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  1. Why is no one talking about women’s basketball not being played ?
  2. I hope football is played. I hope 18-23 year olds risk their well being so other sports can pretend to matter...
  3. I can agree with this. In a perfect world, the football players would negotiate a percentage of the revenue they generate to be split equally amongst team members. I’d also like to see athletes be allowed to sign with a certified agent at any time they chose. Additionally, athletes should be allowed to take out loans against their future earnings with accredited institutions. No loan sharks, no boosters. If a bank is willing to loan a kid a half a million dollars with 10% interest, or if an agent is willing to give a signing bonus to secure a future partnership, I don’t see how that is any of the NCAAs business.
  4. I’m all for the athletes getting paid in any way they can. I do think that revenue sharing would be the most equal way to go about it. Revenue sharing and let them go ahead and sign with an agent after they’ve signed with a school.
  5. I can’t think of many companies who rely solely on interns to remain profitable...
  6. It sounds like the PAC 12 football player’s are done with playing for peanuts... I’ve stated my opinion multiple times on the matter. I’m 100% in favor of players being compensated for their time. How about the rest of you ? Yay or neigh ?
  7. I agree. Kids need sports, dances, graduations and a slew of other things. I can deal without restaurants and bars but kids need and deserve some sort of normalcy.
  8. I haven’t gone out to eat since things started to reopen. I have a buddy that has been told twice, at two different establishments that the restaurant is at capacity and he needs to put his name on the wait list and sit in his car. I would imagine the larger chains are following orders. I doubt many of the mom and pop places are.
  9. As others have said, Wagyu is life changing. Be ready to open up your wallet though. If I’m cooking at home I prefer flank, skirt or tri-tip. Always a ribeye or t bone if I’m eating out.
  10. I’ll also add that a thin sliced fried potato would be right behind hash browns for me.
  11. 🤣 I didn’t say why I wore them.
  12. For those of you who are against wearing masks, what percentage of effectiveness would it take for you to wear one ? If it reduces the risk of transmission by 20 percent. Would that be enough ? What’s your number ? Seat belts aren’t 100 percent effective and I guarantee many of you wear them every time you travel. Cops can pull you over and write you a ticket for not wearing one. Shouldn’t possibly saving your own life be your choice ? Are your rights being violated because the authorities force you to wear them and fine you if you don’t? I suspect many of you do feel this is a violation of your rights but you still wear them. I’m a strong, healthy adult. I’d probably survive a car accident. I shouldn’t have to wear one. Sounds ridiculous, right ? Condoms don’t 100 percent prevent pregnancy or stds, I knew that and I can promise you I wore them often as a young man. Washing my hands after using the bathroom doesn’t guarantee I won’t get sick. I still do it every time. I could go on and on... I guess I’d just prefer to err on the side of caution and see how it works out. The positives of wearing a mask greatly outnumber the negatives of not wearing them IMO.
  13. I agree. Hash Brown casserole would be right up at the top for me also. A double order of Waffle House hash browns with cheese, ham, jalapeños, tomatoes and onions might be my biggest guilty pleasure in life.
  14. 1.Hash Browns 2. French Fries 3. Skins 4. Baked 5. Mashed 6. Tots 7. Salad 8. Roasted
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