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  1. Agreed. 5% would be roughly 15,000 lives saved ? I’m good with that ...
  2. I hate it but at this point, if each team is able to field enough players to safely play then the game should go on as scheduled.
  3. I didn’t think it was upscale but my family would drive a half hour out of the way on a vacation to eat at steak and shake. We just didn’t have many locally at the time.
  4. 25 years ago I was certain that Olive Garden was like walking into a mom and pop restaurant in Venice...
  5. This is a tough one to call... Let me preface this by saying that I am not a OSU or Bama fan. I don’t dislike either of them, I just don’t follow either nearly as closely as others on BGP. When I feel like teams are evenly matched, I’ll grasp for straws when making my pick. Day is a great coach. No question about that. He’s not a hall of fame coach yet. Saban is. Is OSU healthy ? I haven’t heard much on how Fields is holding up. IMO The Buckeyes played a near perfect game against Clemson. Can they do it again against Bama ? We all think this will be a high scoring game so I’ll go slightly against that. Bama wins with a late touchdown. Alabama 28 OSU 24 No rooting interest in this one for me. I hope it’s as good of a game as I thought OSU/Clemson would be.
  6. Congrats OSU fans ! I thought this game was going to be the best game of the playoffs and probably decided by who had the ball last. I was way off... Total domination by OSU. If they play that way against Bama we should be in for a hell of a game.
  7. I’ll ask again. Someone give me a realistic replacement for Cal and I’ll entertain the idea. I’ve not seen a realistic name thrown out yet. We ran Tubby out of town for an up and coming Billy G. That didn’t pan out. A good portion of our fans were screaming for Travis Ford to be the replacement. Is he still coaching ? There’s a reason most of us are average Joes posting on a sports forum and not athletic directors making millions a year...
  8. This... The unrealistic portion of our fan base believes that life in Lexington is better than coaching an NBA contender.
  9. Brad Stevens isn’t leaving Boston. Offer all you want, that ain’t happening. So let’s take a look at realistic coaches who have won championships over the last 10 seasons. Coah K - 2 championships. He’s not coming to UK. Jay Wright - 2 championships. I’m almost 100 percent sure he’s not leaving Villanova for anyone but the 76ers:l. He’s a Philly guy...He’s been upset by lower seeds a ton of times in the tournament. Mark Few at Gonzaga? Is this the guy you want ? He’s flopped my entire life. He’s the Notre Dame of college basketball. So your plan is to offer Brad Stevens (who isn’t leaving the NBA) an insane amount of money and hope he accepts?
  10. I asked this question weeks ago and I’ll ask it again today. Realistically, who do you hire ? Could we get Coach K ( Who literally quit playing non conference because things weren’t going his way)for 10 million a year? Maybe we can get Tony Bennett for 5 million a year in addition to coach K as a defensive specialist. Hell, maybe Pop and Steve Kerr want to give up the NBA lifestyle for the simple life in Lexington. Let’s sign them too...
  11. Congrats to UL. Sarr has to give us more. 0 points in the last two games isn’t going to cut it.
  12. Teams that compete for National Championships bring in top recruiting classes...shocking...
  13. 6 or 7 teams... All power 5 champions should be in. Find a way to let smaller conferences have some sort of play in game vs the second place teams from the big boy conferences. In a perfect world, Cincy should be playing A&M for a shot to be destroyed by Bama this year.
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