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  1. They have been on an incredible run the last few years. Three state championship games in a row ?
  2. Yup! Switched classes to get away from Johnson Central... Seems to be paying off so far !
  3. Auburn scores and converts the 2 point conversion with 1:11 left in the game for the win. Who is Gus Malzahn sleeping with in the review booth ? Another gift this week on a blown touchback call midway through the 4th...
  4. How much longer can LeBron play at this level ? The man cut weight and looks like a 22 year old out there. Amazing...
  5. So happy Burrow got his first win. Kid looks incredible in his first season. Bengals could easily be 3-1 or 4-0 at this point.They should be 2-2 at worst.
  6. It’s typically free and if it decreases the spread of the flu by any measurable number then it’s worth it.
  7. And if he’s the best option at QB, he should be the guy. Right or wrong, loyalty gets coaches fired. You have to play who gives you the best chance of winning.
  8. I would think Terry will start against Ole Miss but will have a very short leash. I haven’t seen any practices with Gatewood though. He may be sitting behind Allen at this point.
  9. Lol I think it was the UK/Auburn thread...
  10. Lakers in 6. Maybe 7. I really like how Miami matches up with LA but LeBron and AD will be too much talent to overcome.
  11. Kentucky has made great strides under Stoops and should have a pretty good team this year. The UK fan in me can’t pick UK to go into Auburn and win yet. Auburn 31 UK 24
  12. Same. I have a hard time betting UK giving 20-30 points against anyone.... I’ll occasionally throw a little at them on a money line when it’s relatively close to -/+100
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