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  1. St.Henry will be much better next year with the addition of Kayla Unkraut and possibly a few others. Congrats to Coach Stamm one of the good guys in this business.
  2. Well that's an interesting way of looking at things.
  3. Coaching is what we are talking about. It was suggested shes the best coach in the state.
  4. I've never been at a Ryle practice or sat in the huddle or even really talked basketball with the Ryle coach. With that said I'm having a hard time with the best coach in the state comment. Just this years team she has a McDonald's All-American two additional starters with D1 offers and two 8th graders that more than likely will play pretty high level college ball. You add Dofitt in on that group she's a 1000 point scorer it might be harder to lose than it is to win. Again no idea if she is a good coach or not hard to tell with all that talent.
  5. Best coach in the state. See the proves everyone has an opinion.
  6. Well just so happens I am a huge Girls basketball follower. So I just want to make sure I'm clear you want something to be done with the current coach? You would like to see her replaced I assume? She is probably the best player to ever come out of NKY granted that does not always make you a good coach but she's pretty good at that as well. She is almost always in the region tournament her teams are always prepared they are always competitive. Never has there been accusations of wrong doing in her program. She's a teacher a mother an all around good person I for one would love for her to coach
  7. So what you're saying is this thing runs much deeper than ODD substitutions & not playing the correct kids at crunch time. You are thinking that Highlands keeps Coach Richey around because they just want to be OK? Just curious do you think keeping her around as been the cause of limited success for the boys as well? Maybe and this is just a thought maybe the school board and the AD at highlands has something against basketball? I'm checking in to these things and will report back once I get to the bottom of this which looks to be a basketball conspiracy in Ft. Thomas. I mean come on no r
  8. Kiefer was out for Brossart I'm pretty Highlands had everyone.
  9. Well they won but only scored 33 or so. My guess would be the staff is up to their old tricks again. ODD substitutions at crunch time would be my guess for the low score.
  10. Yea thats not really an option here on BGP. Has to be a conspiracy or sabotage. No way someone was just better. Something or someone made the Highlands coaches not play the right kids. Dont even gets started on the 3 foul shots. I've put a call in to KHSAA they assured me someone is looking in to this. If anything ODD goes on from this point forward someone will be on double secret probation.
  11. Is there any other way? I missed sports center that night so that was my only option.
  12. After further investigation I've found out that Highlands only shot 3 foul shots. I'm thinking not only the coaching staff but now the refs are in on this odd situation that developed in Newport last night.
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