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  1. You can look back at all the hear say and people speculating on the threads when it was basketball season. What I will say is how it is funny that this is the second place some of these things have happened at for a couple of these students. Different coaches and same stories.
  2. Coach Volpenhein is a great guy from what I understand. I find it crazy that after all the things that were stated about him and what was claimed to happen at Lloyd, he still is a teacher at Lloyd. Sports bring out all kinds of stories about things that aren’t true. 150 kids in a classroom but no problems there.
  3. I was not aware that he coached at Aiken HS until I read the article that stated it. I’m saying that if he plays any team he did while he was at Campbell then he might get a taste of his own medicine. I’m going to say it happens once or twice but from what I’ve seen almost every other coach has a little more sense in understanding you are up by 40 so it might be time to let up a little. Not the garbage excuse that “just trying to get ready for the tournament”.
  4. Big win for the Lady Raiders without Scherr. I expect that these teams will battle it out for years to come. Anyone know why Coach Murphy wasn’t on the floor at the end? Kind of odd.
  5. I think the game might start slow in the adjustment to the big floor but Ryle has played enough that it won’t be long. I think the pressure they can put on HC will be too much for HC to handle. I’m saying that Ryle runs away with it. I’m going to go even larger and by the end it is Ryle by 30.
  6. This play is great. Love it. I saw an official ruin it this year. It was set up and official yelled at the defense that they were on wrong side and offense was going that way and delayed handing ball in so they could move to correct end. Coach was not happy. This was varsity game in 9th.
  7. This is a fun thread. I don’t like the PA people who over announce and make it about them. Give me what happened and play some music. The guy at Cooper is awful. Hate going there because it is just too much. I will say again Joe Barnes is the best. I went to Ryle to watch Maddie Scherr play a few times and noticed Coach Tiki announcing and it was minimal like it should be. Going to say again though if you haven’t been to a Bellevue game, go. Better yet go to Bellevue vs Dayton and enjoy the atmosphere. Especially Joe Barnes.
  8. If you are “#1 team in the state” why do you allow Walton to stall this out. As said above, you have beaten them multiple times and pretty handily in both of those.
  9. My prediction is Ryle by 16. Close game for about 2 1/2 quarters. Conner has home crowd to help them but Ryle is just better. Maddie Scherr is still really good and not many teams have an answer for her including Conner.
  10. I would ditto the Joe Barnes at Bellevue. Best in the business. It shows he has a blast doing it.
  11. I am not quite sure. I was just asking if trying to move up to one of those other top programs teams would be beneficial to her. You watch twitter and the top players from across the state come from those 3 mostly. I don’t coach aau nor have I ever but hard to argue with the run of players these programs have.
  12. Unkraut going to St Henry??? I wonder what her production will be. The 3 best teams on Villas schedule were within their district in St Henry, Dixie and Ludlow. I would even throw Lloyd in for next best team they played. Outside of Dixie those other three aren’t really lighting it up. If she is at St Henry then playing Highlands, Holy Cross, Brossart and NCC is a little different then playing Latin, Dayton and beechwood twice as well as every other school on their schedule. I get they schedule who they are. But just wondering how she will fare vs much better competition. Will she also jump to an established AAU organization like Premier, Thunder or Gym Rats to prepare for this?
  13. By the looks of the updates on twitter this one was a lot closer than I expected. This young Cooper team will be really good in a couple years as long as they stay together.
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