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  1. Played amateur ball against Steve. Great guy. He could throw it!!!
  2. Totally agree with everything you said. It's gotten ridiculous! Just my opinion,but sometimes i feel , we as adults, don't let kids be kids anymore. A lot of it.... IS parents!!! No reason for 10/12 year old's ,playing 100 games every spring/summer/fall. IMHO!!! ...lol! I get where your coming from though.
  3. Didn't mean to "single out" curve balls!!! Believe what you want to believe. No problem! My point was ,there to many other things that come into play besides pitch count. Personally , i have coached high school for 20 years. Done it all. Knothole,select,frosh,jv,varsity. head coach at a school. The one thing have had with all the programs i've been with,as far as teaching pitching,we push pitch location [fastball],and teaching a change up that can be thrown for strikes. I get what your saying,but if it's my kid,probably not throwing curves till 13/14 years old. As i said,that is not set in stone.If the kid is bigger,or is more polished,then we go from there.Everyone has their take. i get it!
  4. Not going to defend anything coaches do. Not defending pitch counts. I will say, there's always a few coaches,that make the rest look bad. As far as what's been said so far,i do believe some of these coaches play to many games.I would like to see it go to to 28/30 games max !!! One thing people don't realize,as far as pitch counts, that once these players go play summer/fall ball, there are no pitch counts!!! I ask butch cope about this a few years ago ,as we talked about some things at the state baseball conference . Apparently the khsaa has no say in summer/fall leagues. I do find it ironic that some people complain about pitch counts [throwing too many pitches] but have their players throwing curve balls at age 10/12 . hmmmmm!!!! I think it would help if the khsaa , and the summer/fall leagues got on the same page. Also,pitch counts can also be dictated by each different player,depending on size and age. My point...."one size doesn't fit all". Just some observations form someone that's been around a little bit....lol! Cheers gentlemen. Have a good one.
  5. Wilber Woods 1973 season. 24-20 3.59 era 359 innings 48 starts !!! That's almost 2 seasons for these guy's now.....LOL! It's a shame what's happened to baseball. I don't watch as much anymore. It's almost unwatchable! imho Cheers!
  6. Browns never seem to get calls!!! Going back to "bottlegate", and then last years, helmet to helmet against Higgins at the goal line,resulting in a fumble.
  7. I'm a Browns fan but,i have to admit,thanks funny!!!
  8. As long as Bell is manager,this team will win nothing! To compare him to dusty,is a insult to Baker. Again,just Cincy fans settling for mediocre !!! IMHO !!!
  9. Amen on Brantley managing this team. I'm not going to get started on the current manager, except...everyone i talk to around here in baseball circles, not a fan!!! But hey, he's the son,and grand son of ex-reds. Which apparently is all the managing credentials you need to manage a major league team in Cincinnata !!! [ using the Sparky Anderson pronunciation] btw....The bullpen will be done by July!!!
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice how annoying Mr. Sadek is. It's always tough trying to move into new territory,but man.... right now, he needs to just call the game. I liked him the first 2/3 games i watched,but the whole over the top [in my opinion] with the analytics, dude ...give it a break!!!! If i have to here him talk about...."exit velocity", "launch angle", "swing and miss rate", i think I'm going to "launch angle" , my t.v. into the woods behind my house!!!! I realize this stuff is the flavor of the decade right now, but trying to throw out every little piece of statistical info is ridiculous !!! [minutiae!] Most people could care less!!! I'm willing to give him till July. Tommy Thraw sounds like a solid announcer to me. Cowboy is cowboy! It's to bad though, that there is nobody who will call the players out for sub par play. Looks like they are all company men.[the announcers] I miss Marty's "call it like i see it' attitude . Things change.I get it! Anyway, just one man's humble opinion. Later gentlemen.
  11. WOW!!! Only one 10th region school [grc] in the top 25. None from 9th region! Hopefully that will change by mid May. Of course, this really means nothing at the beginning of the season. Good luck to all the schools.
  12. All the above comments are true. No argument there. Not sure if everyone who posted was a where, that the field on route 8 was built on a land fill. They have always seemed to have trouble with the infield "sinking" in spots. They have trucked in a lot of dirt over the years to try and correct the problem. Not sure what else they could do. It is a nice complex,in theory, if the ground would co-operate .....lol!!! Anyway, just wanted to "fyi" for people.
  13. Been watching UK basketball since the days of Issel,Pratt,Casey,Steele. Have never had to watch a team that looks so bad on the offensive end. [ Defense not much better] I've seen better offensive sets at pick up games at the "Y" !!! Never been a big Cal fan,but i will cut him a little slack. You will have a off year from time to time. My biggest problem... this team hasn't really gotten any better in three months!!! Keep doing the same stuff ,about every game. It is really hard to watch this team play....So I'm not!!!! Later gentlemen.
  14. rjs4470,Totally agree with you. "not looking good".
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