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  1. I don't get a vote but my top three as of now would be: Lauren Schwartz, Savannah Wheeler, and Emma King. They would be my front runners. All three have good teams with good schedules. I haven't seen all girls that have been mentioned play this year but I have seen most of them and I hope to make it to the LIT to watch a lot of these top candidates play. I do wish they voted for all awards after the state tourney was finished.
  2. We will have to agree to disagree that college commitments or offers, play a factor in who should win Miss Basketball. I do not know who gets a vote for this award, however, I do agree that voters should take the time to watch a lot of basketball especially for those candidates. KY Premier is an outstanding nationally recognized program, a member of the prestigious Nike GEYBL. Hence the reason they have so many past winners and big time players, but this may the first time out the past several years one of their girls doesn't win the award. There is a lot of basketball left to play and still some big tourneys left to watch!
  3. It is ok to disagree and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I never said anything negative about any of these kids. They are all very good players, and I didn't point out that King was going to UK because it should not matter. This is for a KY HIGH SCHOOL award. Not a travel team nor a college team award including UK. Seems like you were offended that I put the stats out there but I wish I had the assist, steals, and blocks but those are not posted that I can find. Seygan Robbins may have been the best player last year I'm not debating that and I had no idea what her stats where until you posted them, but by your logic, seems to me that Mykassa Robinson should've been Miss Basketball since she had better stats , was a top 20 player in ESPN rankings (ahead of Robbins) since some people care about college potential for high school awards. Mykassa also went to Louisville. You have mistaken me posting their stats as a slight but I was simply offering them for all those candidates that had been mention by everyone else on this thread. I have not posted any players who should be considered, just asked the question. SOS does matter but it also depends on which polls or bias you have for those schools. I guess sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am just glad these young ladies should have the opportunity to play at the next level and get their schooling paid for but that is a totally different subject!
  4. All the names are intriguing to say the least. But Miss Basketball is not about college potential, interest, or where they are going to college. These are the stats posted on KHSAA website. These kids all play on good teams so that shouldn't play much of a factor either. If there are more contenders please list them I would love to compare their seasons! Ashlee Harris- SHA 14.4 PPG and 3.1 rebounds Mikayla Kinnard - Eastern 15.1 PPG 9.8 Rebounds Savannah Wheeler - Boyd County 31 PPG 7.2 Rebounds Emma King- Lincoln County 17.5 PPG 7.4 Rebounds Maaliya Owens - Scott County 20.4 PPG 5.4 Rebounds Lauren Schwartz- Ryle 19.1 PPG and 7 Rebounds Hayley Harrison- GRC 14.6 PPG 4.8 Rebounds Kiara Pearl - Eastern 18.6 PPG 5.5 Rebounds
  5. Who is your leader for Miss Basketball? We are about midway through this season. Post away, I am curious what people throughout our great state of KY think.
  6. You could make a case for Conner to be in the top 5 in the state. They have played a good schedule. Their only loss coming to Ryle is not a bad loss, strength of schedule should matter!
  7. All rankings have some bias. Lincoln County has shown they are better than their ranking. They have played a much tougher schedule than Scott County and it may be paying off. GRC is a top 3 team in the state as is Ryle. I wonder why no one is talking about Boyd County who has the best 19' (Wheeler) in the state and possibly the best 21' (Paynter) in the state? I would think that after last two years Boyd County team would get some love and this year especially after they beat Ryle in Lexington Tourney. Some teams play a cupcake schedule and that is their right to do so, but I don't think they should be given a pass on that when it comes down to votes for awards or rankings.
  8. Mercer County at Boyd County Saturday, November 24th will be a very good scrimmage.
  9. Male dominated the boards (31-13) and consistently scored both from long-range and in the post on its way to a 37-23 halftime lead, but Boyd Co. Coach Pete Fraley made some effective halftime adjustments and Boyd Co. climbed back and eventually took the lead and the remainder of the game looked like the fight scene in Rocky I. Overall, it was a well-played game between two very athletic and great shooting teams.
  10. East Carter never trailed in tonight's home game. Tonight's score was almost a complete reversal of Boyd County's home win over East Carter 59-45 on January 24th, the Lady Raiders's last loss.
  11. The starters who hadn't fouled out were pulled at the end of the 3rd quarter. Ugly, foul-plagued game, with the officials preventing any flow to the game. East's 8th grade starter, Harley Paynter, had an awesome game--with many more sure to follow.
  12. Starters pulled 2 1/2 minutes into the 3rd quarter with a 47-9 lead. Running clock the rest of the game. Through the first two scrimmages and tonight's game, this year's starters have shown much better ball-movement, defensive intensity and team chemistry than in previous seasons.
  13. Great family. I'm glad the Robinson sisters will be reunited and I agree with the poster who said they would be giving the PAC 10 (Sorry, I'm a traditionalist) fits.
  14. I know a lot of great information has been posted on this thread in response to the OP's question, but I wanted to pass along a link from "DIY College Rankings," a very good site for both academic information and athletic recruiting information, entitled, "Five Financial Mistakes that Can Limit Your Chance of Playing Your Sport at the College Level." 5 Financial Mistakes that Can Limit Your Chance of Playing Your Sport at the College Level - Do It Yourself College Rankings
  15. Actually, my daughter hasn't decided yet, but was recruited (and yes, D3 schools do recruit, and heavily, at least in WBB, though the pool of players with the academic credentials to be admitted is far smaller) by several of the Ivies and many of the UAA schools (a D3 "Ivy League-like" conference with a national travel schedule) and has taken official recruiting trips to Top Tier academic schools out West. Having said that, as of November 1, she has applied EA to ten schools, and will choose among them in early- to mid-December. To answer your question about the schools offering my daughter's intended major or some iteration of it and which also recruited her to play WBB, she applied EA to University of Chicago, Case Western Reserve University, Carnegie Mellon, Kenyon College, Grinnell College, Bard College, Vassar College, Colorado College, Sewanee University,and Stevens Institute of Technology. Several of the schools on the list are nationally ranked "liberal arts" colleges, but either offer the biochemistry/neuroscience classes required of that major or allow students to tailor an individual major under the supervision of a tenured professor. I mention this because a lot of parents of today's kids do not realize the strong emphasis many liberal arts schools place on science and math today. I would recommend your daughter get in touch with any of the D3 schools recruiting her to ask about an overnight recruiting visit in which she could sit in on some of the basic and upper division classes in her intended major (plus she will get a good feel for the campus food and what it's like to live in a school dorm there). Overnight recruiting visits helped my daughter immensely in paring down her list. While I realize that the NCAA does not allow D 3 schools to offer athletic scholarships, you might ask the D3 coaches recruiting your daughter straight up about where she is on their recruiting board and gingerly ask them about how many "slots" or "tips" their team has been allotted by Admissions for the 2017-18 class and if the coach doesn't automatically set your daughter up with an official interview with the "Admissions Liaison" (-to the athletic department), I would recommend asking them if they would set one up for your daughter. Aside from the omnipresent U.S. News and World Report rankings, there are several other sites than can help you find current information about D 3 or Top Tier academic schools and which ones offer the best majors in subjects your daughter wants to pursue: College Admissions, Search, and Financial Aid Help from College Confidential, Niche: Explore Schools and Neighborhoods and Do It Yourself College Rankings. I hoped this information helped. If you have any more questions or need additional information, please DM me.
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