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  1. Toepfert 2-3 HR, 2b, 2 rbi McCabe 1-3 GS HR, 4 rbi 3 caught stealing Zirkle 1-3 2b, 2 rbi
  2. Yes, they made that change for this season and going forward as far as I can tell.
  3. Gotta get there 1st....Boone swept Ryle in districts, Cooper swept Conner in dist...only top 2 go to regionals so Ryle has to beat Boone or Cooper to make it from what I can see.
  4. 1-2 0.67 Era 4 games, 9 hits, 2 earned runs, 27k's, 11 base on balls. Starts vs Moeller (1 earned run), W. Clermont, Conner and Boone Cty (1 earned run).
  5. Ryle led by Evan Webster with a CG, 2 hitter - 12 strike out effort for Raiders.
  6. Well pitched and defensive game for Ryle...just couldn't muster enough offense. Played very well overall for 1st game of the season.
  7. Ha Ha....I know he's not there this season but was last season...or at least had his photo taken in an Earlham Jersey. Another Note: Marshall Rich (RYLE) is currently at Miami-Hamilton after leaving Cumberland.
  8. Hunter Turner was last at Earlham College...I think he graduated last year. He was there with Eric Elkus from Dixie and currently Ian Bach (Cov Cath) is at Earlham
  9. Here are some more names Ziegelmeyer - Morehead State/Ryle - 2-0 4.70era in 5 games 21 innnings Purnell - Morehead State/Boone Cty - 2 innings in 4 game appearances Demler - Transy/Ryle - 2-0 2.25era in 20 innings Craddock - Transy/Conner 1-4 8.87era 23 innnings Yancy - Transy/Holy Cross 1 inning pitched Hartig - Transy/Campbell Co 21 innings 2.30 era Corey Franzen /Ky Weslyan/Campbell Co - No longer playing baseball Doty - Otterbien/Highlands 2-0 2.51 era 14 innings Bowden - NKU /Highlands no stats Huseman - Taylor/Beechwood - 2 innings
  10. besides, everyone knows SK plays horrible the 1st half of the season anyway.....LOL.
  11. I think what he's saying is there are some players on this list that are not All State caliber, to which I agree...but more importantly there are numerous All State caliber players that aren't on this list and should be as they are obviously better than some on the list. It has nothing to do with Lex/Louisville...if you know baseball talent Gage Hughes, McGowan are elite D1 level players who are heads and shoulders above some on this list. I doubt he was taking a shot at your son. But I would say, at least this season, there are 1 maybe 2 NKY schools with multiple (truly) All State level players and we all know who they are...but again, this is a "watch list" not a finalized "All State" award list.
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