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  1. Alcatraz was my favorite part of our time in SF. It wouldn’t be worth the time for the exterior only. The Golden Gate didn’t do much for me.
  2. The only reason Askew was on a college roster this year was because Cal thought he had Cunningham locked up. That didn’t pan out and he had to ask Askew to reclassify. Kid should have been playing high school ball this year...
  3. To be fair, I know nothing about Hubert Davis. He very well could be the next John Wooden. I’d love to know if they contacted Billy Donovan. I’ve always wondered if he’d come back to the college ranks for a few teams. I have to wonder how happy he is without Westbrook and Durant.
  4. I agree on Few. He’s not leaving Gonzaga. I wouldn’t consider Cronin a huge name yet. Sampson was probably never in contention because of his age. I see no reason why UNC couldn’t lure Drew away from Baylor though. They may have contacted a number of coaches who wouldn’t accept. None of us know. I think it was assumed by most that they would hire a UNC guy. That seems silly to me.
  5. Good luck to Askew. Cal has continued to recruit guards. I’m sure he saw the writing on the wall. I would have liked to see him stay and compete for one more year. He’s young. Have we had more kids from the West Coast transfer than we’ve had stay in the last ten years ?
  6. If they were 100% committed to keeping it in the UNC family, then they didn’t have a ton of hot coaches to choose from. Absolutely foolish to me. I don’t care if the next UK coach can point out Kentucky on a map. Hire the best available no matter what coaching tree he comes from.
  7. This should be a great game. I really have no idea who wins. If it’s a tight game, I like Gonzaga. If they come out flat though, Baylor won’t let them back in it. Baylor 86 Gonzaga 78
  8. Agreed. Pay the man or let him finish out the contract that both parties agreed to. Actively looking for reasons to fire a coach is a terrible look for the entire athletic department.
  9. Agreed. At UK, UNC, Duke and Kansas “suitable” means winning 25+ games a year and elite 8s at a minimum are the expectation.
  10. I’d imagine UNC already has a replacement lined up. I don’t think Roy would leave them in this type of shape with the transfer market the way it is.
  11. Really happy for Juzang. Gonzaga shouldn’t have much trouble with UCLA. I thought Bama and Michigan would both send them home though. Down 1 and then down 2 with under a minute left and we see 3 shots from deep to end the game. Get the ball in the lane. Nothing wrong with trying to get to the free throw line and play for overtime. I just don’t get it...
  12. I’ll take Ashland in a close one. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rowan win though. It all comes down to if the three ball is falling for Ashland.
  13. I’ll say Beard or Mussleman. For some reason I just don’t see Scott Drew taking the job.
  14. I’ve always thought social media did more harm than it was worth. Would be a great topic for controversial issues.
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