zone but don’t ha e much to stop the speed of Minter breaking down the defense. Should be a great 2nd half.
  9. LCA struggling on offense. Settling for some very deep 3’s. Central is playing well. A few sloppy turnovers
  10. Cards by 15+. Only chance Lafayette has is, if their jump trapping defense causes a lot of havoc. Scott Co just has too many good players, I think, for it to be an issue.
  11. This has the potential to be another great game. I think the key is, which team makes adjustments that help and cover the advantage the other team has. In Madison Central case, it is LCA height and length that will cause them the most trouble. If I not mistaken, I believe LCA has 3 starters 6'5" and over. One being Kyle Rode who plays point for the most part. Central could match up on the other 2 big's with Cozart 6' 7" and Gerald 6' 3" but that would put one of the other guards, most likely Minter 5' 11" matching up with Rode. In the 3 times I have seen LCA play, none this year against Central, I have watched as Rode takes the opposing guards down low and have his way. He is tall and also a very big body. So, I think matching up, and playing man, presents a possible problem for Central on the defensive end. The option would be to play zone, but LCA shoots the ball from outside well which includes their big's. What calls Coach Feldhaus makes and how Central executes will go a long way in Centrals success. The other thing that always plays a part when Central plays, is staying out of foul trouble. This team for Tournament purposes in only about 6-7 deep and that is all Feldhaus will play as long as nobody get in foul trouble. From LCA stand point, yes they are very tall and have good length, but they are not a quick team. There isn't much quickness anywhere in the lineup, and I think that presents a problem for them against Central. Nobody is going to be able to stay in front of Isaiah Minter or the other guards, and they could make it a long night by getting to the basket a lot, especially Isiah Minter. By breaking down the defense, it opens up Cozart and Gerlad around the basket. And on the defensive end, I would think that Central might press, a little, full court, and if they don't, they would press up high on the half court side. So how LCA handles the speed and pressure of Central, on both the defensive and offensive side of the ball, will go a long way in determining their success. I can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon, and I am hoping that both teams show up and we have the game that both teams are capable of playing. If anybody is planning on coming to watch, let me know. I would love to meet some other basketball junkies. My pick……..Rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Tribeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :taz::ylsuper:
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