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  1. Tough one for me. I agree with everyone above, 90 percent of everything at the beach sucks. The sand, hauling the chairs, umbrellas and coolers down. It’s no good. A good Caribbean beach is beautiful though. Tough for me to take a pool over Mexico,Aruba,Jamaica or The Dominican Republic.
  2. Seems to be the theme for this virus. Hundreds of questions and only a handful of credible answers. This whole situation has been incredibly frustrating.
  3. I don’t think the amount of money he made while at Duke would have matched what he could have made overseas. But the exposure. The branding. The following he built. Those things could have not been matched while playing in Spain. He bet on himself. He took less money to go to Duke for a year knowing it would pay off. He played the long game. And just to be clear, we could substitute the name Zion with Anthony Davis and I’d still have the same opinion.
  4. The other kids aren’t Zion... Duke and the NCAA benefited greatly from Zion. He should have been compensated. As much as I hate Duke, and hope all wins while Zion was there are vacated, he was good for the game.
  5. This is by far the hardest one yet. Fried chicken Mashed potatoes and gravy Green beans
  6. Agreed. Zion had plenty of options. As crazy as it sounds, college was the best choice for his financial future IMO. I’m not sure he’s the number 1 pick and has all the endorsements available without college. Kid built quite the following at Duke. Put me in the camp that believes Zion should have been paid but is absolutely fine with Duke getting hammered for it.
  7. UT has been way down the past several years. And I agree, they aren’t near the top of the list to contend for the East. My confidence in UK football is at an all time high. I’m a numbers guy though. We’ve beaten UT twice in my lifetime. If it’s a coin flip for UK or UT to finish 3rd, I’ll take UT every time.
  8. They’re roughly 50-7 against us sine 1960. You willing to bet against that kind of streak? Until UK regularly challenges for the east, we’ll alway be an underdog to UT. There’s something called a pecking order and UK football is way down the list on that order. Until proven otherwise, UT, UGA and UF are the contenders in the East. Anything else would be an upset.
  9. 100% this. Don’t care if it’s over, under, folded or sideways. I just need it to be there and I’ll figure out the rest
  10. Because for anyone who isn’t 100 years old, we’ve never seen UK be in contention. We’ve had some success the past few years, but never really challenged for the East. Nothing different this year. We may win 6,7,8 or 9 games. We’ll still be , at best, the third best team in the SEC East.
  11. Could not agree more. If we want college football, we have 2 options: 1. We really don’t believe this virus is that bad and we let nature take its course. 2. We believe this virus is a threat to humanity and we treat it as such. Every football player and anyone who comes in contact with him is tested. Players are quarantined for the entire season similar to what the nba is proposing.
  12. Last one for tonight. I promise. “Sinner or Saint ? Coach K says Williamson family upgrading to million dollar home in Durham with multiple $70,000 dollars SUV’s a sign of changing times.”
  13. Another: “Duke, Coach K admit to paying Zion. Pioneers in the fight against racial injustice.”
  14. I can see the headlines now: “Coach K risks reputation in push for player compensation.”
  15. My grandpa always kept a huge glass pitcher of tap water in the fridge. I’d always drink straight from it after playing outside at his house. A combination of the cold glass and cold water tastes great.
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