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  1. Nice win by the baby Jags! Very happy for them! B-ball future looks hopeful in Union.
  2. My grandma’s homemade donuts, rolled in sugar. She would say, “Recipe? I don’t have one.” I wish I would have watched more closely and taken notes while she made them.
  3. I’m more of a Special Victim’s Unit fan. I think that when your mom allows a boyfriend to live with you for 3 to 5 years, starting at age 13 or 15, that’s just strange and weird. Did mom have her daughter’s best interest in mind? Does not sound like it. We don’t know. Maybe she felt she had no other way out. Maybe she did not want to be with the boyfriend that is living in her house, but her own mom gives her no choice.
  4. My nephew lives in downtown Minneapolis. He has been posting Facebook live videos as he participates in the protests. On the first couple of days, the videos were powerful and uplifting, to see the sea of humanity, passionately gathering together. But now it is starting to turn ugly. Sunday’s video showed people marching down the on ramp to the freeway, but a line of police officers stood across the bottom of the ramp, preventing the protesters from getting on the freeway. The protesters were getting closer and closer to the police barricade. The police began to roll tear gas canisters towards the crowds so they would back from the freeway. In my observation, at that point, it was no longer peaceful. It was people being careless and stupid, trying to start an altercation with the Minneapolis police officers.
  5. Agree. Or an employer placing you in job assignments based on what they may have learned about your medical history, and possibly giving the better opportunities to individuals that they deem healthier or younger.
  6. I’m not sure anything has been proven. Generally speaking, the rigor is lower. Reliable assessment data is not feasible with this platform. We will have learning gaps that will continue to widen, the longer students are out of the classroom.
  7. I want normal just as much as everyone else. I hope our health care system is ready.
  8. If you are not wearing a mask, then please social distance. Sports are alive and well at the grocery store as I box out at the fridge cases to grab my milk before no distance/no mask dude commits a travel and a charge.
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