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  1. Their depth will get a lot better when Freshman D'Myah Williams is cleared to play. She is a tremendous young player and will be a starter. That will move someone to the rotation off the bench. While they might not be as deep as last year they will still go 8-9 most nights.
  2. I know there are new foul rules. Not sure about anything else. 1. All bonus fouls are now 2 shots. 2. Bonus starts on the 5th foul of each quarter. 3. Fouls will reset at the beginning of each quarter.
  3. https://vcloud.blueframetech.com/holycross/widget?I'd=145 * We will be broadcasting (audio only) all home games for the girls and boys as well as some big road games, the All "A" Tournament along with 35th district and regional tournaments.
  4. St. Henry will visit Holy Cross tomorrow night in Latonia. Holy Cross Radio will be there to cover the game. Good luck to all teams this year in the 9th region. Hoping for a healthy season for all teams!
  5. Gotcha. Top 3 are going to be very strong for sure. Then 4 & 5 next in line, then decent drop off to 6-12 in my opinion.
  6. The rankings above have Cooper 3rd. Are you saying that is an underestimate? I'm personally very high on Cooper as well but hard to put them ahead of Newport and Cov Cath at least pre season. Just my opinion.
  7. Holy Cross travels to Ryle on December 1st so we should see how those 2 teams stack up against each other. I do think my Indians will need some time to get the young guys varsity experience but should get better and better as the season goes. They have a nice group of young players. It should be another fun season as there is so much talent in the 9th region again this year. Best of luck to all teams!
  8. Great write up LLS - I also agree there is a big drop off after the top 5. As a Holy Cross guy I also hope new head coach Ricardo Johnson can get/keep this team in that next tier from 6-10 all year. They lost virtually all of their scoring losing their their starting 5 including obviously Jacob Meyer. They do have a nice group of young players but will need time to develop and gain varsity experience. Outside of Cov Cath in the 35th, I think they still have a great chance to make the region in February as they will battle with BW and Holmes for that second spot.
  9. DD - Great job on the preseason report/rankings/players, etc.... Well done!
  10. Agree with DD here. Marissa is a fine talent and fun to watch but I would have her behind the same ones DD mentioned above.
  11. It's a shame what happened in the hand shake line as well as on the concourse. Lloyd asst coach (McClendon) was at the very front of the line congratulating the Newport coaches and players and looked very "classy" in doing so which does not shock me. He is a great dude. Maybe the rest should have taken his lead and nothing would have happened. Both Lloyd and Newport have great teams and for it to end like that after a hard fought game was disappointing. Practically no one is talking about the game. The radio guys mentioned on more than one occasion that the game was very "chippy". I would assume there will be more security and school personnel there tomorrow night. Best of luck to both Cooper and Newport. Both teams are red hot right now!
  12. Holy Cross has a lot of talent coming back and have some nice 8th graders coming in. D'Myah Williams being one of those 8th graders who played a lot down the stretch this year. She will be one of the top players in the region at some point in her career. All-region first team Julia Hunt will also be back along with Wimzie, Nelson & Hayes....They could be better than this year. Sign me up!
  13. Expecting a good crowd tonight at Truist Arena for the girls semi final games. If you can't make the game in person Holy Cross Radio will be there to cover the 2nd game against Ryle. http://vcloud.blueframetech.com/holycross/widget?I'd=145
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