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  1. NCC keeps the Bell. It seems like every year NCC is the visiting team they bring the Bell home with them. The Bell rides in first class up the hill. Kolt Smith tied the school record with 5 TD passes. He also ran one in. Something his brother has never done. Jeff Smith was on the practice squad with the Bengals. Sorry Jeff but your sophomore brother might be better. Kolt threw 2 Td passes to Luke Runion, 2 TD passes to Dom Morgan and a 2 point conversion. Luke Brockman scored the last Td pass. Huge night for Kolt.
  2. Luke Brockman TD Pass from Smith. I think that is Kolt 5th TD pass tonight. Tying school record held Paul Kremer who has done it 3 times.
  3. TD pass Smith to Runion 2 point conversion good to Dom Morgan. 36-0 NCC
  4. 7-0 NCC TD Pass by Smith to Runion. Great Diving catch. Look for the Highlight. Nomination for Catch if Year
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