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  1. I agree. I was hoping for an ending that tied things together a little more. It wasn’t a terrible ending but it could have been much better.
  2. Not directed at you in any way my man. I quoted MJ, not you. My post was directed at the 100 year old fans who pine for the old days. The days where every player stayed 4 years. It was directed towards the fans who believe anything less than a championship is a failure. The fans who call for Calipari’s head but don’t offer a reasonable replacement. The fans who would turn their back on the replacement they named if he didn’t win a championship within a couple years. My post was directed at people who kick and scream without offering any solutions. If the above describes you, I’m sorry. As far as the “Ive” part of your post, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I can only assume you’re calling someone out for a grammatical error ? Maybe you’re a modern day Shakespeare?
  3. Agreed. There has to be a camp somewhere that age 55 plus UK fans are taught to type in all caps with incredibly stupid hot takes. The weekly meetings of these camps take place at local McDonald’s at 5 am across the eastern part of the state.
  4. Very little in life is fair. Our tax dollars pay for stuff for all types of people but that’s a topic for another day. I’m all for holding the borrower accountable for the money they borrowed. It’s the interest rates I’d like to see reduced. Going forward, if we’re not going to change the system and reduce the cost of education, I’d also be in favor of mandatory community college for a year or two. If you show you’re making passing grades and have a clear career choice then you would be eligible to take out a loan and transfer to a traditional 4 year university to finish out your degree. Allowing naive, immature 17 and 18 year olds to take out loans for insane amounts of money has always been a terrible idea. I say all this as someone who paid off their student loans.
  5. Never understood this argument. Just because I went through it doesn’t mean every generation should have to. I’ve known many people who died from cancer. That doesn’t mean I’m against finding a cure… The problem isn’t necessarily the debt, it’s the outrageous cost of attending. We agree on this. Fix the cost of attending and I’m all for a one time reduction of debt. I really like the idea of zero interest, not a handout.
  6. Electives are slap in the face to students. Classes that count towards the credit requirements for graduation but are not needed for the degree. I sleep better knowing my Dr. took advanced pottery, world music and screenwriting 101 before being accepted to medical school 🙄
  7. I’m all for it but not until they get the absurd cost of higher education under control. If all debt was erased today, more debt would start piling up tomorrow. Canceling debt without addressing the true issue is pointless.
  8. No clue about Jameison, never heard of him. Love the Nolan and Manning hires for Payne though. A good young recruiter and a veteran bench coach.
  9. I read somewhere that Oscar would be getting around 2 million in NIL deals.
  10. It’s a no brainer hire if it secures DJ. If we’re being honest, minus the scandals, UL is in close to the same shape UK was in when they hired Cal. They’ve become stagnant. The University name doesn’t carry nearly as much clout as it did years ago. A new coach and a quick influx of talent can change all that in a season. Payne was a solid hire. I don’t think he was the first choice by a mile but they absolutely could have done worse. It will be interesting to see how he recruits at UL.
  11. It’s tough to beat a good team twice in a row. Duke has been kind of up and down this year, but they still have a really good team. I’ll go with Duke by 5. Duke 76 UNC 71
  12. No shame in losing to an elite 8 team 😂
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