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  1. Don’t think anyone that has followed them this year would disagree with you. Meyer is a unique talent that this area hasn’t seen in quite a long time.
  2. That isn’t my point. You said if they didn’t have either they would win 8/9 games. I agree with that and also saying if we take top 2 scorers from every team off those teams they win maybe 8/9 as well. Nothing more not trying to start anything. Maybe I’m wrong…
  3. For sure but to be fair take the top 2 scorers and (56 pts in this case) off any team and they wouldn’t win many games. I get what you are saying but that’s a comparison you can make with 95% of all teams.
  4. Courtesy of the Statman Holy Cross 26 14 21 19 - 80 Conner 10 18 23 23 - 74 HC (21-9) - Meyer 41, Ward 27, Z. Arlinghaus 4, Hoffman 3, Gibson 3, Lehmkuhl 2. Conner (20-10) - Lohr 18, Castrucci 18, Kramer 15, Campbell 14, Hamilton 5, Cook 4. FTs - HC 15/21, Conner 12/16 3s - HC 11/23, Conner 6/18 Rebs - HC 35, Conner 27
  5. Conner played great in 2nd half. Give Holy Cross credit too. They built a big lead. Saw it fade away then took back over last 2-3 minutes. Ended on a 13-7 run after it was tied 67-67.
  6. Played 28 minutes and was 2/10 for 5 points per stats from The Statman. Full game stats to follow.
  7. Love Joe Barnes. Mentioned his name on this same post in the boys section.
  8. If you're talking about "in gym" PA announcing the top couple for me are Holmes (Danny) and Bellevue (Joe Barnes). Both crush it in my opinion !!!
  9. Think the last regional appearance for Holmes was the 14/15 season in James Bolden's senior year. The 35th district has been tough to get out of the past 10-15 years to say the least. The one constant has been Cov Cath during that stretch. Holy Cross & Beechwood has been the 2nd team out of the district the last 7 7-8 years.
  10. I'll bite and try to explain your post further - The 4 you are referencing, 2 are Arlinghaus's (Zach & Dylan cousins) and Cade Lehmkuhl (who's Mom is an Arlinghaus) and Ryan Pulsfort. The Arlinghaus's have strong ties/siblings that went to Holy Cross going back a ways and are "strong" supporters of Holy Cross. There is a long list of them all went to HC. They were never going to CCH whether they were "good enough" or not. Meyer played in 16 games for Scott as an 8th grader. He could have went anywhere he wanted to High School as a Freshman. All five "Northern Ky" Kids and great students at Holy Cross.
  11. Holy Cross Radio will be there the next two weeks covering all the Holy Cross games (boys & girls). You can listen live using the link below. Good luck to all teams! http://vcloud.blueframetech.com/holycross/widget?id=145
  12. Official stats courtesy of the Statman. Holmes 12 11 19 33 - 75 Holy Cross 22 21 18 24 - 85 Holmes (11-17) - Q Calloway 47, Pouncy 15, Commodore 7, Garcia 2, Boyd 2, Boone 2. Holy Cross (20-8) - Meyer 35 (8 rebs, 6 assts), Ward 25, Gibson 8 (9 rebs), Hoffman 7, D Arlinghaus 5, Pulsfort 2, Lehmkuhl 2, Z Arlinghaus 1. * Holy Cross jumped on Holmes early and had their biggest lead at 53-25 early in the 3rd quarter. Give Holmes credit behind Q Calloway getting red hot in the 2nd half, the Bulldogs got as close as 8 with 3:00 to go but couldn’t get any closer. Congratulations to Holy Cross junior guard Jacob Meyer who finished with 35 points and broke the school’s all-time scoring record held by Joe Harney. Finals Friday night at 7:00 pm Holy Cross vs Cov Cath
  13. Good work this year on the weekly rankings DD ! With the top 5 being so loaded it was hard for much movement into the top 5 all year long. Those top 5 are really strong with Holy Cross being #6. I agree with your rankings heading into post season play. Best of luck to all teams.
  14. Looking back the team seems to be right on par with their results the last several years and they have made the regional tournament in 7 or 8 straight years winning it all in 2015. Pretty solid program and consistent team over the last several years in my opinion. A lot of teams would like to have had their success. 2020/21 16-9 (covid shortened schedule) 2019/20 17-13 2018/19 22-10 2017/18 18-13
  15. I'll take the side of our head coach and program. Playing a tough schedule you will have more losses than if you scheduled a cupcake schedule and were 23-5. Wins and losses don't mean anything in the regular season when you are playing top teams. It is about improving and getting your team ready for post season play. These comments seem to have started about 5 weeks ago so something must have changed your mind from the beginning of the year? Can't compare JV games to varsity games either. Terrible comparison.
  16. I think Coach has done a tremendous job with this team and put together a very tough schedule to get them tournament ready. I follow the team as closely as anyone (and have no kids involved of my own) just a love for our school and programs and I have a completely different opinion. 🙂 I also agree with CVG in his assessment above. In my opinon, there are 99% of boys or girls teams that would love to have a post player (like Julia Hunt) to throw the ball into to start their offense every time down the court. The fact that they have 3-point shooters waiting when they collapse on her is another luxury to have. The reason they shoot so many 3's is because of the double and triple teaming on Hunt so the ball is kicked out to players for open 3's. The fact that they are shooting a low % from 3 this year is a whole other discussion. I'm not sure what other offense would be better to run with their current personnel or is it more about who is playing and who isn't playing?
  17. Excellent summary of the game. I'm a Holy Cross guy but was impressed seeing Conner for the first time this season. If Holy Cross makes shots they can hang in there with anyone.
  18. You're information was correct. Holy Cross won both the Freshman and JV games. The assessment of the varsity game was also correct. After the game was tied at 9-9 midway through the 1st quarter Conner went on a 13-0 run and never really looked back. Holy Cross made a few runs but could not get closer than 5 points. Conner has a really nice team and play well together. They aren't very deep (maybe 2 subs off bench played) but was very impressed with them. The Indians did a great job guarding Hamilton in my opinion but was still impressed by her play. She is going to be a handful the next two years! Unofficial from Holy Cross Radio - Conner 18 6 13 15 - 52 Holy Cross 9 5 12 14 - 40 Conner (20-3) - Simpson 13, Hawthorne 11, Hamilton 10, Strange 10, McGraw 5, Fisher 3. Holy Cross (17-10) - Hunt 11, Arlinghaus 9, Bottom 6, Wimzie 5, Robinson 3, McCoy 2, Williams 2, Lehmkuhl 2.
  19. Already peaked? Come on now. Holy Cross had won 9 of 11 before tonight and lost by 3. Give NCC credit here.
  20. Rare 5:30 pm varsity only game tonight vs Holmes. * HC Boys varsity will have their senior night after this game at 7:30 pm against NCC.
  21. Sorry I’m just seeing this. We usually setup during the JV game but only cover the varsity games for radio. Thanks for the kind words and for listening.
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