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  1. Don’t feel this way ! Be positive! College football is to big to fail ! All sports will be funded and played on the backs of athletes who have been awarded scholarships!
  2. Apparently Zion was worth at least 400,000...
  3. The university of Kentucky pays Mathew Mitchell and Nick Mingione over 1 million dollars a year to coach programs who lose money. Let that sink in. Over 1 millions year to lead programs that don’t turn a profit... And likely never will. Look at those numbers and tell me that a scholarship is enough payment for men’s football and basketball players.
  4. The television contracts always trump the gate. If were in this shape 6 months from now, millions will watch a meaningless bowl game to get their sports fix.
  5. Normally I’d agree. People are talking about colleges shutting down because of the loss of revenue. The powers to be will ask the athletes to risk their health to keep the university and other athletic programs afloat. For a scholarship...
  6. If there is money to be made, bowl games will be played.
  7. What is the impact of this on possible bowl games ? Going to be tough for UL or UK to scrap together 6 conference wins...
  8. I just want to help at this point. I want to go to the beach at the end of September and I want sports to resume. I want children to go back to school. I want graduations and proms to happen next year.I want more than one persons be allowed to visit a loved one in the hospital. If wearing a mask helps in any way, I’m more than happy to wear one.
  9. I love it... It doesn’t matter what you think about the effectiveness of the masks, this is an order. I’m good with it. I’ve been waiting for someone to grow a pair and tell us how we can move forward. If wearing a mask means we’ll have high school and college football, I’ll wear two!
  10. Would have never guessed that.Good for them... For the most part, a bargaining committee and representation are a huge plus for hourly employees!
  11. I had no idea Disney employees were part of a union. I assumed they were making around minimum wage. Thanks.
  12. A bubble where people come and go daily doesn’t seem like much of a bubble to me... You would think the NBA could afford to quarantine a large number of Disney staff members in the bubble also. I’m sure they’d welcome the overtime pay.
  13. I’ve gone back and forth on the severity of this virus for months. I’m admittedly as confused today as I was at the beginning. The reported death rate has been infuriating to me and keeps me from forming what I would consider a valid opinion. Honest question: If I cut off my arm and bled out at the hospital and it was later determined that I had the virus, what would my cause of death be listed as ?
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