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  1. I have seen more people walking and enjoying nature.
  2. Bless your heart. Praying for you my friend. Special angels are with you.
  3. We had Three players hit double figures for the Cardinals led by Jared Wellman with 16 points. Jerone Morton and KJ Rucker each went for 11, Lincoln Bush with nine points and 19 rebounds, giving him 52 rebounds in the three games during the 10th Region tournament.
  4. I really want to check off a very important item from my new bucket list. It is for the GRC boys and girls to go to state the same year. Just a win tonight to achieve this. GO CARDS.
  5. All 40th district final. It will be packed for this big rival game with a trip to Rupp on this line.
  6. Just hope we win. On my bucket list is that the boys and girls both go to state the same year. The girls have punched their ticket, so now it is the boys turn. GO CARDS.
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