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  1. Everyone played but Brannen was at probably 70%. He sprained his ankle really bad last weekend. I was very surprised he played to be honest.
  2. Missing 3’s and free throws are two totally different things. Free throws much easier to make..
  3. If Beechwood hits it’s free throws the game doesn’t come down until the end.
  4. Draud led Beechwood with 24pts and Adien Bieger had 23pts. Probably the worst game I have seen them play in a long while. They will miss CJ Brannen who is out with a bad ankle injury. Tigers move to 20-3 on the year..
  5. Beechwood beat NCC tonight to move to the semifinals.
  6. I believe Draud led Beechwood with 25pts. The Iles kid from NCC had 19pts. Hard to believe he is only a frosh. The kid has a great shot. NCC is very young and should be really good the next couple years. Tigers go to 19-3 on the year..
  7. Tigers win an up and down playground game. Scotty Draud had 27pts and CJ Brannen added 18pts. Dohn has a kid #2 that is the most talented player I have seen all year. He had 31pts & 25reb.. The kid looks like a college player right now. I’d say he is 6’6 200lbs..
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